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You Can Figure Out a Show Just by its Studio.

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Yes, this is an often-discussed topic but having the new season out made me realise how true it is. You can really tell what type of show it’s going to be, just by who made it. This is regardless of source material, directors and other cast/staff. See the studio, and the same stuff come to mind. Here’s a short list and see if you agree.

Bad animation, crappy colours and hideously drawn fanservice. Without fail. I almost always quit watching Xebec shows. See how the new Kyou no Go no Ni suffers from this straightaway.

Widely anticipated, generally little obvious 3D CG used. Lots of online discussion about inane crap, like whether Lelouch is dead. The show will always be watched till the end, and we will always enjoy it but shout "trainwreck!" in glee. Always have mecha.

You always get a show that has a mild colour palette deserved to relieve stress. And the show gets boring and we all drop it.

JC Staff
Episode 1s always delight. The quality and consistency remain quite good and you can count on them to make watchable shows. They always stick to the same artistes for music, so expect to hear lots of the same singer’s songs.

This up and coming studio always features decent quality anime with a hint of gay sex undertone.

Lots of cheap looking CG, decent action and large boobs, set in a scifi world with mecha.

Interesting, unique, fresh concepts that are a lot more daring and gory than the other studios.


Pretentious, hit or miss with fresh ideas.

Kyoto Animation

Awesome visuals with many references to themselves or otaku culture. You can expect sparkly backgrounds, pretty girls and groundbreaking concepts catering to otaku pandering.

Long running bad animation that cater to mainstream people. Expect shounen.

Slick, slick action and fluid animation, great story and probably highest hit to miss ratio. Generally has the most superpowers.

Crazy visuals that are pointless.

Edited for more!

Production IG
Mind-boggling, high production values, famous directors and oozes class. Sometimes so boring everyone gives up, but pretends to have enjoyed it.

Popularity: 3% [?]

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29 Responses to “You Can Figure Out a Show Just by its Studio.”  

  1. 1 DS 20 comments

    You can always figure out a post just by its blog:

    RIUVA: Reliably humorous, with a hint of tri-penile sexual tension.

  2. 2 omo 86 comments

    nice job ds.

    tj: your post would be better if you panned every studio.

  3. 3 Owen S 114 comments

    What omo said. Where’s Production I.G., BeeTrain etc?

  4. 4 Panther 32 comments

    Bones - Slick, slick action and fluid animation, great story and probably highest hit to miss ratio. Generally has the most superpowers.

    I lol’ed.

  5. 5 Ryan A 4 comments

    I actually think P.I.G. is less distinguishable… anyway, lol@SHAFT

    Why can’t studios shatter their own images? I’d like to see that, at least it would be more interesting.

  6. 6 AnimeXploit 2 comments

    BeeTrain- large and exciting projects that are widely anticipated, animation fairly good. story always fizzles around the end.

  7. 7 edogawaconan 4 comments

    agreed with omo.

    Generalization is kinda dangerous though. Talk about flamebait.

  8. 8 Steven Den Beste 47 comments

    Studio Fantasia: You will get panty shots.

    (Agent Aika, Najica Blitz Tactics, Stratos 4, Kirameki Project…)

  9. 9 tj_han 1176 comments

    Actually I forgot. There doesn’t seem to be a full table listing all the studios, so I just got those who have shows new in this season.

    I’ve edited it though to add Production IG. Forgot about that.

  10. 10 C.I. 40 comments

    Ufotable: They know how to do Type-Moon PROPERLY.

    J.C Staff: They know how to fuck up a good Type-Moon work.

  11. 11 psgels 19 comments

    Steven: really? I don’t recall having seen panty-shots in Crystal Blaze. ;)
    Hmm, some you missed: Ufo-Table, Nippon Animation, Brains Base, Studio Deen, Toei and Artland.

  12. 12 super rats 102 comments

    The PIG add-on was the winner of this batch as far as humor.

  13. 13 shirokiryuu 4 comments

    Artland: Screwed up everything but Mushishi

    Brains-Base- never commits to more than 13 episodes at a time

  14. 14 Steven Den Beste 47 comments

    There’s a list of companies here, but it’s ridiculously long.

  15. 15 Steven Den Beste 47 comments

    Gainax: You’ll looove the ending!

  16. 16 Enima 3 comments


  17. 17 usagijen 24 comments

    You always get a show that has a mild colour palette deserved to relieve stress. And the show gets boring and we all drop it.

    Skip Beat will be one of the few exceptions to that generalization :P
    I lol’ed @ A-1 Pictures… how so true XD

  18. 18 Dularc 5 comments

    Why no Gainax? No SHAFT?

    Also Gonzo is known for silly, over-the-top slapstick humor aswell. Third, arent most shows collaborations between the studios anyway?
    Kyoani is known to reference themselves alot aswell.

  19. 19 SnooSnoo 62 comments

    But but I love SHAFT *runs off*

  20. 20 tj_han 1176 comments

    Dularc: Cos Gainax has no show this season. Too bad GONZO is not actually known for any overthe top slapstick humour, you liar. Maybe the mermaid show is an exception. Collaborations actually just combine the attributes of both studios. Like Full Metal Panic season 1 is GONZO plus Kyoani so we got hot girls with mecha and panties.

  21. 21 Lurker 1 comment

    tj: No Gainax show? What about Shikabane Hime?

  22. 22 tj_han 1176 comments

    Oops forgot about that lol.

  23. 23 guest 12 comments

    And Studio 4C gets ignored once again despite having perhaps the most recognizable style.

  24. 24 Dularc 5 comments

    Slapstick comedy: Vandread, Desert Punk, Welcome to the NHK, Seto no Hanayome, Rosari Vampire, Tower of Druaga.

  25. 25 hitoshura 33 comments

    Studio 4C = 10 rape/sec.

  26. 26 tj_han 1176 comments

    Wtf 4C only has like a handful or less of shows. Fuck them.

    Dularc: The last few were in the most recent period of time, when they are trying to break out of their “style”. Nobody associates those shows with them.

  27. 27 Xstacy02 32 comments

    No show is complete without an oversized robot. When kawaii singing idols have their big mecha toy boys to ride on, you know it’s SUNRISE!

    Unimpressive qualities for a ‘large’ studio.

    Varying themes (from cute little pussy kitty to bishonen-cum-murderers with a black book) and VARYING FACES.

    Kyoto Animation
    When was the last time I was disappointed? Or rather when will the first time be?

    Animation even a real-life pierrot (clown) with no animation background can do.

    Production IG
    The show looks great. Really great. Impressive 2D and 3D animation. Will then watch it only once.

    Toei Animation
    Shitty animation quality with long lifespan shows. Hurts my eyes. And has no capability in doing Key’s shows compared to another studio in Kyoto. Btw, that rubber dude’s still stuck at the sea eh? After a decade…

    TMS / Tokyo Movie
    The face changes even more than Madhouse. While other studios improve with time, this proves the opposite. Watch AKIRA and you know what I mean…

    DR Movie
    How can you make an anime without DR Movie? The Koreans could actually give those crappy Ilbon-saram animators a run for their money.

  28. 28 Silencers 36 comments

    Heyyy… Xebec did pretty well with Fafner and Mnemosyne. Well, okay, the rest of their works sucks, can’t deny that. Gotta give a bit of credit to Gonzo for releasing their subs on youtube.

    I totalled ROFLd at IG.

  29. 29 Lainforce 7 comments

    “JC Staff - The quality and consistency remain quite good and you can count on them to make watchable shows.”

    Shingetsutan Tsukihime called, and they left a message for you: “YOU’RE A LIAR~!”

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