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[Hynavian] Catch Tora Dora and Skip Beat on Animania With Me? (:

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Kindly pointed out by MrMayat, Skip Beat! and Tora Dora will be aired on our local TV station this week! If everything go as plan, we should be able to watch the latest 2 anime at the comfort of our plasma tv on Animania, weeknights.

Omg…what a surprise!

Tora Dora
Starts: 9th October, Every thursday night
Time: 11.30pm-12midnight
Click here for more information (Scroll all the way down, its the one with text only @_@)

Skip Beat!
Starts: 10th October, Every friday night
Time: 11pm to 11.30pm
Click here for more information

Anyone catching both series too? (:

EDIT: Updated the links…hopefully they’re working now. =_=

Popularity: 9% [?]

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16 Responses to “[Hynavian] Catch Tora Dora and Skip Beat on Animania With Me? (:”  

  1. 1 tueac 3 comments

    April is long over right?

  2. 2 SnooSnoo 153 comments

    I heard about the censorship back when ZnT Season 3 was airing. So I didn’t even bother trying. I’m watching ToraDora, haven’t seen Skip Beat! yet. *Googles it up*

  3. 3 MrMayat 49 comments

    It’s a pleasure to be of help. First link isn’t working unfortunately. >_>

    I’m watching both series btw. Saves me some bandwidth. :D

  4. 4 usagijen 34 comments

    I envy you for being able to watch Skip Beat on TV… but oh well, watching the raws isn’t so bad itself XD

  5. 5 Stifler 99 comments

    Of course I will be watching Toradora!. Its already on my watch list, even without it being on TV.

  6. 6 Helix 66 comments

    There’s Casshern Sins on Wednesdays (ie today) also. I’m going to see all 3. Saves me some hard disk space.

  7. 7 tueac 3 comments

    Sorry for doubting you… the links then is not working… so i tot it’s a joke… I’m sooooo sorry…

    But… Toradora, Casshern and Skip Beat?! They are really expending the line up huh… not to say Gundam OO, Code Geass and maybe domo kun… are coming up also… who noes maybe when okto is up.. then it’s OK to put more shows…

    Btw thanks for bring these shows to my attention… haven’t been watching TV lately…

  8. 8 Hynavian 26 comments

    Same here, I haven’t caught Skip Beat yet so I’ll be catching it on Animania instead. I think there should not be anything to censor for Tora Dora and Skip Beat so it’s worth trying Animania for this season.

    I clicked on the link but it’s working for me. @_@

    More otakus will envy you instead because you’re able to catch the raws fresh out of the oven!

    I’m gonna get my little sister to watch Tora Dora with me, she’ll like the cute palm tiger. ROAR! (:

    Opps, I left out Casshern Sins.

    No worries, Riuvasians do cranky posts at times. XD
    Perhaps with more viewership, more anime will come to Animania and we will see a 5 day anime week instead of 3. That would be heavenly!

  9. 9 elvadrieng 8 comments

    domo-kun? Are they really showing domo-kun? :3

    I just found out today that skip beat is showing on central! That makes me so happy. Probably going to watch Casshern Sins (unless they censor? ._.’) on tv as well. :D

  10. 10 pp 11 comments

    skip beat on my watch list ^^

  11. 11 Hynavian 26 comments

    I caught both Tora Dora and Skip Beat on Animania. I think that it’s good (minus the advertisements), so I’ll be following both series on the tv instead. (:

  12. 12 skipbeatfan 1 comment

    can some body PLEASE tell me on what channel on tv they give skip beat, im getting tired of watching the raws

  13. 13 Hynavian 26 comments

    Okto channel. url - http://okto.sg/
    Okto has a time segment called “Animania” where animes are aired for an hour on certain weeknights.

  14. 14 z3ro 2 comments

    HAHA wat a surprise lol - the picture is rosario vampire.
    And yea itz cool that they are adding animania.


  15. 15 z3ro 2 comments

    And btw if u guys caught all shows on animania, what happened to EVANGELION?
    It is now gone T.T

    PS only if okto wld broadcast longer periods of animania shows..

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