[Breadpit] Live Action Tsundereloli Taiga Lookalike Found!

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Please enjoy the pictures. I saw this really cute girl and she gamely agreed to pose for me, Breadpit. Now, I must emphasize I am no lolicon and my only desire in taking these pictures was for the sake of you lolicon readers. This being my first post, I sure hope you guys like it!

Guess how old she is? Seriously, I’ll reveal the answer soon. Doesn’t she resemble Taiga from Toradora? This girl is tsundere in real life too, fluctuating between a fierce and cute look with ease.

Tsuntsun mode.

Deredere mode.

Sad mode.

Let this loli out of her cage!

Ah, loli is free!

Why do otaku persist in chasing after imaginary real life girls when there are better live equivalents out there waiting to be obtained? Tell me please.

Popularity: 11% [?]

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40 Responses to “[Breadpit] Live Action Tsundereloli Taiga Lookalike Found!”  

  1. 1 IcyStorm 17 comments

    Because I don’t find her attractive. 2D girls have this perfect beauty that real girls will never achieve.

  2. 2 Raidanzoup 6 comments

    Because 2D women are made specifically for our entertainment, and thus, they are perfect in every aspect of their existence.

    . . . but of course, perfect is such a funny word.

  3. 3 karry 4 comments

    Because 99% real girls today are simply sluts.

    Btw, you call that a smile ? It looks so insincere…

  4. 4 Soshi 93 comments

    …I can see her pantsu.

  5. 5 Kouji 56 comments

    Can I get a Side-By-Side comparison?

  6. 6 Breadpit 6 comments

    Soshi, I’ve looked really hard but I can’t any pantsu. If there is, please tell us!

    Kouji, google is your best friend.

    Karry, maybe she hasn’t gotten to the dere dere stage, you wanker.

    Raidan: If they are perfect, then why do people hate Nagisa?

    Icystorm: Well at least that means you’re not lolicon. Celebrate!

  7. 7 Ascaloth 202 comments


    Last picture, her dress is translucent.

  8. 8 LianYL 783 comments


  9. 9 Anonymous 2 comments

    I can’t believe she agreed to pose for you . She must be your little sister?

  10. 10 Di Gi Kazune 3 comments

    Not lolicon yes, paedophile definately! :D

  11. 11 Breadpit 6 comments

    Anon: No she isn’t, I wish though.

    LianYL: Photoshop is like cooking meat.

    Ascaloth: That’s probably shorts.

  12. 12 Silencers 60 comments

    “Why do otaku persist in chasing after imaginary real life girls.”

    Because ‘real’ real life girls are beyond their reach of appeal. And later they say they’re not interested in real girls - which is total denial bullshit, btw.

  13. 13 gordon 29 comments

    @ Breadpit,

    up you contrast/brightness on your LCD to see the pantsu.

    imaginary real life girls? the term sounds contradicting.

  14. 14 Soshi 93 comments

    I really hope that they’re hotpants or something equally short but er, from my experience with pantsu, I’m saying that it’s pantsu.

    …Then again it’s probably one of those weird fashion things, wearing their t-shirts longer than their very short shorts. :\

  15. 15 Di Gi Kazune 3 comments

    hmmm commentary needs rephrasing:

    You not lolicon - yes; paedo - definately :D

  16. 16 kokanaden 336 comments

    Awesome first post. I’d like a little sister who’s cute like her.

  17. 17 Kenny Liu

    Pics are well taken. What camera do you use?

  18. 18 Steven Den Beste 66 comments

    Until I saw your third picture, I was going to guess that she was about 10.

    Now I’d say she’s 14. But that’s me looking back from the lofty age of 55; I could easily be off by 3 years either way.

  19. 19 Raidanzoup 6 comments

    @Breadpit: They hate Nagisa because they like someone else more. Loving one is hating another.
    Does it make her less perfect? For some, yes, for others no.

  20. 20 Breadpit 6 comments

    It’s time to reveal the answer!! She is the exact same age as Taiga!!! SIXTEEN.

    Raidanzoup: But she isn’t perfect in the first place, she has character flaws.

    Steven Den Beste: Too bad you have an error of 2 years. Good try though. Americans tend to underestimate ages as their girls mature earlier.

    Kenny Liu: If you have the firefox plugin called FxIF, you can see the full extensive exif data of most pictures. Anyway I used a 100 mm f2.8 for these head shots.

    Soshi: Your experience with hot pants? As in wearing them? I’m not quite sure what she is wearing, looks like pajamas to me though.

    Silencers: That is why we want both.

  21. 21 hitoshura 37 comments

    she’s a potential teen idol in japan if she was there lol.

    btw, all the photos rock cept the smile one, it’s quite bad. lol, at least the mouth should open a little and the eyes more ^^, you can evidently tell that she’s just twitching her cheeks.

    pretty nice photos. yes yes.

    but i find your comparison of her to taiga weird.

    you wanted taiga?
    give her a bokken. :D

  22. 22 Breadpit 6 comments

    Hitoshura, this just means you can make anyone look good with make up and photoshop.

    You’re right about the smile one. I guess she didn’t have much to smile about. The reason I compared her to Taiga was cos she has seemingly a similar personality. You have to be there to witness it.

  23. 23 Jenova 1 comment

    i don;t enjoy these pictures at all, and neither do I think the girl will. not worth a second look.

  24. 24 pp 11 comments

    oh no 16!?!?!? she looks more like 12 or 14 =x. Better keep your pants zip…

  25. 25 Breadpit 6 comments

    Jenova: Yes, for your sake I will go photograph some gay men.

  26. 26 tj_han 1442 comments

    I’m sure the girl will enjoy having nice photos taken!

  27. 27 tj_han 1442 comments

    Anyway forgot to comment, great job Breadpit! Looks like we can expect great things out of you.

    I’ll pass you the official name card PSD file so you can print out and give these hot girls you meet a card. And get them to pose with the card too yeah!

    Can we choose which character we want you to find live action versions of next?

  28. 28 Dularc 8 comments



    Dont compare Taiga to some random 3D girl, srsly…
    shell kick your ass.

  29. 29 machan 9 comments

    “Why do otaku persist in chasing after imaginary real life girls when there are better live equivalents out there waiting to be obtained?”

    If you chase after imaginary lolis you’re an otaku–if you chase after real lolis you’re a pedo…

  30. 30 Dularc 8 comments

    also, i thought taiga was a yankee. what happened to that?

  31. 31 Silencers 60 comments

    Since requests for tsunderes are bound to be coming in plenty, I hereby request for a yandere.

    I hope you’d come back alive after you’ve found one.

  32. 32 Jakey 16 comments

    16? too old la. same age. lol

  33. 33 wolfx

    Careful. THe deredere mode looks forced and is more in-line with yandere….ready to niceboat you if you try anything funny. XD

  34. 34 double 43 comments

    It seems like RIUVA’s following the footsteps of Sankaku Complex.

  35. 35 tj_han 1442 comments

    At least we have exclusive content, not just copy pasta like theirs lol.

  36. 36 lelangir 9 comments

    the 4th pic vaguely reminded me of taiga….but I can’t see it in the others

  37. 37 Ex14 1 comment

    I have to say she does resembles taiga in a strange (black haired taiga with bangs >..

  38. 38 my rain is name 1 comment

    eeeehhhhh……not that close…still a little round in the face dont u think
    anyways i got an idea of ryuuji look up T.O.P from big bang hes got that delinquent look and hes funny xD

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