[Ascaloth] CLANNAD ~After Story~, Episode 3

Isogainoue KikuSanako, jyuu-nana-sai desu!

Meme: A term first used by Richard Dawkins (1976)* to describe "a unit of information residing in the brain" that is "the mutating replicator in human cultural evolution" to describe how evolutionary principles might be extended to explain the spread of ideas and cultural phenomena, It is based by Dawkins on a shortening of the Greek "mimeme" (something which is imitated), to make it sound like the word "gene". Indeed, Dawkins contended that just like genes, memes transmit cultural information vertically through replication, or horizontally within a biological generation. Memes spread by the behaviours that they induce in their hosts, such as the above example of the statement "I’m Inoue Kikuko, 17 years old" first made popular by the aforementioned Miss Inoue, and which have propagated successfully through several decades to remain in popular usage even now. Originally coined as mere speculation on the part of Dawkins, the concept of memes has become a meme in its own right, having spawned a serious study of memetics in the mid 1980s…..

….and why did I decide to start off a CLANNAD AS article with a bout of sociological tl;dr right from the start? What was I thinking? My bad, let’s move on.

CLANNAD ~After Story~, Episode 3

* Dawkins, R. "The Selfish Gene". Oxford University Press, 1976

Only in anime can a MILF pass off as a teenage girl with just megane, a change of hairstyle and a seifuku, even upon close examination. Well, in real life perhaps it’s not implausible that Asian women Sanae’s age can indeed pass off as teenagers from a distance, but even then, not really on close examination. The 2D world sure has some effective anti-aging cream….or perhaps it’s just the bread.

Many have commented on it, and I too think that KyoAni‘s been making the influences from the Lucky Star run apparent in CLANNAD. Not exactly the first time they’re doing it, if you guys remember the time when Tomoya threw out Konata-faces, but there’s quite a bit of it this episode. Mei-chan is still cute though.

Am I just imagining things, or is that the Haruhi-scowl right there?

Okay, I’m a little lost here. What’s the significance of this particular restaurant type? Does it mean approximately the same thing to poor Japanese students that pizza parlors does to poor American students?

I’ve been wondering, sure the plan is to let Mei see Sunohara "settled down" with a girlfriend, but was there really any need for those three to follow him and Sanae around the whole day? It’s just increasing the chances of Sanae busting her cover, and wouldn’t anyone feel uncomfortable having three tagalongs for a date? Then again, it’s Sunohara we’re talking about here.

Nice legs. Pity about the no pantsu thing……what? >_>

I don’t remember ever being in a situation like this, so I have to wonder; is the idea of nii-sans always looking out for their imoutos really so common? At this cynical point in my life, I can’t really see this kind of thing happening in real life anymore. Maybe I’m just growing old.

Sunohara was really sinking into jackass mode the whole episode, visibly different from how he normally is, and definitely the opposite of the few times he showed a better side of himself back in the first season. I don’t like how he was this episode, but Sunohara sure is becoming one of the more developed side characters out there, with plenty of both good and bad points.

You know, Sanae is just the kind of woman who has an extraordinary power to correct the worst behaviours of men. I can’t imagine many guys who wouldn’t be happy to learn the truly important things in life at her hands. On the other hand, it does raise the question of just how much of a jerkass the young Akio could very well have been before Sanae came into his life…

Hold on. Was Tomoya whistling Dango Daikazoku there? Nagisa sure is having an influence on him.

Erm, what? lol

Those are scary eyes.

Sunohara is definitely one of the more complex characters I’ve seen. On the one hand, he’s let his "success" with "Sanako" get to his head and made him act like an complete asshole. On another, he’s clearly still concerned with the welfare of Mei, even though he sucks at showing that concern. Faced with a conflict between doing what feels good and what seems right, perhaps it’s not surprising that he lapsed into inaction.

It’s also interesting to note that the guy was actually a lot more reliable in the past, compared to his present self.

It is said that CLANNAD revolves around the theme of ‘family’, and perhaps this is what they are getting at yet again, with the Sunohara Siblings arc. Family are the people who will worry and look out for you, even if you’re pushing them away. They are the people who know they need to be there for you, even if you do your best to deny it.

Seems like he’s VERY interested. I wonder how long it’s been since he’s gotten some?

Well, if my guess is correct and Akio’s known Sanae since they were still in school, of course he’ll be the one person to know what she looks like in a school uniform. Stupid statement there, Nagisa-chan?

He’s probably having some VERY interesting ideas.

I LOL’d. There’s a Singaporean slang term that describes this scene perfectly, and it’s "kena saboed". :p

I didn’t realize moe could be used as a form of psychological warfare, until now. But that’s definitely weapons-grade moe right there. I wonder what kind of weapon Crusader-kun would classify this as?

(-_-)                (0_0)               (T_T)

If I may ask a perfectly innocuous question, since when did Kotomi start pallin’ out with the (sexy) terrorist in the middle of the picture?

Yeah, this is why my view on relationships nowadays is "get money first, girl can come later". Of course, that really applies only to me and my dirt-poor status; of course, it’s somewhat different for the likes of those for whom money isn’t an issue.

Either it’s really how things worked out in the Sunohara Siblings route in the game, or the guys at KyoAni are just having way too much fun trying to hit all the cliches they possibly can. Seriously, "No! Please don’t hate me!"? LOL

Things are heading towards an EPIC TRAINWRECK as Tomoya acts the asshole towards Sunohara in return, making even more of a mess of things than they are already, even if it’s purely out of necessity. And you have to admit, the whole thing is best described as an EPIC TRAINWRECK because shit -> fan just doesn’t cut it anymore in this situation. How are things going to be resolved at this rate?

In a way, I think I might have an idea why Sunohara acts like he no longer cares about Mei; it’s probably because he’s lost all confidence in himself, compared to before. When he has lost his dreams, living an aimless life, and generally being a failure in life, it’s probably natural that Sunohara would think he no longer has any right to concern himself with Mei if he can’t even take care of himself. Despite his outwardly happy-go-lucky attitude, it’s likely that Sunohara felt completely powerless, and that feeling was probably still eating away at him. In a way, this situation was merely hastening the inevitable.

With things looking bad and getting worse, and Mei unwilling to return home before she sees Sunohara return to the straight and narrow, things are at a nadir in a manner never before seen in a Key/KyoAni adaptation. No recollections of past tragedies, no 1000-year curses, just a straightfoward tale of strained family ties between once close siblings. How are things going to end at this rate?

Next Episode Preview

And for the first time, we see even the usually solid friendship ties between Tomoya and Sunohara get strained; surely a sign that it’s going to get even worse before it gets better. As the trainwreck approaches ever nearer, what kind of ending to the Sunohara Siblings arc are we going to get? How will the arc earn the reputation of being one of the better stories of the CLANNAD canon in the animated adaptation? Next week can’t come soon enough.

Ascaloth, out.

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  • Wow scary eyes there on both of them. I think there MIGHT be one more ep after the next one, but in anycase I really hope KyoAni does well with the Epic climax of the arc.

  • Quote: “If I may ask a perfectly innocuous question, since when did Kotomi start pallin’ out with the (sexy) terrorist in the middle of the picture?”

    They’re obviously dating each other… “Without a doubt, Kotomi-chan is uke, while Kyou-sama is seme!” :D

  • The episode was epic.
    That was some character development for Sunohara there, especially for a side character.
    And I can’t wait for next week.
    If there’s anyone who can get Sunohara back to his senses, it’s Tomoya.

  • LOL@ kena sabo
    He sabos Nagisa so he could have a date with Mei. And pops Mei’s precious strawCHerries.

    Well, good friends can remain as such even after a brawl. Or even better friends. And after that Houkuto no Ken scene I expect them to patch up back as buddies. Of course Mei will cry over Sunohaha’s ordeal (of sorts) rofl.

    Mei is a WMD! *Gasp wheeze choke cough*

  • Poor Nagisa, she must defend her boyfriend from older women (her mother) and younger girls (Mei) :D

    Also, Tomoya had the potential to be a closet siscon, remember his “Please be my sister line” to Mei when she first appeared in the first season?

    Yeah, the trio of Kyou, Ryou and Kotomi had some great lines here. “OMGWTFBBQ!!! TOMOYA’S A SISCON!!! RUNAWAY!!!”

    Of course, since After Story has a time skip, I hope to be able to see All-Woman Mei in the ending episodes…

  • You guys are obviously forgetting the toilet seat cover. XD

  • Heh, is it anything like the BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe) wreck which took place a while ago in Madera County (just north of Fresno, where I presently live)? Nasty head-on wreck between two BNSF freight trains, but luckly, nobody was hurt badly if at all. Though the only casualties on-site apart from the two trains are the operators’ wits, as in “frightened out of”.


  • If I may ask a perfectly innocuous question, since when did Kotomi start pallin’ out with the (sexy) terrorist in the middle of the picture?

    When KyoAni decided to troll the entire anime.

  • You make a good point in saying that this is pretty much the first time a Key story doesn’t have anything to fall back on. The problems between Mei and Youhei are completely realistic, and thus can’t be solved with a simple awakening from a coma or something of the sort.

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