Otaku Politics: People R HATIN’ DARKMIRAGE!

I got wind of this interesting piece of (rumoured) news which should anger fans of Singaporean Anime Jesus Darkmirage – apparently he has pissed off a partisan group of local otakus by *GASP* daring to do some translation work for the upcoming May’n interview!!!

This is so funny I almost wee weed my pants. In his 2nd newest post, Darkmirage said something along the likes of "I am helping AFA08 compile a list of questions from fans in Singapore (and other English-speaking countries) to send to May’n." And he urged otaku to send questions via email to the official AFA organisers. Easy to understand right? Darkmirage obviously is being made use of to do some free translations and editing, in exchange for…. nothing besides the power to do editing of questions to some unknown singer!

It must be Darkmirage’s biggest dream to take time off from his upcoming A levels to do free work.

Anyway, when I first saw the post I laughed because I was sure people would be jealous of his "interview with May’n". Such is the lack of comprehension ability of the typical Singaporean (judging from previous incidents of course). According to my research, this group of otaku are very upset because…

"We are being treated like dogs. Why does DM have the power to censor us and choose what we can ask?"
"Why can’t our tiny unread anime blog with bad English and unfunny humour be allowed to interview a Japanese pop star?"
"Why can’t we get a media pass for all our 200 members of the Brotherhood of Singaporean Otaku with Blogs?"
"I am secretly jealous because I am the king of Singapore otakus, not DM!"

Darkmirage has clearly chosen his post title well. Anyway to answer the above questions,

1. Because you don’t know good Japanese, or English for that matter.
2. Because first of all, blogs are rubbish. Unless you get at least 10k visitors a day, then maybe that is of significance. But just a little bit. Your 500 daily hits blog is no more than some miniscule dirt on the Internet and your epenis confidence is unfounded. This blog also does not make me any otaku King.
3. I shake my head and mutter to myself at the sense of entitlement some people have. Seriously, you are not media. If the organisers give you a media pass, it’s because they are nice. Also, I don’t have a fucking media pass. Give me one already!!! Haha.
4. It’s completely undisputed that the largest anime SG blog now is Darkmirage’s, whether we like it or not. Even though all he blogs on is Code Geass and Gundam. It’s all based on meritocracy anyway, and I believe he has consistently delivered the dorama, humour, serious editorials and news in a nice blend.

Otaku politics at their best! The best part is, people are so anxious for a chance to interview some airhead singer who’s not even good. And if they get to interview, so what? They can’t come up with any decent questions, and the interesting ones will be censored off by her chaperone anyway. She’s not a seiyuu so you can’t ask about roles. I know the only reason people want to "interview" her is to take pictures together with her to show off on their blogs and up their epenis!

Come on, just because some otaku have tonnes of pictures with girls on facebook or HAHAHAHAHA MIXI HAHAHA (seriously, who uses a Japanese social website when he has no Japanese friends?) doesn’t make him any more cool than a trash bag full of wet curry mush. Man, people who always boast about their photo collection of themselves with lots of girls they claim to know (but actually don’t) are hilarious.

Otaku. Scum of the universe.

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