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Square has always given their creature designs quite a bit of effort. By creatures, they mean the Summons or whatever Guardian Force  the player summons in the FF series. This new set of trading figures features five beasts from the various FFs. The date of release and price is not set yet.

It seems to resemble the Mai Hime trading figures released mid last year, with a lot of transparent plastic swirling around for cool effect.

Here’s a quick summary of the creatures in the set.

Bahamut from FF8
Yeah Bahamut appears everytime but this version is from FF8. It’s posed in the midst of firing its Megaflare. The base is pretty large and the whole figure may exceed 15 cm. That’s large.

Kefka from FF6
This isn’t a summon but the Final Boss of FF6. He with the cackling laughter is firing off some magic. It’s actually the first since this character has been materialised in the form of PVC, so fans of the older FF6 will be delighted. 16 cm tall and really grotesque.

Ifrit from FF7
This one is the Hellfire guy from FF7. They really chose an ugly one for FF7 didn’t they? I would have much preferred Knights of the Round (lol) or Alexander. So Ifrit the fire hulk is posed in his hellfire stance. And he’s really muscular bleah. 14 cm tall.

Magus of the Three Sisters from FF10
This secret summon is one of the memorable ones from FF10 really. I really liked using them since they were so unique as a summon. You get 3 for 1! Here they appear all together and is 15 cm tall.

Leviathan from FF9
I did not get this one since my FF9 was damaged and having gotten a new copy, I intend to replay it when I have time. But it looks exactly like the one from FF7. How different can a Leviathan get? Oh yeah the big guy from DotA is a Leviathan too. But he’s ugly. The Leviathan here is in his tsunami pose with a lot of purple fins. 16 cm tall.

Vital Stats

  • Maker: Square Enix
  • Release Date: Unconfirmed
  • Material: PVC
  • Price: Unconfirmed
  • Height: 14-16 cm

2 Responses to “Figurine News: More Squareenix Stuff, this time it’s FF Creatures!”  

  1. 1 bakaboobie

    Looks cool, but I still prefer Kotobukiya (ArtFX)’s guardian forces line, despite only being FF8 guardian forces.

  2. 2 tj_han

    That one costs hundreds, or over a thousand to complete. This one probably costs the same as 4-5 McDonald meals.

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