[LianYL] How Huge Is Your Ego? $120? Mine is.

Some things can be bought on impulse under the influence of nostalgic reminiscence (eg. $500 FF7 boxset), product awesomeness (eg. a $200 figurine recast of an awesome gothic lolita chick), or just plain, plain ego. On the internets, we call that ego the ‘epenis’.

Out of pure respect for the late Westwood Studios, I preordered my Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Premium boxset at $119. I enthusiastically slipped on the crappy looking Soviet shirt and strutted around campus today. I understand that some ignorant people might deem the communist-hailing me today as a sickle wannabe, or some others just think I’m retarded to have purchased the exorbitant package. However, to my own self, it was really a greatly satisfying day to have paid my tribute to the great franchise and my $120 ego.

For those who have missed the chance to show off your riches and ego, your chance has arrived once again (applies to Singaporeans and rich chumps only).

Remember the May’n dorama that tjhan tried to stir up but failed miserably? It was a sorry sight with multiple bruised egos lying along the banks of the undercurrents. Well, there is now one way to prove to tjhan that you have that very right to feel what you felt.

PAY UP $118!

That’s right! Now, while 80 stocks last, the organisers of AFA ’08 is offering you all the chance of a lifetime to watch May’n perform right before you as you dance in the VIP seats. Not only that, you get to SHAKE HER HANDS! See, DarkMirage didn’t manage to shake her hands, right? If you just pay’n up a very cheap $118, you’ll be one-upping him, making you the king of the local aniblog scene. Hey, people actually paid me $140 for a CLANNAD KyoAni C73 bag. What’s $118 for a Diamond VIP ticket right?

For the May’n fans who are also stingy bastards, but want to Diamond-Caress her hands, you could try your luck by ordering one of the 300 $68 VIP tickets! There are ONLY 300 in stock, so you better start beating up each other for that prized ticket. With the $68 VIP ticket, you may enter a lucky draw to join the high-ranks of the Diamond VIPs. You might just be one of the 20 chosen fortunate bastards!

Click here to check out the web page

Don’t think any further. Spend that money and be as satisfied as me splurging on RA3. The only difference being I now have a game, T-shirt and a Dicota bag, whereas you’ll be getting a handshake with a teenage girl. Who can sing.

You win!

All other poor people who aren’t really May’n fans, you may purchase normal tickets at $5/$8 to watch the show behind the VIPs. You’re not important at all.

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