This is something I would just like to show. Super beautiful, scratch built (this means the guy did it from nothing by himself), and one of a kind in this world, Gankutsuou figurines.

Click for more pictures upclose.

For those who have been living underground, Gankutsuou is a GONZO remake of Alexander Dumal’s Count of Monte Cristo and it really was a good show. Using never-seen-before colourful animation which incorporated fanciful texture on to the hair and clothes of the characters which proved too strong for some viewers, it also had a strong plot and memorable characters. I liked this show quite a lot, its character designs were breathtakingly beautiful thanks to the the abundant variety of colours used and of course the fancy costumes and handsome faces.

I liked Eugenie a lot cos she was tsundere with boyish charm. Like Fujioka Haruhi. Anyway, the three characters featured in this figurine set are the "bad guys" and they look the part. The Count is considered evil in this remake since the protoganist is Albert, whose family and friends are the ones suffering from the vengeance of the Count. So the Count and his hencemen, Giovanni and Baptistin look EVIL and dark.

Sculpted by Ohnishi Koji of Heavy Gauge, the Count’s figurine is also finished by Arakuma. They did a mighty fine job, I have to say. Damn it see for yourselves!

The Count is sitting elegantly in his couch and his face just exudes hatred. Yeah he looks pissed alright, but it’s a beautiful form of pissation. His clothes are ver detailed and just look at the cuffs and sleeves.. but wait! The staff lying on his left is cool as well. There is another version of the Count in Gankutsuou mode which has a hollow head fitted with a lighting mechanism that actually replicates the 4-eyed mark of Gankutsuou!!

His underlings, who are pretty nice guys in spite of their looks, are in the kneeling position flanking the Count. Their suits are painted with a lot of patterns, which must have taken quite a bit of effort.

This is art. Mona Lisas are fine and all, but give me a Gankutsuou set any day! Well I would sell the Mona Lisa and buy figurines yeah actually. I don’t think this set is meant for mass production. After all, only girl figures sell.

6 Responses to “Modern Sculptural Representation of a Literary Classic: Gankutsuou Figurines”  

  1. 1 Ren

    Where can you buy this set? It’s gorgeous.

  2. 2 Hopeless

    Likewise, I must get it purely for the Count. Everything related to Gankutsuou = win.

  3. 3 tj_han

    You can’t. It’s one of a kind. There isn’t plans for mass production I think. But let’s all sit in a circle, burn some incense and pray hard. Of course I would much prefer Eugenie, the Count, the mecha and that blue girl whose name I have forgotten.

  4. 4 Ren

    I would pay good money for a Haydee figurine. She’s so lovely!

  5. 5 kuromitsu

    *burns incense and prays* Where do I sacrifice the goat?

    No, really, I’m not much for figures, but these are gorgeous. I’d be willing to shell out good money for the Count, Albert, Eugenie and Haydée. And the mecha. Mmm.

  6. 6 モンテ・クリスト伯爵

    On the official Japanese site it has a would-be link for figures but nothing is there yet….so hopefully they will produce figures of most of the cast at some point. I want to buy The Count, Albert & Haydee.

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