Quiztime 5: New Season of Anime, Test How Awesome You Are

Think you’re damn clever and addicted to the new anime season? Here are a short list of questions to test yourself on to see if you’re truly an Autumn 08 Otaku Genius King. This quiz encompasses all on-going shows regardless of whether they started from previous seasons…

1. Inazuma 11 is based on a game on which console?
2. In Gundam 00, is Hallelujah or Allelujah dead?
3. In Tytania, what was Fan Hulic mistakenly addressed as, by the gay fish keeper?
4. Mugen no Juunin’s antagonists, the Ittouryuu, are lead by who?
5. Ga-rei Zero’s Izuna can summon what spirit beasts?
6. In Soul Eater, what is the name of Sid’s weapon?
7. Kurozuka has a traditional Japanese artform that begins each episode. What is its name?
8. Xam’d and Eureka Seven have one main character with the same seiyuu. Name the characters and the seiyuu who plays them both.
9. One Outs is by which studio?
10. Toradora – Ryuji’s mom’s real name is?
11. What colour is the logo on Casshern’s chest?
12. What weapon does the Father arm himself with upon receiving the news of Michiko’s impending arrival?
13. What is Shikabane Hime’s real name?
14. Gintama is into its nth year. What is the value of n?
15. Naruto is ____. Fill in the blank.
16. Chaos Head’s otaku loser lead’s favourite drink is?
17. What glaring error did JC Staff commit in Nodame Paris episode 2?
18. Ciel from Kuroshitsuji is voiced by a person who is now associated with a certain geometric shape. Name the shape.
19. Yozakura Quartet’s Kotoha has what ability?
20. How can Golgo 13 give pleasurable orgasms to the women he fucks by just lying there like a corpse?
21. Clannad’s OP and ED are sung by who?
22. In Hokutou no Ken Gaiden, what is Soga’s nickname?
23. What strangely common Japanese surname are the evil dudes in Kurogane no Linebarrel named after?
24. How many kanji make up the Japanese word for "index" in the title of Toaru Majutsu no Index?
25. Tales of the Abyss has two seiyuu who plays two roles each. Name the most famous role each of these two seiyuu have done.

Check out the spoilers for the answers. How many did you get right?


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