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Let’s Think of Funny Names like Revive Revival! HAHA!

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I was happily watching my Gundam 00 after dinner when the opening 2nd minute caught me by surprise and caused me to vomit all my meat out. WTF is Revive Revival? It’s makes Lockon Stratos as awesome a name as Jesus Christ, in comparison.

As such, I felt compelled to put the show on hold and write this post where we can all put forth ridiculous sounding names that will tickle our tummies but still sound better than Revive Revival. I mean, of course these are code names but why the hell does Setsu F Seiei get a decent name while REVIVE is stuck with his?

On 2nd thought, I don’t know which sane human being could’ve come up with something as wtf as Revive Revival.. so let’s start with the opposite.

Death Dead. No that’s just stringing two words together!

Flying, Sonic. "Hey Flying, you killed my parents with your aeroplane gundam!!"

Phoenix, Down. This actually sounds like a real name, probably Graham’s real name rather than Mr BUSHILOL.

Draw, Magic. Sounds like someone who pilots a gundam with dual revolvers…

Amen Hymen. The long lost cousin of Allelujah Haptism.

Mayo Naise. A shining white gundam’s pilot, of french and Japanese hybrid.

Silver, J. Long. If Setsuna can have an F, Silver can have a J.

Pussy Patty. For a female Gundam pilot of course, of sultry charm.

Celebrate Celebration. RR’s brother who loves to party.

Ana Lysis. A female bridge operator specialising in radar reading.

Protein Purification. A female bridge operator specialising in entertainment of pilots.

You know what, I still think Revive Revival is a worst name than all of the above and indeed can’t think of anything worst than it. TRY and prove me WRONG!!

Popularity: 8% [?]

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22 Responses to “Let’s Think of Funny Names like Revive Revival! HAHA!”  

  1. 1 escaru 3 comments

    Lol, but have you heard the other Innovators’ names? I’m pretty sure that Bring Stabity and Hilling Care are worse than Revive Revival.

  2. 2 Ascaloth 200 comments

    Let’s have a go…. T.J. Han.

    Oh wait. XD

  3. 3 Panther 59 comments

    Certifiably Insane and Random Misconception. Who ever thought of those!?

  4. 4 Ascaloth 200 comments

    Here’s another go, Teo J. Han. :p

  5. 5 C.I. 44 comments

    oh u panther robin hunt. oh u.

  6. 6 samejima 10 comments


  7. 7 Kaioshin Sama 101 comments

    Revive Revival’s name has been in the series cast credits for who knows how long and we’re just hearing about this from you now? Just a bit of a delayed reaction with this one eh TJ? It’s like if I were watching The Daily Show and Jon Stewart just made up a really crazy Bush style nickname for someone, and then 2 months later when I’m drinking something at my computer I explode with laughter from the joke and spray my monitor and keyboard with Coca-Cola. What I’m saying is you better get those reflexes checked before it comes back to bite you in the ass. Haha! :p

    You should know better though. If you’re really a hardcore Gundam fan then you should know the long tradition of characters with odd alliterated names. Foreshame!

    Still, Pastor Pulpit is my contribution.

  8. 8 LianYL 778 comments

    How ’bout Cum Cometh for the gundam with four penises?

  9. 9 tj_han 1440 comments

    Kaioshin: Sorry, am not otaku like you. I don’t check credits, or do research into my blogging. Neither am I a hardcore fan, I just like to see things explode.

    Bring Stability? Now that’s even worse than Revive Revival.

  10. 10 Kaioshin Sama 101 comments

    @Tj_han: Cool man…..I’m that way too at times. I’m not really Otaku though. More like Counter-Otaku which also requires me to know all the things Otaku do. Crazy how that works.

  11. 11 Ragna 6 comments

    Para-Medic anyone? :D
    No? D:

  12. 12 Ascaloth 200 comments

    Here’s another one, Lia Nyl. She be the tsundere bridge bunny who draws stick figure comics in her spare time.

    Oh wait. XD

  13. 13 escaru 3 comments

    Ohh, not Stability. Stabity. Stab-ity. Much, much more ridiculous. I hope he’s the ultra-girly-looking one with the long orange hair so I can start referring to him as a yandere.

  14. 14 0ne 135 comments

    Anaru Kanto (Analle Kant)

    Rotten Kanto (Rothan Kant)

    Reippu Mi (Lepp Me)

    Heri Kokku (Halle Koch)

  15. 15 Helix 71 comments

    Sol Badguy
    Echo Bomber
    Rotton the Wizard
    Pet Shop
    Magrat Garlick

    I have a strange feeling I’m doing it wrong.

  16. 16 Nya-n 19 comments

    Horn EeBuz Third, Resident Perv. Operates the GN-O.O Playboy.

    I think I’m failing horrribly at this attempt.

  17. 17 Kouji 56 comments


  18. 18 tj_han 1440 comments

    INDEED our names are not funny! This shows that names are only funny when there is no intention to make them funny. Bring Stabity wtf.

  19. 19 SnooSnoo 172 comments

    Isn’t Phoenix Down that item in FFX which you use to revive people? -_-||

  20. 20 ghostlightning 23 comments

    Klan Klan. Lovable character she may be, even awesome at times, but stupid name is stupid.

  21. 21 Cellblock 2 comments


  22. 22 Dorian Cornelius Jasper 5 comments

    Esmerelda Margaret Note Spelling of Lancre, Fictional Princess.

    Nicholas Unless-Jesus-Christ-Had-Died-For-Thee-Thou-Hadst-Been-Damned Barbon, Nonfictional Economist.

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