[Ascaloth] ef ~a tale of melodies~, Episode 5

Yo, guys! My apologies for the delay, but I was busy shortening my life rushing to meet two assignment deadlines within one week, so there was nowhere for the articles to go but on the backburner. Now that I’m done with them, I’ll have to pick up from where I left off, even if I’m way overdue for them. In any case, Episode 5 marks the third cameo made by a main female character from ~memories~, and this time it’s Kei, specially flying over to the Australian Otowa City from its Japanese sister city to tie up a loose thread which was left unresolved in the first series. SHAFT sure has a strange way of going about plot resolution, especially given how this is actually taking away time from the Kuze-Mizuki storyline, but well, it’s not like it doesn’t work. In any case, let’s not waste any more time and get on with our belated look at the episode.

ef ~a tale of melodies~, Episode 5.

It’s been a while, Mr. Cameraman. Considering that they never did show what was supposed to be the Kei-Kyousuke storyline either in ~memories~ and most likely won’t do so in this series either, do you guys think SHAFT will ever get around to it?

And the present day Yuuko continues her deus ex machina act, appearing to talk to Kei before once again disappearing into a poof of feathers. Increasingly, it looks as if there’s something about the present day Yuuko that doesn’t fit; perhaps the most popular current theory about her may very well be true after all?

The quake that broke their worlds apart, that seperated the sisters from each other. Despite being sisters, it was almost as if Kei and Chihiro had little other than the tragedy of the past as their link to each other, back in memories

It’s interesting how, for some reason, the mental imagery of the same moment when they parted way was so different between Yuu and Yuuko. For Yuu, it was a relatively average moment of a girl he never really cared much for disappearing from his life, not to reappear until several years down the road; it was she who didn’t push the issue after his rejection, running away into the distance. Yet, for Yuuko, it looked to be a traumatic moment, chock-full of all the Shinbo-effects that screamed deep trauma; it was he who was leaving her behind. The contrast in the significance that the two parties put into the same moment in time could not be clearer here.

And there’s more to Yuuko than what we see.

Why is it that whenever Nagi follows them around, she does so at a significant distance from them? Is there a certain meaning to it?

I think that it’s a nice touch in this scene that the smoke curls around Amamiya-sensei like a serpent. There’s definitely something up with this guy, and whatever it is, it doesn’t seem to be anything good. The guy is definitely hiding something.

What does the red crosses that Nagi envisions herself drawing on the portrait of her own body all mean?

Yes, Amamiya is definitely cracked. Just how cracked, we won’t know until later….

And Kuze ticks off yet another day in the limited number of days he has left in this world.

And after so long, after so much has happened, the sisters finally meet each other once again. The wounds they have created between each other are those which would probably never heal, but now it’s alright, for they have finally reached the point where they could move on from that sad past.

You know, I could have written quite a bit about Kei and Chihiro. I could have talked about how what happened between them was a tragedy they could never shake off, until now. I might have arrived at a realization that Chihiro’s condition is precisely the reason why they had to be seperated into different cities. I could have talked about how that one moment changed their fates to something neither of them could have imagined. But as it stands, Nagi pretty much did my job for me.

I don’t know about anyone else, but as it stands, the Mizuki story in this series is to me similar to what the Miyako story in memories was to me; the story I can’t bring myself to care quite as much about, compared to the other one. And in the previous series, even though I didn’t really empathize as much with Miyako as I did with Chihiro, at least the former’s voice actress was undeniably convincing; however, somehow it doesn’t seem to be the case even with Mizuki. I’m kind of left high and dry whenever Mizuki philosophizes about her situation with Kuze, for it just makes me think, "are you honestly feeling strongly about this, or do you actually lack a full understanding of what you’re saying?". Somehow, it just feels to me like Mizuki is showing her inexperience in her love life, and unlike Miyako, I’m not even fully convinced that she places enough importance on it.

It’s not a certainty, but it looks like many others have reached the same conclusion as I did about Nagi; specifically, that she’s lying her ass off. Frankly, I can’t see how Mizuki is doing Kuze a favour by doing what she’s doing, but maybe that’s just me.

And finally, what is that Yuuko has covered in a rag, and what are those two doing with it? As Yuuko mentioned, she got into a fight in the first place because she didn’t want her classmate to find it, so whatever it is, it’s probably a key Chekov’s Gun to the entire story, whatever it is.

Frankly, this episode has been surprisingly difficult to write about for some reason, and Episode 6 seems to be even more so. Add to the fact that my exams are coming within a week, and I’m afraid that delays to the ef articles are going to be par for the course in the coming weeks. I will try my best to keep up to date, though.

Ascaloth, out.

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  • I’m still curious about that thing Yuuko was holding; I even paused right at that instant and I still couldn’t figure out what it was 0_o

  • You totally brushed aside what I thought was a great crystalization of Kei and Kyosuke’s relationship that memories never got around to showing. We certainly don’t need more of a storyline for those two; a simple moment or two of their affection here and maybe again in this season is enough. And yes, Naggy is lying, and I can’t say I like her older form very much at all yet.

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