Now that Alter has unleashed its August line up along with several other major companies, I have gone through and pre-ordered the nicer figurines, like the Pastel Chime’s Rindoh Rina. But I was updating my figurine accounts file when I noticed that in May I have 10 (!) 1/8 PVC figurines arriving. Apparently some that were set to arrive in April were delayed, explaining my figurine drought recently. So May marks the beginning of the tidal wave, which is probably ending in August. It’s summer season after all. For these three months, expect to see a lot of reviews and a lot of financial problems.

I ran out of display space so I’m currently packing up a lot of my older figs back into their boxes so I can stack them up. Keeps off the dust too. The main catalyst for this cleaning up was the appearance of one spider, which spun a web starting from Rin’s ribbons, along KOS-MOS’s hair, Rider’s ass, Nao’s staff, Hikaru’s hair and ending on my CPU. The spider starved to death because I live in an insectless environment but it was quite the omen that I had to clean up.

Like everyone else, I have seen the delicious FF13 promo vid. It’s not out of character for an FF series to have a female lead, unlike popular belief. After all, Terra was a girl. Gunblades are ok, especially if they have a nifty flick-out blade rather than the bulky Squall one. The battle system looks intimidating. I hate real time combat because it ends up being a lot of button mashing. Could be my lack of skill but for Kingdom Hearts, I mashed the attack buttons. The graphics are just amazing, Advent Children standard. The world has come a long way since the 3D revolution of FF7 and maybe it’s time for us fans to move on from there. I like what I’ve seen of FF13 for its pure sci-fi. Sci-fi is good. Xenogears and FF7 were more scifiiish compared to say FF10 or 9 or even FF12. The female lead does remind me of Jo from Bakuretsu Tenshi. I like the silent gunner types.

I started re-watching Last Exile recently. I watched it when I was considerably n00ber. Back then I didn’t bother looking out for seiyuu, directors, character designers, mecha designers, BGM etc. I will write up a good rave about the series when I finish it. People have compared Simoun to Last Exile but I cannot take Simoun seriously purely for its overly colourful character designs. LE had Range Murata’s character designs, which was realistic yet sci-fi. Everyone go grab the ROBOT colour manga series please! Saitou Chiwa voiced Lavi and Saya from Blood+’s seiyuu, Kitamura Eri, voiced Tatiana. I like Tatiana. Kitamura coincidentally voices Amuria in Simoun. I watched four episodes before I was stopped by the 5.30 bell (was at work) and it just struck me how Last Exile was created. Here is the true story.

One day in 2002, Buddha, God, Allah and Ukiya Shun met up to discuss how they could improve humankind as a whole and integrate their teachings. They came to one conclusion - make an anime that’s so great, it would one day be known as the Animeble. Each of them gave divine directions to the staff of GONZO recommended by Ukiya Shun and thus Last Exile was born. The name of course means "The Final Book of Teachings that would Raise Humankind to a Celstial Plane".

Mecha designs are classy and stylish without the old Bandai toy tricks

Beautiful character designs by Murata Range which convey emotions

Brilliantly animated dogfights

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