[Ascaloth] CLANNAD ~After Story~, Episode 8

Against all the expectations of the game vets, all of whom said that it was impossible to do with Nagisa practically stuck to Tomoya as it is, KyoAni went ahead and put in the "lap pillow" scene anyway….and of course, it had to be Nagisa who suggested that. LOL. I mean seriously, seems like even Sunohara fell flat on his ass when he saw that. Apart from that, I’ve been hearing much talk amongst the game vets as to how the Yukine arc is the side story that has been most changed by KyoAni from the source, but I quite literally have no clue which scenes are source material, and which are KyoAni originals. Anyone care to lay out the full story on this?

In any case, it seems that a gang war has been raging all this time, and our main cast are about to get themselves caught up in the fracas. What is the story behind all of this, and the one behind the mysterious Miyazawa Kazuto-banchou?

CLANNAD ~After Story~, Episode 8. The end of the Yukine Arc.

Yes, I was wondering that, too. Nagisa is far too nice for her own good; really, she pretty much lucked out on landing herself a guy as uncomfortable with the Harem Lead tag in Tomoya. I mean, putting a certain Mr. Nice Boat aside, any lesser guy would be more interested than Tomoya is to utilize the advantages of the Harem Lead prestige class to full effect.

I’m sure yet another one of these light balls just popped up, right? I’m not even counting anymore….

The next-gen edition of Tomoyo Fighter ~It’s A Exciting Life~. Coming 2009 for PS3 and Xbox 360.

I can’t really blame Sudoh for wimping out at the sight of the legendary Sakagami Tomoyo. I mean, the girl’s a beast; only Sunohara has the requisite CON to tank that kind of damage.

Even the shota is afraid of the barbarian girl.

Okay, I’m intrigued. Miyazawa Kazuto is apparently the only guy who can go one over Sunohara and stand on equal ground with Tomoyo? Damned, I would love to see KyoAni animate THAT fight….

I have a feeling that it’s not easy being the leader of a delinquent gang, like Sasaki here. He clearly understands what Yukine is getting at, but at the same time, there’s no way for him to stop his men from seeking vengeance without compromising his own authority to no avail in the end. In a way, his suggestion is the best compromise there was to be had in such a situation.

When things are taking a turn for the worse, gaining a momentum that is impossible to stop, what options are there?

I wonder what Sunohara has to be afraid off. I mean, he may not be the guy who took down 4 punks at a go like he claimed, but I’m pretty sure he’s perfectly capable of the polar opposite; which is, to tank enough damage from 4 punks all at once. I mean, this is the guy who can tank Tomoyo’s 1000-hit combo after all, surely Sasaki is chicken feed compared to that?

Oh boy. Ooooooh boy. KyoAni’s finally made it happen for real. Nightmare Combo: Akiko-Jammu + Sanae-Pan, get!

….I think I just heard the sound of Kagikko all over the world swooning in collective fanboy dizziness. That was….disturbing. Let’s move on.

Oh Nagisa, you murdering little minx….

Oh, wow. Even Sunohara with all his ungodly CON failed his saving throw against the Nightmare Combo.

The bread + jam Key crossover gag was pretty funny on its own, but the fact that it’s also used to force Tomoya to play the hero? Not such a hot idea IMO. It only made me go LOLWUT.

The fight itself, on the other hand? Awesome stuff, the kind of KyoAni caliber that makes one long for more FMP all over again. Damned, KyoAni, give us more Sousuke and Arbalest badassery already.

And finally, after hiding the face of Miyazawa Kazuto-banchou in the shadows for so long, the time has finally come for him to show himself!

Except….not. Ouch, man, that looks like it hurt.

The only way for the fighting to stop was for Miyazawa Kazuto to appear, so appear he had to. And yet, such a thing was impossible, because….

….he had been resting in his grave all this time, unknown to Sasaki’s gang, and kept a secret from them by the Miyazawa-gumi. So…that was how it is. That was why there were no photos of Kazuto available at the bar when Tomoya asked for them in the previous episode; the gang probably couldn’t bear to see his photos and not lose the composure they were putting up in front of the trio along with Yukine.

But in his passing, he has left a parting gift; his ultimate wish, the making of peace between the rival clans, an end to all the fighting. And so, it all ends well.

For the first time in the entire series, we get a more concrete theory as to the nature of the light balls that have been such a big, yet mysterious part of the CLANNAD story; although Yukine herself does not know their full nature, she reveals the time when they appear, and what they might possibly do. For the longest time, CLANNAD has seemed to be the most ‘normal’ of the Key stories, resorting relatively sparingly to the supernatural elements of the Keyverse compared to its predecessors. However, is that at an end now? Does this mean we’ll soon be going into the "things are gonna get weird now" portion of the CLANNAD canon?

And with that, the story of Miyazawa Yukine is at an end. I have no idea how the original Yukine story is like, and how far the KyoAni version is different from it, but I do know that taken on its own, it’s not too bad at all. Although the "Nightmare Combo => Tomoya goes to the fight" sequence is frankly a bit wonky even for me, but otherwise this arc has been quite decent. May you long enjoy the peace that Kazuto-banchou has finally achieved between the gangs, Yuki-nee.

Next Episode Preview

From the looks of it, the next episode seems to be the series finally moving away from the side arcs, and truly moving into the real After Story portion of the game. With the question Nagisa raised about Tomoya’s future, what is he going to do, and what is going to happen? Once again, it’s time again for us to walk up the slope, quite possibly for the very last time.

Ascaloth, out.

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  • I lol’ed at those D&D-ish descriptions.

    Sanae’s Pan and Akiko’s Jam Combo FTW!

    There is at least one side arc to cover…the old teacher(forget his name)one. But the timeline is at the end of the school arc, so it’s okay to consider it as the beginning of the real after story.

  • i don’t know which scene was changed by KyoAni as well, except the Nightmare Combo scene of course.
    But it turned out great, and that’s what important.

    Next week looks interesting.
    We’ll get a look at Tomoya’s story now.
    But still..I’m disappointed that we won’t get to see Hiragi Kappei’s arc..
    Well then, off to writing my own review now. ^_^

  • Nightmare combo FTW! I mean holycrap when I saw that RADIOACTIVE rainbow bread I knew it was trouble, but then the legendary Jam too…. and did you see how the jam started fizzing after hitting the bread? X.x it was so potent just putting one’s face near the stuff cuases a person to get knocked out for many hours. I also thought that using such a lulz humor scene to transition into a serious scene was a bit O.o; but the fight was really good. Overall I think KyoAni did a pretty good job with this.

    As for changes from game to anime, there are tons. Probably the most of any arc unless you count the axeing of Kyou’s crappy school route. (It suxed anyway and was more like your standered sch00l dayz harem animu). Hm, first of all there were no rival gangs. 80% or more of the route took place in the Refreance room cafe, and there was no bar hangout for the gangsters. I’m not sure if the shota’s sister appears either x.x. Although there is a part where the mom confronts the group it’s not THAT important. The original route was more about Tomoya getting close to Yukine and her starting to lean on/depend on someone for the first time . All the other gang memebers were all leaning on Yukine as their pillar of support but she had no one since Kazuto died. Tomoya ended up kind of filling in for Kazuto. Eventually they start to becoming attracted to eachother and Yukine invites him to pay respects to her dead brother along with the rest of the gang. Well something like that I guess. I’m not 100% clear since it’s been awhile but basically the game was more of a cozey-romance-family feelings type of thing while the anime had no time/Tomoya

  • @ FlameStrike: What…
    How dare you insult my Kyou..0_0
    Her route did not sucked, it was decent to me.
    Well, I don’t want to continue our quarrel anymore, so let’s just leave it at that. ^_^

    Putting that aside, looks like KyoAni changed a lot of Yukine’s arc.
    But I was impressed that they’re able to do a great job at it.
    Since we all know that if you change the original, it will fail most of the time.
    Overall, Yukine’s arc was great.

  • Ugh the slash mark cut off the rest of my post x.x; well I ment to say that Tomoya

  • Oh wow I’m really stupid. Just as I reposted what I wanted to say I realized it was the greater than sign that killed my post… Ok last time, Tomoya loves Nagisa so they replaced the Tomoya x Yukine with a kick-ass gang fight. The important part was the end imo and the meaning was left in tact. Also they fit in the light’s explination.

    Ah sorry the words I used were a bit insensitive x.X I think Kyou’s route wasn’t up to par but that’s my own opinion, not fact. I don’t think Kyou herself is a bad character either. She has her great moments too XD.

  • Well, I’ve always thought that Yohei had about the same CON score as O’Chul (from Order of the Stick), which is in the high 20′s… But a 1 is a 1, regardless of massive Fort Save modifiers or HP. :)

    Setsukyie: Kyou’s route was the most heavily-romance influenced routes in the game, with nary a mention to the concept of family in it. I didn’t find it as bad as Flamestrike, but it really felt out of place, especially when you compare it to, say, Yukine’s route.

  • And this marks the the end of interesting characters’ arcs and the beginning of the 1 dimensional character’s arc.

  • @Sasaki
    I don’t think you can really count ANY of the character’s in Clannad 1D. I think that the next episode will be focused on Tomoya and Nagisa, whom are some of the most developed characters I’ve ever seen (Based on VN info).

    @Myssa Rei
    The romance aspect was something I dsliked, but another part was probably my HUGE expecations. I came into the route thinking “OMG OMG OMG KYOU ROUTE LOLOL” and came out as “….. wtf that was the Kyou route”? So it’s mostly my fault I dislike it XD

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