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“Dreams of a Catholic High SchoolBoy” by Mattlock

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Seriously, this is one of my favourite pictures ever taken by a Singaporean. Jing aka Mattlock, who generally does comical photos, ranging from him running around in red underpants in the middle of City Hall to funny set ups with random people, has outdone himself with a photo that damn accurately represents the DESIRES of a Singaporean boys’ school lad.

I was from an all-boys’ school as well, and I damn love Coke, girls and harems! For you non-Singaporean readers, the uniforms in the picture are those of the top few all-girls’ schools, with the exception of the green one which is Darkmirage’s junior college. I would add Nanyang Girls’ as well, and kick out CHIJ since they are all lesbians. Also, check out the President photos in the background.

Check out the picture. It’s too big to post here and I’m not comfortable with editing other people’s images.

My favourite girls all hail from SCGS, RGS (and hence RJC) and NYGH. Where do your favourite girls hail from?

Let me describe the merits and demerits of each school.

SCGS: dependant, demanding, pretty, stylish, fashionable, English-speaking, Christian, snobby, bitchy, air stewardess, looks for a rich husband.

RGS: Intelligent, outspoken, English-speaking, loves masturbation, outgoing, prim and proper, career driven.

NYGH: Chinese-cultured, traditional values, caring, dull, steady, hardworking.

So if you want a girlfriend who is a Yamato Nadeshiko, get a NY girl. If you want a tsundere, get an SC girl. If you want a powerful domineering woman, get an RG girl.

Popularity: 4% [?]

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21 Responses to ““Dreams of a Catholic High SchoolBoy” by Mattlock”  

  1. 1 Hinano 6 comments

    That loves masturbation part feels like it was misplaced or something. Did you copy pasta the wrong text?

  2. 2 omo 95 comments

    …I think he’s totally serious and not making a mistake, lol.

    Very nice picture. Expressive and evocative, but I guess it panders to a particular experience I have no part of.

  3. 3 Soshi 71 comments

    D: No IJ-girl love?

  4. 4 Sorreah 2 comments

    As another old Catholic High School boy I will have to agree. It actually came up in a conversation once, don’t ask how, and after seeing this photo I laughed so hard I cried. Although I am studying in a far and foreign land now, it is completely awesome to see the dreams of my generation live on. :D

  5. 5 auffff 2 comments

    That picture is awesome! Hahaha.
    And not all CHIJ girls are lesbians lah :P

  6. 6 tj_han 1226 comments

    Soshi, nope can’t think of any I know of but you can intro some hot ones and I might change my mind.

    Sorreah: I’m not a Cath high guy, but yup, indeed, it’s really nostalgic.

    Hinano: According to research, like real ones, the word “sex” is the most often used word on google for school computers in Raffles Girls School. Also, there was this girl who used boiling tube (those science ones) and stuck it up her vagina during class, only for it to break and she had to be sent to hospital. Finally, there’s this girl I know of who’s in medicine now who has had 2-3 abortions and still is the sluttiest girl I know.

  7. 7 ono 1 comment

    lol reverse bukkake

  8. 8 Loba 67 comments

    I heard that test tube story when I was in sec 2 lol.

  9. 9 kokanaden 328 comments

    St. Nicks? There are hot IJ ones. Just that you went to RJC so you’re a damned loser.

  10. 10 The Sojourner 89 comments

    My cousin is from SCGS and I can attest to that claim. SHHHHHHHH

  11. 11 MrMayat 33 comments

    I love mattlock’s Jingapore series. There was a mini exhibit featuring his work at Millenia Walk during AFA. Seeing it in big print certainly ups the wow factor. He’s in a class of his own.

  12. 12 Soshi 71 comments

    @kokanaden: HAHAAHAHAAHA. St Nicks. HAHAHAAHAHAHA.

    Sorry, that just tickled my funny bone. But yeah, SN does have some hotties. I need to check whethe they’re taken (by either sex) first though!

  13. 13 one 113 comments

    I am a Catholic High Boy :-)
    and yes, that’s certainly a Cat Hi boy fantasy LOL!

  14. 14 double 18 comments

    Like 0ne, I once wore green shorts and the metallic button shirt. Those who were in an all-boys school would surely know of how deprived most of the guys in there are.

    Soshi > SN does have their share of hotties.

  15. 15 Sasa 77 comments

    Wait wait, but liking sex and liking masturbation are two entirely different things! The sluttiest girl I know once said to me: “I never masturbate, it’s like cappuccino to espresso. Masturbation is nothing compared to the real thing.”

  16. 16 Soshi 71 comments

    @double: Hahah, yeah I know. I was from SN. XD Man, some of the girls there were sizzlin’. Made me wish I was a guy. D:

  17. 17 Anon lulz 80 comments

    “So if you want a girlfriend who is a Yamato Nadeshiko, get a NY girl.”
    That is so not true. Many of them are like CHIJ(according to your post). Or really slutty as well.

  18. 18 wolfx

    LOL. We have that story about the test tube in Malaysia too and story has been said to be originated from multiple schools (either our girls are all deprived and horny or its an urban legend). There’s also the “carrot bit that got stuck in the vagina” story. NINJIN LOVES YOU YEAH!!

    But that pic is awesome in its dorkiness. Love it. Wonder how they cleaned up afterwards.

  19. 19 little shirley beans 1 comment

    As the RGS girl in the photo, I must say it was quite an experience (read: extremely fun) realising what must be a common fantasy of quite a few schoolgirls everywhere too. I’ll leave you to speculate on what that is. Anyway glad so many people like the photo—kudos to Jing. Great stuff.

  20. 20 tj_han 1226 comments

    Shirley: Er, appearing in a widely seen picture? Splashing acid on a hapless short-pants-wearing nerd? Being part of a harem?

  21. 21 Xstacy02 33 comments

    i recall seeing something like this in sammyboy forum lol

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