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[Breadpit] Live Action Ami (ToraDora)… Well Almost.

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Following the visualisation of how Taiga would look like in real life, this time I chanced upon what appears to be more Ami than anyone else. The cattiness, svelte figure and long hair are there. Be reminded that this isn’t cosplay, and attention to detailed replication of the character is non-existent. In other words, it’s just a girl that reminds me of Ami.

Wouldn’t say it was a big success, well just check out the pics.

Ami for me is not a likeable character, I much prefer Minorin, especially after the newest episode (8?) where she hinted via the use of metaphors, that she knew exactly what was going on and gave a glimpse into her inner character, one full of weakness and fear, covered up by a facade of overly genki and club participation.

I don’t like Ami because she’s too manipulative and materialistic. But yeah photos. The girl below is about 20 I think.

Now that the examinations are over, I don’t have to touch my silly Physics and Mathematics modules for another month, so might be able to contribute more here.

Popularity: 3% [?]

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10 Responses to “[Breadpit] Live Action Ami (ToraDora)… Well Almost.”  

  1. 1 Jakey 14 comments

    In other words, please be true
    In other words, you just wanna post pictures of a babe

  2. 2 Ascaloth 175 comments

    Did you personally take those photos? Or where did you find them?

  3. 3 The Sojourner 89 comments

    I know he is hunting for Minorin at the moment. If Ascaloth had not asked his question, then I would have.

  4. 4 Breadpit 6 comments

    Ascaloth: Yup I did. Why? I’m not like Sankaku Complex which just rips off people’s pictures.

    Sojourner, I have found a Minorin actually. This one is really Minorin.

    Jackey: So what? Why can’t I?

  5. 5 Ascaloth 175 comments

    So that means you personally know the girl?

    Cool, maybe you should get her and “Taiga” to do a joint photoshoot. Get them to do “catfight” poses with each other. ^_^

  6. 6 Sorreah 2 comments

    H, what nationality? She doesn’t look japanese…

  7. 7 LianYL 680 comments

    Ami’s in highschool. Infer.

    But I approve of this post.

  8. 8 Jakey 14 comments

    You can, you can.
    In fact, I would like you to post more!

  9. 9 ZeroG 78 comments

    Liar, u juz want to post babes and use some anime to cover up ur sin.
    2D girls please

  10. 10 Crest 38 comments

    sin? there’s no sin. the word sin is an invention to hide the real pleasures from us.

    and yes, i will have to offer my 1/1 figurines to the great god above me.. soon.. soon.

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