AFA Highlight: The KOWTOW MAN STRIKES!! Pictures Here!

I suspect there’s a sinister plot behind this, but I got sent some very interesting pictures, and I’m guessing they want me to be the bad guy and show the world how idiotic otakus are, and scare them into behaving like good boys next year. Either way, I’m not one to pass up Dorama, so here goes.

Remember the hooha over the white autograph boards? The Internet has a short attention span so it has become history, but let us dig up the past and laugh at it once again. Pictorial evidence of how weirdass some otakus are.

"Pleaeeeeeeeeeease sign my SHERYL POSTER!!!! I COME FROM PENANG!!"

Seriously, WTF? Complete with backpack and waterbottle, the full otaku garb! Apparently the manager of May’n was disgusted and insisted he be kicked out, but the organisers took pity on him and gave him a whiteboard.

I don’t get it, May’n is NOT Sheryl, and even if she is, so what? Too bad his face isn’t visible. Now the question is, what would make YOU kowtow like that?

My own answer is, when 5 men with large spiky dicks are going to rape me unless I kowtow.

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