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[LianYL] Public Announcement Service To Dimwits

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I know this probably has nothing to do with most nerds and geeks, but I believe there are quite a few juveniles and immature pricks reading this blog. Therefore I’ll be the nice guy here and tell them how their ego is causing problems for themselves and everyone around them, just like everything else they do.

I am a busy man. I have millions of zombies and an anal face to shoot.

You see, every once in a while, you’d probably receive a message from a friend telling you that you:
a) Have been sending them weird messages about awesome furry porn links
b) Should visit this awesome furry porn link. You become amused and click on the link. Go to a).

Should you be in situation a), your situation may be explained by two things.

1. My name is stupid and I am meat

Your PC has a furry porn spamming virus that infiltrates your account when you login to your MSN/some other IM app and sends all your friends on your contact list a bunch of porn links that they should check out and get infected. Some of these viruses even send your friends on your contact list so-called naked pictures of yourself and slapping your friends with a copy of itself when your friends accept your new artistic attempt.

Solution: Get yourself a decent antivirus software. I currently use AntiVir, whose URL is very interesting. Although I do not know how good it is, it has kept my desktop computer running as smoothly as it should, succumbing only to BSODs due to the freakin’ buggy ASUS P5Q. When your friends send you “hey-i-am-[insert friend’s nick here]-check-out-my-hot-bod” files or anything similar, drop your friend a line to confirm or just get him to reply something that a server conbot wouldn’t know. This will prevent you from becoming another asshole.

2. My epeen is too humongous to accept an IM block

You were probably surfing the net one day and realised that the hot girl/guy’s contact has been appearing offline for way too long. That bastard must’ve blocked you! But you couldn’t be sure, could you? So you went online in search of awesome 1337 h4x software to check who blocked you. The first thing you come across in your search are “Who Blocked You” online services.

Now all my friends will cower in fear as I find out whether they have blocked me, and do nothing about it thereafter.

These services ask for either of two things. One being your target’s contact mail. Second being your IM login details. Sounds simple and easy, no? Here’s the catch.

The first kind of detail requisition stores the contact you entered and outputs a randomly generated result. Depending on the result, you become relieved that the contact is indeed offline, or enraged because some anonymous unknown website just told you he/she is online. Simultaneously, the dudes who created the website laugh their asses off as one more chump has added more emails to their mailing list database which they’ll be selling off to porn sites.

On the other hand, you’d think that the second kind of information request will be in vain as most people have enough brains not to give their login details out to some untrusted website. Wrong. It would appear that there are quite a number of morons who are willing to go to the extent of surrendering their entire IM contact list and email account just to brush their epeen. These people submit their IM email and passwords, have their account hijacked on the spot and their entire IM contact list spammed with a “check out who has blocked you!” message. Their friends inform these goons of their random spammings of links and they run an antivirus scan, yielding no results. Thus they give up and format their PCs in vain. For some reason, it never occurs to them that the problem could even be remotely linked to their submission of account passwords.

Solution: Change your damn password. Or would you prefer the conbot change it for you instead? Tool.

Sometimes, I just don’t get these people.

Popularity: 8% [?]

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13 Responses to “[LianYL] Public Announcement Service To Dimwits”  

  1. 1 Soulstrider

    I hate when I receive those kind of messages with those links -.- Fortunately most of them are easy to avoid, like the ones that say that they have seen my boyfriend with another girl at the beach (I am a guy and no I am not gay so It’s easy to know which links are infected).

  2. 2 Leefe 118 comments

    Those are easy to avoid after a lesson… but I know of people who actually fall for it over and over. lol

  3. 3 Loba 86 comments

    Hmm, oh snap, I actually might have contributed to a greater influx of spam! You see…whenever I see a spam message, I block the person who spams them after telling him about it! =(

  4. 4 tj_han 1436 comments

    Hey you’ll be surprised at how many people dont’ have anti-virus programs of any sort. I use Avast, which is free.

  5. 5 Kouji 56 comments

    Roflmao @ Title.

    “Public Announcement Service To Dimwits at Riuva: Research Institute for Unicultural Visual Arts”

  6. 6 tragic comedy 24 comments

    Avast has alot of shortfalls though…
    i went back to AVG after avast failed to detect trojans from a portable HDD

  7. 7 Zeroblade 163 comments

    Unfortunately, people are really, really stupid.

  8. 8 LianYL 771 comments

    That was unexpectedly funny.

  9. 9 algarich 1 comment

    @tj_han: I don’t have one. Never had problems. It’s amazing how much trouble you can avoid by thinking before clicking a link.

  10. 10 psuedonymous 6 comments

    Never received one of those messages before. Maybe I just don’t know enough morons.

  11. 11 Victor 81 comments

    and the nxt thing that happens in the picture is that LianYL shot the gas cylinder… brilliance

  12. 12 sesshomaru_haku 31 comments

    How good is AVG?

  13. 13 TP 37 comments

    I have the occassional idiot spam or two in my IM. Final solution:

    Block the friend off.

    Some people did not know that several free/open-source IM software (e.g. aMSN) can actually detect whether your friend has blocked you or not. Or better still, pop up the chat window when the other party’s going to send a message to you.

Do not use any < and > for your own sake. It will end the comment there and then. Also, there is an automatic IQ filter which weeds out comments made by those who accidentally got transported from the stone age.

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