EOY’08: 57 Cosplayer Pictures Here and Filtered for Your Eyes.

The traditional local end of year cosplay event was hugely overshadowed by AFA this year, to the extent that we weren’t even aware it was taking place today if not for a timely email from the organisers. They sent out an invite to all bloggers to go cover the event, and despite it being a huge distance away, I drove down with my trusty SLR for a day of fun and fugly.

The organisers, the Shiro Tsubasa Anime Club, are a group of anime fans, unlike the organisers of the AFA who are purely commercial, so the whole event follows a more relaxed, free-and-easy feel. In fact, I don’t see any difference from the 2006 event (I skipped the 2007). Generally there are litle booths, selling both doujin (clean no porno ones), dolfy wares, goth loli wares (original too, one ribbon costs like 70 bucks), and a whole load of cosplayers and photographers. There’s also the contest and some skits, which I didn’t really see except for one extreme army-sized Naruto cosplay group that served up some dancey-battle-choreographed performance worthy of being the best cosplay skit in the history of Singapore, and that’s saying a lot about the standards of such.

Unlike AFA, there was no kowtowing at all. Must be because the wretched Penang boys didn’t come down.

Enough blabbling, look at the pictures! I took out my flash only to realise my faulty rechargeable batteries got depleted after a day, and I went without a flash for a while without trekking off to a 7-11 to get expensive energiser cells. I brought only a 50 mm f1.4 prime, which gave me a few problems. I couldn’t zoom, and it’s a bit too long, so I could only get half body shots. For full body shots, I had to step at least 10 metres away, and stupid vulture photographers would swoop into the space in front of me and block off my view. Even if I was the one who originally asked for the picture. I gave up and stuck to half-body portraits, and now I have forgotten what the lower body of these cosplayers were like.

I must say the overall standard appears to be declinging, from the peak about 2 years ago. I attribute it to the increase in event number, such as this year’s AFA splitting the number of cosplayers into half, since most wouldn’t use the same costume twice for some weird reason. There were also a lot less goth loli chicks but the number of FYGs remain constant.

The Burst Angel group was alright, but for two major flaws. The first is Jo’s costume design brings the focus onto her tummy (which is flat in the show of course) but normal people have a slight tummy and that is very distracting, I chose a picture where it is obscured. The other flaw is Meg’s really flat chest, since Meg has giant knockers. Irony. But overall, quite nice.

Gundam Girl was a breath of fresh air, I quite liked her. Too bad she didn’t really pose well, this picture doesn’t do justice to her cuteness. The forced smile detracts from her natural one. I find it interesting though, that when guys do Gundam, they cover their heads, but girls hold the heads in their hands.

This is a blogger actually, who is a fan of Darkmirage. She calls him DM-sama, and thinks I am LianYL.

A pleasant Suigintou.

OOooooh. Blind though. I have a few pictures of him/her with kids, if you guys are interested.

MAY THE SPIRITS BE WITH YOU, or something. Bleach (Don actually) is a distant memory, like what, 6 years ago? Despite that, this guy did a great job.

The daring girl on the left, showed her butt off. Anyway, this is actually Houshin Engi cosplay, but there is an awesome Shengongbao cosplayer later.

Elf girl. Nice stick.

There were plenty of Dynasty Warrior cosplayers. I don’t get this game, it’s a stupid button masher that desecrates Chinese history and the beauty of the 3 Kingdoms story. Also, it displaced one of my favourite game series, the turn based strategy 3 Kingdoms. But most of the extravagently costumed cosplayers today were from the game, like Diao Chan here and whatshername and Gan Ning. Identification courtesy of Lian.

An out of focus Iori. It was funny when I took this picture cos he thought I wanted more and was doing more posing when I thought he was standing still so I was reviewing my pics. In the end I took one only, and he had this other classic Iori pose that the surrounding photogs crowded me out of. Pretty good guy.

Now, this is one of my favourite, and best cosplays of the day. Soul Eater’s Death the Kid done to perfection. Admittedly a simple costume, but sometimes this means less things can go wrong. If you notice, most of my top choices tend to be more simple costumes.

This picture makes him look fantastic, but in truth, he’s really tiny and short. For some reason.

I don’t know who this is…in fact I realise I’m so out of touch because I don’t recognise many characters and for those I do, I tend to have forgotten the names. There was this great one who was the skinny guy from Nabari no Ou who had powerful skill and was dying, but because I couldn’t remember his name, I didn’t take a photo.

Sun something from Dynasty Warriors. She’s quite pretty in real life, though I didn’t take a good picture here.

Once again, I don’t recognise her. But it’s quite nice and simple.

Q-chan from Gintama. I had a better photo but some idiot FYG walked out from behind her such that it looked like she was growing out of her shoulder. Note the owner of the local Maid Cafe, Ferlyn in the background.

Probably the best Yoh cosplayer I’ve ever seen. Dude has it done to perfection. I mean, the muscles, he looks like he actually has more than bones. Guy characters need muscles, see the Zack cosplayer later for reference. This guy looks like he can fight and win.

She was Ayanami Rei in another event, but this Anna is pretty good too. The costume is very simple yes, but the details are there, and accurate. Except maybe the hair, but it works for me.

I vote them the best pair of the day.

I don’t know this at all, but the effort put into the props deserves kudos.

Hei. I said, "Hey Hei" but he ignored me.


Gun-toting Miko, an otaku’s fantasy apparently.

One of the best goth loli dressed females, she had this really nice dress which I couldn’t capture the full glory of.

One of the contenders for best cosplay of the day, Chrona here wins hands-down in terms of looking like the character. I mean, look at her face! Extra points goes to hiding her down eyebrows and drawing in the sad brows of said character, and the very details Ragnarok. The wig is nice too.

Danny Choo set up a branch here in Singapore, and cloned himself here. The clone is named Gordonator.

Yuugi is holding the magical cylinders card, which is a trap card that can deal the attack rating of an enemy monster worth of HP damage straight to the enemy.

The costume’s great and all, but guy is just too skiny. Unless he’s trying to cosplay the Zack that just escaped the years of experimentation by Hojo, then that’s accurate. His build would be more suited to a character who’s a pretty boy, like say Kyouya from Haruhi.

His accompanying Aeris. Nice Basket.

Apparently another character from Dynasty Warriors, this costume is fantastic.

The cool Shino cosplayer was hanging around corners sneakily for some reason.

The picture doesn’t do her justice, but this Viletta cosplayer is really good.

The Any isn’t bad as well. She’s a tad conservative though, and has the tendency to hide her front with the cape.

I found this guy hilarious! Obviously Yoshimori from Kekkaishi, but he wasn’t ready when I asked for a photograph. He stood there dumbfounded, with his specs on, for a while before coming up with a really funny pose unintentionally. Seems like a nice guy on his first event.

The staple of events when Judith, this girl, comes back from Aussie. These are her cousins/nephews, and she dresses them up for her pleasure.

Now that’s an awesome Shengongbao cosplay from Hoshin Engi.

Ukyo from Ranma, she’s quite friendly and was talking throughout the photo-taking to no one in particular.

Ranma, and a kettle.

The latest in geek chic fashion? This girl is pretty.

I couldn’t figure out what uniform she was wearing, so I asked. She said something from Hitman Reborn, then Double pointed out that half the schools in Japan have this uniform. No wonder I found it familiar.

Zero’s gonna geass you.

Maid Guy tears his enemies apart. Surprising, I didn’t think anyone watched this show here. Good job man.

Some Toho chick. They had this group of about 5 girls from the game but since I don’t play it, I don’t really know much.

Toho chick.

Toho chick.

Toho chick.

Again, I don’t know., But pretty nice.

Some people say this is the best in terms of the overall package, and I might be tempted to agree. Extravagantly elaborate and elegant costume, complete with realistic wig, a pretty face and some cool footwear. Pity I know not where she’s from.

Machao from Dynasty Warriors. Lian made him do proper kungfu poses and he broke his footwear doing so. He’s protecting the golf carts.

Anya using her handphone.

Well that’s all, i didn’t take that many pictures because it’s troublesome to process so many. I chose only the better cosplays, so what is shown here isn’t that representive of the overall standard. The pictures are soso, most of the time, I didn’t take time to clear the background, or choose a good angle, just snap and go. Pretty much all in manual mode with manual flash as well, resulting in a few misses.

The general consensus among event-goers was a pretty negative one though, possibly due to heightened expectations or just fatigue. With so many events yearly, the regular joes are probably feeling a bit bored. Such events are only truly fun for the cosplayers. Speaking of which, one cosplayer clearly having fun was Hoshi, the Yin Cosplayer from our interview, who did an Idolmaster I think, with her friends, along with a dance on stage. The cute girl powerfully unleashed her inner child well.

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  • Touhou girls are , from 1st to 4th, Momizi Inubashiri, Yuyuko Saigyouji, Reisen Udongein Inaba, Aya Shameimaru. The fan on Yuyuko is not bad, I want it :(

  • the 4th pic up fom the bottom (the one with the three cosplayers – the girl with the bunny ears), is from Full Moon wo Sagashite…


    very shojo, but cute!

  • Nice captions tj_han!

    Btw, I am the Hey Hei guy..
    Sorry, probably couldn’t hear or didn’t realise ^^;

  • The Dynasty Warrior girl is Sun Shangxiang, second one in blue was Zhen Ji, same series and she mentioned it was 6.

    Missed the best overall package, damn. Lol the Hei was YuKi-To, a guest writer on my blog. Chrona was good, did not get a picture of her and her sister (goth loli) though. I also opted to take no pictures of Death the Kid, she was Kagamine Len back at Cosfest.

  • hey tj, the link to my site seems broken(?).

  • woah you sure have a way of making things sound nice even if they ain’t that great!
    @panther: i didn’t see any death the kid! i would have made a rush if i found her/him

  • The miko is the hottest in my book.. miles ahead of anything else

  • That one with the dragoon mask and spear is FFIV’s Kain, I think.

  • Maybe I have not gone to enough cosplay events, and that is the reason why I find the standards that were shown in your pictures to be pretty decent.

  • LMAO… if you need any help with ID some of the photos you can ask me on MSN 8D

  • –Some people say this is the best in terms of the overall package, and I might be tempted to agree. Extravagantly elaborate and elegant costume, complete with realistic wig, a pretty face and some cool footwear.

    That’s Noh from Samurai Warriors. Fantastic job.

  • I bet that little kid in the yellow costume is supposed to be Pikachu.

  • Kamen Rider Kiva!! lol

  • There was this joke Gundam, did you see it? Also, the ???? masked spearman (Kain from FFIV) was with an FFIV team of the assasin, Rydia (16-year-old jailbait ver.), Rosa, Edward the Pussy and Yang. Surprisingly, Cecil wasn’t there. Nonetheless, nice to know that there were people cosplaying FFs other than FFVII for a change.

    Totally agree with you on Meg though. Yes, the Maid Guy was epic.

  • i like the gundam girl. she looks cute. Death the Kid looks cool.

  • The one with the red jacket and glasses looks to me like Grell from Kuroshitsuji…The goth loli also seems to be Ciel Phantomhive, also from Kuroshitsuji.

    Thanks for the filtering~

  • >> “I brought only a 50 mm f1.4 prime… I gave up and stuck to half-body portraits”

    That’s what a 50mm is used for usually. And the bokeh! Seems like time to invest in a 30mm prime or a 28-70mm f2.8. :D I enjoy the challenge of purely using a 50mm too.

    Seems like skipping EOY was a wise idea for me. The place looks as crowded as AFA, and without designated cosplay photo area it seems. Nevertheless, that’s some decent captures considering the factors.

  • I guess I didn’t see LianYL after all. But did you manage to catch that Santarina cosplayer?

  • One of the best goth loli dressed females, she had this really nice dress which I couldn’t capture the full glory of.
    - that’s actually someone cosplaying as Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji. :)

    And OI! xD I don’t dress them up for my pleasure! You make me sound so terrible!
    They’re my cousins btw. :)

  • Judith: I see, makes sense. I watched that show up till episode 7. It was too gay.

    AK: Lian is in this gallery. Mikogunner is him.

    Mayat: It was alright, there’s no need for a designated area cos the whole event is about cosplay photoshooting isn’t it.

    Yamibakeru: Yeah, I saw the joke one. It was a really lame overused cliche however. I probably saw the ff6 ones but didn’t recognise, cos to me, ff6 is a bunch of pixels.

  • It’s a pity that my Shaman King pair shots didn’t turn out like I wanted them to, but it’s not that bad anyway, since your shots of them are quite good.

    Also, I just realised how many other cosplayers I didn’t take photos of. Need to be more attentive to my surroundings when it comes to future cosplay events.

  • hi~
    I’m the kyubei cosplayer…if you don’t mind, can you email me the other pic/pics you have of me? Somehow the photos of me that was taken during EOY has not shown up at all, with exception of those taken by friends who I can track down. lol.

  • Omg yay!

    I’ve FINALLY found my first cosplay pic here! Wheee! Thanks!
    I’m the “pleasant Suigintou” =X

    Eesh. I need to get WINGS.

    Don’t mind I post the pic and link back yea? (:

    PS: Any comments / advice on cosplaying Suigintou as compared to other ones you’ve seen in past events?

  • What a mix of fantastic, good and average cosplayers! Well, that’s an event for you! Wish I were there, but had other appointements at that time.

    Looks like you guys had fun! Missed the opportunity to meet up with you, Gordonator and the other Singatakus. :)

  • Wheres my lovely Reimu? she takes the cake for best waki miko this year!

  • orz you didn’t take any from the pheonix wright group, i thought they were awesome.

  • Why did I went for work instead of going for EOY???!!!

    I seconded MrMayat’s suggestion: 28-70mm f/2.8 = AWESOME. Then again, the 50mm f/1.4 prime lens force people to take pictures decisively, so kudos to th_han for levelling up his photography skill.

    tj_han has earned a Lvl 6 Photography.

    Actually, after seeing all the goddamn cosplayers looking good, it’s high time I have to make concentrated efforts to shape up. Any Men’s Health mags, anywhere?

  • I pretty sure that pic 0853 is from Full Moon o Sagashite, and the characters from left to right are Takuto, Mitsuki, and Meroko.

  • Mhhhh. Should have gone.

  • Haha I got a shock when I saw that it was a guy under the HoiHoi-san costume.

  • Mou, I would want to dress as Aya… Or Yuyuko… Screw that, I would want to be all of them. They’re too awesome to choose from! =w=

  • the guy with the red overcoat is Grell sutclift from kuroshitsuji and the lady with the flower head dress and pink dress is ciel phantomhive from kuroshitsuji as well, posting as a girl.

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