[Ascaloth/Akira] Nodame Cantabile ~Paris Chapter~, Episode 9

Oh sure, a mirror will show a reflection of Tanya’s figure with her legs open when she has her legs closed.
J.C. Staff, you fail. So. Hard.

Despite the glaring (if few) animation inconsistencies that I can’t help but pick on, I am actually as pleased with this episode as I was annoyed with Kon Chiaki’s treatment of Episode 2, for this is the episode which not only stayed mostly faithful to the manga material for the most part, it is also the first Nodame ~Paris~ episode which actually seemed to recapture some of the feeling of the first Nodame series which was missing in J.C. Staff’s take on the Paris Chapter until now. Is it simply because the Saint-Malo chapters are simply easier to adapt, or has the butcher job that Kon Chiaki took to the earlier episodes been for the sake of fitting the later episodes in better? Whatever the case, this has definitely been the most enjoyable Nodame ~Paris~ episode to date, and one can only hope this standard can be kept up for the entirety of the Saint-Malo arc, the first within the Paris arc which brings the spotlight back on Nodame.

Nodame Cantabile ~Paris Chapter~, Episode 9.

Oh, how tactless, Chiaki. There’s rude, and then there’s just pure lack of courtesy. No wonder it took a weirdo like Nodame to withstand you for as long as she has. ^_^"

Hopes and Dreams! Hopes and Dreams!

I don’t know what’s going on here, but I approve. ^_^

Seeing as how I’ve been resigned to the fact that Kon Chiaki has been cutting material willy-nilly for the sake of fitting as much as possible within 11 episodes, I’m actually pleasantly surprised at how many jokes from the manga they’ve managed to fit into this episode; it’s even being done pretty much scene-for-scene from the manga pages. Low expectations make for easy pleasant surprises, I guess?

How do you spark off development for a character who has been unceremoniously described as being replacable with a block of wood, by one of the strictest-but-fair critics of anime-medium works I’ve ever known? You pair him off with the unlikeliest of partners and watch the hilarity ensue much to their detriment, of course. C’est glauque!

I see our intrepid conductor still hasn’t quite gotten over his phobia, has he? How embarassing. ^_^"


The Kuroki-Tanya dynamic, which is seen only beginning just here, is one of the few strong supporting-character dynamics within the Paris arc, as opposed to the many strong supporting-character dynamics in the Japan arc. Although Nodame Cantabile is rightfully about the main couple, and the Paris arc in particular focuses more strongly on them than the Japan arc did before, the decent supporting-character dynamics helps to complete the Nodame Cantabile experience, and it’s actually kind of a shame that the Paris supporting characters are for the most part, so weak compared to their Japan counterparts.

Frankly, I don’t see what Kuroki has to go orz about. Doesn’t he have a perfectly good K314 Oboe Concerto that he played soloist for in the R-S Orchestra?

Nodame still has the best line in this scene. Cosplayer~!

Featured Piece: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 18 in D Major, K. 576, Mvt 3: Allegretto

"Nothing too interesting here, surprisingly. This is generic Mozart, for sure. A charming little piece, yes, but nothing groundbreaking or revolutionary in this sonata.

The sonata is written a bit like a two-part invention. At times, the piece has a melody in both the right and left hand, but at other times, the left hand serves as accompaniment for the right hand." - Akira, The Nihon Review

"The two-part invention is also a form of counterpoint, simpler than the fugue; as the name suggests, it is "two-part," signaling the existence of two different melodies. Both can be heard during Mozart’s K576, they are quite distinct. The melodies flow together, weaving a piece of music together through the use of harmony, with neither melody overpowering the other. The first theme is still heard a bit more than the second theme, however, and is oft-repeated throughout the piece. All in all, a charming little piece of music with nothing new or spectacular to offer listeners." – Akira

Video: Mozart’s Piano Sonata no. 18 in D Major, K. 576, Mvt 3

For such a free spirit as Nodame, being told to conform to others’ expectations of how to play the piano must be particularly stressful for her. Sometimes, being too serious about one’s passions can cool the said passion down to a point where engaging in it becomes more of a chore than a pleasure. When that happens, who are the people who can keep on going?

However, despite the relatively reserved demeanour she has been displaying throughout her stay within the Saint-Malo chateau, maybe it’s still Chiaki who knows her best; and if he says she’s still enjoying life now, who are we to doubt the man who knows her best? In fact, we might very well soon see Nodame’s long pent-up reaction to being goaded to conformity, maybe even as soon as the recital which we will get to hear her perform soon. It shall be most interesting to see what she can come up with then.

Ascaloth in Tasmania, out.

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