Gantz + Bleach + Matrix + Hunter x Hunter = Psyren

Yup, after my last manga post, I went to check out some of the newer JUMP manga, namely Psyren and Toriko, to mixed results. Toriko started off interesting, in the fantasy One Piece mould, but turned to rubbish very quickly. It started off something like Monster Hunter, but halfway through became more like a bad Dragonball, make that a very bad Dragonball.

On the other hand, Psyren started off a tad slow but soon picked up. The story is about this guy who finds a phone call, which is essentially an invitation to play a "game". When the game starts, he (and soon some friends) has to make his way from the start point to the end point, across a desolate post-apocalpytic landscape full of monsters. This part is like Gantz, and many people die, which is unusual for a shounen manga. People who think Gantz is shounen need to get a reality check. Anyway, the guy soon discovers that people who play the game awaken latent powers of ESP, which can be trained in the 3 basic areas to become powerful unique skills. Wait, sounds like HUNTER X HUNTER’s NEN! Because it actually is. To make things a bit simpler, instead of the 6 basic areas HxH have, Psyren has 3 only. Like HxH, there are technical training chapters and some thought put into the fights.

It’s a bit like the Matrix because of a few elements, such as the use of phones as exit and entry points, a strong female character who introduces the males to the real world and how the characters use the power of belief to create super powers.

The characters discover that this terrible world, the eponymous Psyren, is actually the future of Japan. But there’s a whole lot of mystery, like why, how, when? So even during their days away from the game, in present time, they seek to uncover this mystery, which turns out to have its roots in modern Japan. Quite exciting and intriguing at this point, and it has quite good action, plus awesome super powers.

BUT, it’s not without its flaws. Psyren is a shounen after all, and I’m very sure under pressure from Jump, the author added some shitty characters which resemble the Shinigami from Bleach. As of the latest chapters, the faceless bad guys have revealed themselves to be some pretty-boys who wear costumes resembling Shinigami robes, or more similar to the Hollow’s white robes. I’m pretty sure there’ll be much fandom for these bad guys.

Overall, you really should check this series out, it’s one of the new and good Jump manga. Though I can’t remember any of the character names. The local publisher, CY, doesn’t carry it so you’ll have to read scans for now or something.

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  • Psyren sounds interesting enough, thanks for the tip on a new manga!

  • Psyren’s been go so far , too bad Shounen Jumps hate it and decided to cancel it (or so i heard). we’re still in the dark as to when it’s going to end , but recent chapters have had that ” it’s ending” feeling .
    At least this time it looks like they are letting the author make some sort of ending , instead of just cutting it like…Double arts D:

  • Huh Kurotsuki, is that right? That really sucks. But I don’t get it, I’m at chapter 52 and it’s nowhere near ending, is it? If it really were ending, then Jump really does suck, especially after that Mx0 fiasco.

  • … just finished reading up to like chap 51. Good stuff and I like how everything is slowly inter-connecting. Plus it doesn’t feel like x or y chapter was put in for no reason… yet lol.

  • Good stuff, nice recommendation, hope it doesn’t get cut.

  • The rumors of getting canceled was back in October/November that said it was gonna get axed in December.

    We’re past December and it’s still here ;)

    Don’t pay attention until there’s an official word that it’s gonna get canceled.

  • dam noobs psyren is the next generation manga -_- psyren will replace bleach when it ends..

  • well i think that it is done sort of because the website i go to read manga for bleach the 408th chapter and maybe have the last chapters of psyren then they may not have it the wbesite is called

  • when will hunter x hunter come back!

  • there are some bleach references in Psyren
    1. When Kabuto and Ageha were hiding from Dholaki, kabuto called him the “Visored” guy the alternate future on the disk Kabuto’s uncle recorded, the children got killed by what looked like SenbonZakura Kageyoshi (byakuya bankai)

    3. Dholaki looks like Nnoitra in Bleach, and both are 5th from the top of their organizations.
    4. Tavoo are basically like Hollows and instead of holes they have illumina

  • Awesome. I’ve now seen the sunshine. In fact, I am going to definitely have to wear my sunglasses now.

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