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Druaga 2: So Good You Wouldn’t Wish Ill Upon Gonzo

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Ignoring the retarded views of some other bloggers, Druaga was a good anime. It had good action, and was probably one of the best RPG-ish anime ever made, which is a testament to how difficult that genre is. Tales of the Abyss anime is probably one of the few which is as good.

Now, having seen the first episode of the sequel to Aegis of Uruk, the Sword of Uruk, I’m totally convinced it’ll be another fun season of job classes, epic RPG style battles and some romantic comedy. It’s great anime, that’s for sure. The only problem is GONZO’s dying as we speak, and I’m not sure the Sword of Uruk’ll be that much of a success as Strike Witches was.

The latter was terrible, but apparently has great sales. This really speaks volumes about otaku taste, doesn’t it? They buy the DVD just to see uncensored tits! Thankfully, GONZO sneaks in some censored nipples into Druaga as well, which should insure some sort of income for the series.

Popularity: 6% [?]

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7 Responses to “Druaga 2: So Good You Wouldn’t Wish Ill Upon Gonzo”  

  1. 1 Panther 59 comments

    Yes I just watched it and found in the opening moments one scene where they can uncensor it already for tits.

    Druaga so far has been good, I mean it is not that good, but still pretty good enough for me to watch and finish with its action, jokes and stuff. Plus the seiyuu are good too, and more Fatina is always good.

  2. 2 SnooSnoo

    Bewbs will always sell

  3. 3 SinsI 2 comments

    >They buy the DVD just to see uncensored tits!
    You wish.
    First season DVD’s WEREN’T uncensored!

  4. 4 hashi 30 comments

    This is so far from any genre I normally like it isn’t funny, but I did enjoy ep1. Seems like a well-made show, with openings for a hero’s journey plot and maybe even some significant emotions lurking in the characters. When I noticed the great cast (including Orikasa Fumiko, Hayamizu Risa, Yukana, and Yajima Akiko, among others) and the director and writer of FMP and Last Exile, I realized I should have taken the first series more seriously.

    I almost LOL’d when I noticed that bathing scene with steam clearly designed to be removed for the DVD. Hey, whatever works.

  5. 5 tj_han 1432 comments

    SinsI : That’s because people hadn’t discovered the marketing tactic yet. Mark my words, boobs will come.

    Hashi: I must say we’ve always had different tastes, the season 1 of Druaga was probably more action than comedy, despite what the first episode was about.

  6. 6 Kouji-kun 49 comments

    Wonder how you watched it though since Gonzo made the series “Not available in your region” on Crunchyroll =/

  7. 7 Tragic comedy 23 comments

    no pantsu will always sell.

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