Chrome Shelled Regios = Bad Fighting with Good Setting

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The fighting is really terrible. In the opening sequence, all appeared awesome. Giant bugs attacking a giant mobile futuristic city in a post-apocalyptic setting. People in terror appear to be on their way to kicking the bucket. Then the very next scene was so god-awful that I almost dropped the show - 3 people dressed in Fremen-garb riding motorbikes rush up to the monster and do some pew pew pew RPG-style moves. Ugh.

Then the scene cuts to what a seemingly peaceful school setting, but instead of classes, you have platoons. We learn that it’s a school divided into several courses, like a uni, and there are battle majors, normal and other fields of study. Platoon 17 has a man short and the leader Nina needs to find a replacement. Some fighting ensues, and the protagonist, Lei Fong or Rayphon or Lefong appears to save the day, even though he isn’t a battle major. The school is run by students, namely the one head guy with white hair who has the voice and demeanor of Jade from Tales of the Abyss. He transfers LF to the battle course.

The above-mentioned bug battle is concluded with some big-bangy RPG moves, and the bandages fall away to reveal that one of the bug-slayers was a young LF, and some scared dude in the city looks exactly like a young Jade-clone. So we can conclude that the bug sequence occurred in the past, and LF’s reluctance to be a soldier has some links to it.

The next episode is a CTF battle, similar to MxO’s capture the flag arc. I love war games. Despite the retarded fighting (which all RPGish anime other than Druaga are guilty of), this show has great potential to be at least a B quality anime. Do catch it!

Popularity: 8% [?]

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9 Responses to “Chrome Shelled Regios = Bad Fighting with Good Setting”  

  1. 1 Leefe 120 comments

    Plot sounds like something out of Final Fantasy. :/
    Well I quite like war games too, so I’ll probably find myself catching that :P

  2. 2 ikuru 8 comments

    ah, cynical as always. =p
    But i think that the fighting will fit main stream audience’s tastes just fine. =]

    oh, hi there. been a lurker here for a few years. Always enjoy your posts.

    one question, what’s an A quailty anime for you then, TJ?

  3. 3 tj_han 1442 comments

    Ikuru: I like fighting but you must realise that mainstream is stuff like Naruto and Bleach, which are NOT shown during otaku hours. The types of shows people who claim to love anime watch are generally made for otaku, and otaku only like fighting when the fighting involves panty girls.

    I have quite low anime standards, so am able to enjoy and rate as A,many anime series. Even something as light as Toradora is an A for me. I even rate Inazuma Eleven as a B ! Most Bones anime are A for me.

  4. 4 ikuru 8 comments

    ah sweet, thanks. question answered. =]

    So good fighting will be Strike Whitches? naha
    moar groin camera shots and panchira/munechira will increase the sales!

    I don’t i have really high standards either, but i’ve got little time to spare. XD
    i’ll look forward to more of your anime reviews.

  5. 5 tj_han 1442 comments

    WHAT , hell no. Good fighting is the likes of Hunter x Hunter, Darker than Black, Seirei no Moribito etc. Strike Witches is shit.

  6. 6 ikuru 8 comments

    i’ve not seen Hunter x Hunter and Seirei no Morbito. Agreed, Darker than Black is good, both fighting and entertainment value wise. =]
    noted. i’ll marathon them when i’ve got the time.

    Strike… i didn’t get get past episode one. Never develop a taste for lolis and extreme close up shots of loli groins.

  7. 7 Requiem 1 comment

    Awww man, I think that it’s a pretty good anime myself, and I hate war and violence, although I’m a man I’m more into harem/comedy/romantic shounen but I must say that Regios is a kick-ass anime, a very rare one where the creators focused on how to adapt RPG fighting to anime and it’s pretty well done on my behalf. I If you don’t have any critical sense and skip it because of tj_han’s arguments, I think that you’ll miss something, but it’s only my point of vue.

    Yeah yeah, sorry for my strange english, I’m french …

  8. 8 Iky 1 comment

    The raw quality is terrible, I don’t think I have seen such LQ anime for a very long time. that might have influence it

  9. 9 Adam 1 comment

    ok… i was just reading this and wow you are complaining about an anime. If you don’t like how they do the fighting then don’t watch fighting animes. There are plenty of love animes out there to. O and its not that lowqualtiy try 2 use torrents not video sites for watching anime if you like high quality i would suggest going to
    Aniem plz don’t do negative reviews saying the battles suck when there isn’t that many episodes out.

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