After 150 votes were placed, the most popular answer to "Do you collect anime figurines?" is "No." by a margin of just 1 vote, beating "Yes". 3 voters have not heard of anime figurines and I suspect they are lying.

So the conclusion is that half of the readers here collect figurines. That’s quite remarkable considering how niche the figurine market was until the rise of well-made and affordable PVC models. Now, in 1 out of every 2 homes, we have figurines!

I also take the results as a reassurance that my figure news and reviews features are not considered "off topic" in the realm of anime blogging.

And for the next question, "Did God, Buddha, Allah and Ukiya Shun get together to make Last Exile?"

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4 Responses to “Poll Results: Do You Collect Anime Figurines? and New Poll”  

  1. 1 kwok

    Dude Last Exile was disappointing. Claus is not Ukiya. The ony redemption it has is Range Murata’s magnificant presence to shower golden light upon a pile of unthinking frames.

  2. 2 T_T|||

    You know kwok… That’s good enough. The character designs make up for all the flaws. Plus there’s a freakin cute loli.

  3. 3 moetics

    Omg half… my retardness is not quite. TT

  4. 4 DrmChsr0

    No, it was Range Murata, Ginko, and those goddamned Knights of Haruhi. They got toghther and threatened to turn GONZO into a smoking crater if they did not make Last Exile.

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