Which Seiyuu Guest would YOU Want at 2009′s AFA?

Assuming there is a AFA 2009 of course. Hopefully this year it doesn’t fall near university exam dates like last year’s, which resulted in my inability to attend. I hear rumblings coming from AFA insider Darkmirage about how AFA 2009 might have yet another guest seiyuu star, and possibly his favourite Sakamoto Maaya, while another one of the local otakus who appear to wield great power for some unknown reason informed me that they are stamping their little feet for Mizuki Nana.

Wow, it seems just yesterday that this tiny island police state never got any visitors, and now everyone’s starting to pick and choose. But while we’re at it, tell us, which seiyuu guest would you really really wish to see at AFA 2009?

Personally Mizuki Nana doesn’t hold much appeal for me. She’s a decent seiyuu singer, with some looks and a lot of roles, but none of which have really interested me. She seems to be the darling of many a beastman otaku, alongside the likes of Chihara Minorin and Hirano Aya. I used to be into seiyuu as well, but recently, not that much, as there aren’t really many of them with the skills. There are certainly pretty ones but to say they are crappy would be an understatement. The likes of Hanazawa Kana and Sawashiro Miyuki are beautiful to listen to, but I’m not really interested in seeing their face to face of course, since I can hear all I want to from their shows, both anime and radio. I think for high-profile guests, Hirano Aya would be great even if all her roles are shit these days. A pretty face does wonders for the otaku crowd. Maybe then we’ll have 10 people kowtowing on stage.

As such, I find it really difficult to have to select a seiyuu I really wish to see in the flesh. I think I’ll probably go for the Nakata Jouji and Fukuyama Jun, particularly the former. How in the world can people have such a manly low voice?

As for other guests, it would be nice to get one of the soon-to-be-unemployed GONZO staff over and ask them fierce questions about why their company turned from legend to shit in less than 8 years. Someone needs to get Range Murata over as well, along with some of his merchandise.

So once again, who would you want to meet at AFA 09?

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  • Norio Wakamoto , a real manly voice.

  • I think you’re ahead of the game TJ. There are some great male seiyuu out there and why settle for one pretty face with a voice when you can go for more?

    And when you get that going you’ve got a bona fide American-style anime con with Asian sensibilities. Singapore is a great compromise in terms of cost-to-run, language barrier and accommodations.

    I saw Jouji Nakama last year. He’s a good guy. Make sure to also invite his friends, AFA. I hope you guys get someone to the show that will entice me to visit :)

  • Pretty boy seiyuus who voice roles in questionable drama cds of a questionable nature. That’s good for me.

    And yes. Maaya Sakamoto. What the world be without her? In particular, this poor soul’s.

  • I would say i’m fine with Seiyuus and Singers, but


    Yeah that’s what i’m hoping for =/

  • DANG i posted as bj0rn again. Wish he’d stop saving his user in my lappy.

  • Anon: I don’t actually find Norio’s voic emanly. He’s probably more weird than manly.

    Omo: Share the manlove, but I think there are severe problems with having anime conventions here as well. The US has its own pros and cons. Singapore has no problems infrastructure wise, but there just isn’t enough of a population to truly make it an epic-scaled one like those in Japan and the US.

    Mistayoh: I was wondering why Bjorn loves art so much now. I did mention Range Murata, but I think our dear government won’t be too pleased to bring in the porno artists when they can’t even handle artistic nude photos.

  • I’m definitely one of those beastman you mentioned, then.
    Mizuki Nana as headliner for AFA’09!

  • M. Bison. Chiyochichi. Johnny. GPS.

  • That lady who did that voice for the character in that series.

    Oh wait, I know nothing of seiyuus. As long as I’m taking photos, I’m pleased.

  • Nana-chan. I’m part of the horde that stamping our feet for her. But its unlikely that she would appear anyway. Barring that, JAM Project and Sakamoto Maaya would be awesome.

  • Anime Tenchou.

  • lolz….


  • m-flo!

    Oh shit, wrong.

  • Chihara Minori would be great.

  • Noto Mamiko and Nabatame Hitomi would be fine.

  • Mizuki Nana would be great… but it’ll be awesome if JAM Project comes :D

  • i want my minami kuribayashi… if she comes i would do something to shock her…. hehehe

  • F— it, bring in JAM Project! The rest of the names can go and die. :p ;p xp

  • @kokanaden: m-flo would be awesome nonetheless!


  • Maaya Sakamoto!~

    well, would like to see more illustrators and the likes being brought over. =]

    @Mistayoh: oh question, are you a student in this field?

  • Lol if hirano aya were to be the guest, get your guards ready oraganiser. 磕头might be mild then. Maybe she will get a scolding from her mum again. Haha

  • Mai Nakahara or Megumi Hayashibara. Would be great to bring a spokeperson or representative from Seiyuu talent agency to have a panel on how stuff works from recruiting to auditions.

  • Hirano Aya’s live isn’t as good as you think.

    And Norio Wakamoto… holy shit I’m getting VIP.

  • noto mamiko please.

  • May’N again, and this time not to have it during my book in. Oh and throw in Maaya Sakamoto for the Lion duet. Hur hur hur.


    or Miyano Mamoru.

    definitely would love for more seiyuus, granted May’n coming last year was hot as it was.

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