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No, Anime is NOT Creative.

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In response to a recent blog post I chanced across on animenano, I’ve felt compelled to respond with a post of my own. Saturnine says all the good blogs link to each other in posts, so I shall do some linking because that makes me a good blogger right?

The post I shall address is by some small kid who’s complaining that he did some anime thing for art class (art honours class lol, whatever that is) and the teacher said he couldn’t do that because anime was not creative. The small kid then got really angry online, like all small kids do, and his small kid friends all supported his claim that anime is WAY SUPER DUPER CREATIVE AND THE BEES’ KNEES, better than all the other art forms and so good Jesus wept hugging his body pillow of Nagisa.

Creativity was not defined, but I’m saying now that it probably means doing something that’s fresh, unique and not stolen from anywhere else that much.

For some reason, I can’t find this blog post anymore because I don’t remember who wrote it, what blog it was and animenano is really shit at searching. Wait, anime nano is real shit at everything, and I’ll finally be moving my ass and reading blogs via Google reader soon. Well, after I load up the URLs of the good blogs of course.

See, this is the problem with a population getting too large, each of whom has more or less equal access to being heard. You start to get bad blogging clogging up the aggregators, and it appears that I was slow in ceasing the use of these once-convenient platforms. Other bloggers who are of a certain standard have informed me that they have long abandoned RSS aggregator sites in favour of just plain old book marks or RSS readers. Anyway, back to the topic.

Ok, at this point, I found the blog by googling "anime is creative" and it appeared top of the list. Wow, does that mean she (I now know she’s a she) is the only one who thinks that?

Quoted, "If anime’s so uncreative, why are there thousands of series all about different characters, different stories, different [insert story element here]. If the style’s so uncreative, then why can I name piles of series that all have different ways of drawing the “anime style”? Why is it suddenly “not art” the minute you notice the eyes aren’t done realistically?"

By thousands of series all about different characters with different stories all being creative, she probably means the same 5 characters with 3 stories all repeated over and over again. And regarding the creative style, OMG HE MOVED THE EYES, or something, and it’s a whole new style. Or like, HE USES SOFT COLOURS!!!! Or like, THE EYES ARE BIGGER ON THAT ONE!! I once read the history of manga and anime, and while most of the details have been forgotten, the general style all came from a tiny group of people whose styles were then copied. While this also applies to most other forms of artistic expression, anime creators probably do it the worst since most anime really look the same, as compared to other cartoons, like western ones.

I take issue when people, whose literary diet consist of purely anime and manga, take offence at others who dare to say anime and manga are really generic formula-based pop works that reuse the same old designs, stories and character traits. Even the makers of Xam’d and Eureka seveN said in a recent interview said so. I’ve read over 1500 manga volumes and seen probably even more anime episodes, and I do like anime and manga, but that’s because I like things being the same! As my friends can attest to, I order the same food over and over again from the same stalls every day without fail, I listen to either anime music or the same old bands, and I do things the same way all the time. But still, I’m able to honestly say anime isn’t creative. Or at least, the vast majority of anime is really the same.

Is that bad? Not really, if the studios can gurantee income and the fans love it, there’s not much of a need to change the formula right? Just don’t sound like a retard and go around ranting about how anime is like sooo cool and underground and radical all the time.

If you still believe anime is creative, just take a look at some new shows starting this new season. I have conveniently listed and summarised them so that we can see how similar they are to each other and other shows.

Akikan - Harem, bishoujo fighting. Sort of like Sekirei and the other trashy fanservice shows. NOT creative, unless you think using the same formula just with different items is creative. Like next season if a show involving cameras who turn into bishojo named Nikon, Canon and Sony, fighting each other and loving the same guy, is creative.

Koukaku no Regios - Futuristic bug world, harem, bland guy with strong powers who had a past and refuses to show his powers. Creative? That’s like a mishmash of older shows. It’s ok entertainment.

Hetalia - This is unusual for anime, historical satirical humour. But see, Koreans hate it cos there’s not enough dog meat to eat in it or something.

White Album - Just making a live action drama into anime isn’t creative you know.

Rideback - As awesome as it is, Rideback still features cool transforming mecha with a genius pilot. Like almost all mecha shows. Still, the ballet motorcycle bot is something new.

Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo - Almost all female cast, the same character designs, and a similar story to the Mai universe, it’s even called Maihime 4 by the fansubbers.

One Outs - Sports, baseball, featuring a godmoded pitcher who doesn’t lose, like almost all sports series. Possibly creative for some due to the use of microtactics that go beyond just pitching the ball with great passion.

Munto - A shitty Escaflowne ripoff. Fuck you Kyoani.

Asu no Yoichi - A powerful guy gets a harem, who love him. Creative!!! WOOOO.

Druaga 2 - RPG-style adventure, with RPG-style job classes. Anime is creative.

Kurokami - I’ve seen at least 10 shows where some sort of power contract is formed between a guy and a girl. Even in this season, Akikan has a similar concept.

Birdy 2 - See above, Tsutomu has a contract with scantily-clad Birdy. But Birdy’s dead anyway lol. This show has intergalactic cops and aliens doing shit on Earth. Sounds new? Not really.

Maria 4 - Wow, yuri girls in a elegant high school! This HAS BEEN the formula for yuri shows since the dinosaurs ruled the world.

Major 5 - As above, unbeatable pitchers. But of course, I love this show.

Souja no Erin - Slice of life with a crisis in each episode, sounds like all the kids’ shows out there.

There you have it, not one stands out and I even mistakenly placed One Outs in there. The most creative in story and characters is probably Hetalia but that’s because it’s unusual for anime. Political caricature has been done to death everywhere else. The most creative visuals probably come from NOWHERE, none of the series above.

So, where’s the creativity again? Sure, you can always find stuff that pop up once in a while that’s really new and fresh, but these are mostly only new and fresh in the anime realm. An example is Death Note, everyone thought it was the most badass intelligent thing ever or something but that’s because they don’t actually read books with words in them.

The rest of her post goes about ranting at the failings of her art teacher, who does sound really useless. But while I’m in agreement over her stand that she should be allowed to do anime shit for her project, I’m disgusted by the fact that she thinks anime is actually creative. Truth is, the medium has been stuck in quite the rut in terms of freshness and groundbreaking designs.

Please name me shows that you’ve seen recently that you think are creative. I probably will have watched them before, but we can then discuss whether they are. But whether a show is creative or not, a good show is a good show.

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77 Responses to “No, Anime is NOT Creative.”  

  1. 1 omo 137 comments

    Just in defense of anano, it’s quite good for a RSS aggregator site even if those have somewhat fallen out of favor in the past year. I still use it (but only its feed, really) and I occasionally discover noteworthy content through it. So I will continue.

  2. 2 Edward 5 comments

    Ok tj_han, give me an example of a type of industry that is very creative.

  3. 3 random passerby 1 comment


    Japanese AV industry?

  4. 4 Kabitzin 94 comments


    Your search-fu is weak. Searching on the term “uncreative” brings this post up. However, animenano doesn’t seem to support wildcards in searching. I agree with omo, and I’d like to see animenano have an “ignore” function (so you can weed out individual feeds instead of building your own personal feed) and also have a faster approval cycle (as currently it can take over a month for a blog to get in).

    Being creative doesn’t mean you have to completely reinvent the wheel. Sometimes the smallest unique twist can make a big difference in execution. The standard “anime is a medium” applies here as well.

  5. 5 j1m0ne 6 comments

    C’mon don’t leave us hanging without finishing your final sentence! I’m dying to know the ending to ‘But whether a show is…..?’ Or is that a display of creativity…

    Oh, and Google Reader >>>> Anime Nano. As you say, too many lame kiddy-written posts these days.

  6. 6 Hinano 13 comments

    Anime probably isn’t creative, but I think her rant is more like anger at her ignorant teacher who thinks creativity only lies in drawing cubes and fruit or something.

    As far as stand alone, anime isn’t creative, but neither are repetitive drawings of flowers in vases. I think it’s more an issue with her retarded art teacher than anything else lol.

    Also, I stopped using anime nano a while ago. I look at it once in a while, but mostly use google reader now.

  7. 7 Kabitzin 94 comments

    Oh btw:

    “all the good blogs link to each other in posts, so I shall do some linking because that makes me a good blogger right?”

    This is completely incorrect from a logic standpoint, unless Owen meant it as an IFF statement.

  8. 8 Soshi 32 comments

    LOL I use netvibes to read all my feeds so it’s only good blogs (like gasp, yours!?) that are on the list. I should update my feed reader though.

    But seriously, kids these days. The kid would’ve probably gotten her parents to lodge a formal complaint, if she was in Singapore and being an annoying Singaporean kid. :\

    Anime/manga is as creative as other art forms get. Creative? Maybe. Original? Not so.

  9. 9 Owen S 144 comments

    Kabitzin is right, your statement would be parsed like this:

    so q
    because p

    Anyway, TJ you doofus, I said that I discovered new and good bloggers when other good (read: established) bloggers link them, so I don’t know what you’re smoking!

  10. 10 tj_han 1440 comments

    Ok fixed my last sentence. I guess I went off doing something else and posted the thing accidentally. Also, added the link cos I forgot to add it while writing.

    Anyway, I am now good blogger cos I linked eh? Or because I am good blogger I linked?

  11. 11 tragic comedy 46 comments

    I believe its rather creative (or tabloid style in your face outrageous concepts) when compared to the day to day stuff we see here…

  12. 12 DS 21 comments

    Dangos are very creative. I mean, who would have thought of bringing such a foodstuff to life? As a food-type person you should have an appreciation for this. Bringing carrots to life or cakes is one thing, but dangos?? Who could have thought of such a thing. The creativity of this concept is astounding!!!

  13. 13 Mycstea 42 comments

    Anime is creative? That’s shockingly new to me!

  14. 14 Edward2 3 comments

    I guess tj han can’t answer Edward’s question, which drives home the point.

  15. 15 Fhal 16 comments

    I agree with soshi. People often read Creativity as Originality. As said above also, anime is a medium, in wich for it to be called a medium it has to have certain parameters. Every medium has it’s own niche to appraise, and as so, will continue to bring them the same old formula, or else, it would become something that it’s NOT an anime. Take a holywood moie for example. If you get down to it, they all have the same elements, over and over again, with different characters, locations, etc. When you find something that’s new and original, and most important, is good, it will be copied in the future. But that didn’t take the originality of the first one away. Storytelling is hard nowadays for anyone. Especially being creative enough to come up with something original. That’s the key point I think. An anime cannot be creative or else it stops being ‘anime’. The same goes for every other type of medium.

    Most of the changes appears minimal from one show to another, but, if you get an really old show that you didn’t see yet, and compare it with a similar show airing now, you’ll see that a lot of little things has changed since the day the first one aired, but the central points remain the same. It’ll always be like that. That’s why there’s classifications. If it can’t be classified as anything previously presented, then it can be considered original (and consequently the writer was creative to come up with it), but if it’s good, will be copied again and create a new classification. Every media has it’s ones. Books can be classified, Romances, Novels, Video Games… Even sports can be classified (Athletics, Swim, Ball games, etc.). And if it can be classified, it can’t be original.

    Anyway my point is this type of medium, there’s no place for nothing really creative, that would mess the whole base of the medium itself around.We can only look for creativity in some minor details, like the ballet thing in RideBack, Card games in motorbikes (yu-gi-oh 5Ds - I hated that but, hey it’s creative), a Tsundere girl lead that isn’t ‘tsun’ around the guy he likes but rather for all the others around (MegaDere), etc. They’re all small pieces of creativity that the medium allows the writer to work with.

    Another thing to note is that even if the ‘creativity’ isn’t non-existant for a person used to anime, it doesn’t mean it will be for someone who is just now starting to see this. Old anime fans always will look for the new things in every show they watch, but the ones that are beggining to watch now will think that everything is original. That’s why there’s always gonna be shows like the old ones.

  16. 16 tj_han 1440 comments

    Oops, sorry Edward, I accidentally ignored you because I didn’t see your insignificant presence.

    Ok jokes aside, even if no industry is creative, that doesn’t mean anime is creative. And it does show that being uncreative is no barrier to being good.

  17. 17 SnooSnoo 172 comments

    How dare you insult my animu?! I shall gather legions of undead and ransack your home tonight. Haet haet haet.

    On the other hand, lol @ “Jesus wept hugging his body pillow of Nagisa”

  18. 18 Tiny Red Man 149 comments

    Personally, anime is only creative during pre-production stages (i.e: character designs, background designs, the details on the characters or backgrounds, how the mecha transform, the songs produced such as songs for Macross F). The end product, which is the one u see on screen, is quite the copy and paste thing.

  19. 19 The Sojourner 112 comments


    Hey man, you can’t say that if you want your blog to stay alive!

    Animu rocks. It reminds me that I am so full of win!

  20. 20 Sasaki 1 comment


    This is the only anime thats ever creative.

    In before “Haruhi is creative!!!”

  21. 21 LianYL 780 comments

    tjhan is creative. He shits out controversies like a sage.

  22. 22 macguy 1 comment

    The whole “source” of this debate (the teacher) was pointless to begin with. If most, if not all of the industry is unoriginal, then what would we expect in an art class? While we can criticize and be “disgusted” at the kid’s thinking, we can only predict that naiveness because they’re still getting to learn the world. So to be more fair, I think the teacher was making this more difficult than it should be. Heck, if the teacher never heard of anime (as could be the case in America), then it would come across as creative.

    Either way, I find that whatever a child would draw that the teacher finds creative, would probably have been done before. We can always find something uncreative in ANY story. For example, the theme of good and evil, humans, the earth, plants, life etc. Of course those are mundane but all stories would seem to necessitate those properties to “some” degree. I think your point that Rideback used Mecha, therefore it’s uncreative was a lil too dismissive. To me, the reasoning sounded like saying “If humans are in the story, then it’s uncreative”.

    But like you, I really have no problem watching the same type of artistic styles or story plots.

  23. 23 Mei 3 comments

    Art teachers will never accept animu into their curriculum, since it’s not a FINE ART (i.e. traditional mediums). It’s called Illustration, sum shit you can do when you’re in college, if the kid ever makes it in. But even then, most Illustration majors would look at you disgusted if you draw anime, ’cause that means you’re just a big weeaboo with unrealistic manga-ka dreams. Comic book artists don’t need to go to college anyway (or even finish high school, for that matter).

    Chinese realism beats out anime any day.

  24. 24 reika 6 comments

    hmmm…..KAIBA? It’s certainly…fresh, in the style if not the storyline.

  25. 25 reika 6 comments

    My apologies. Apparently kaiba’s already brought up.

    Anyway, with regards to this discussion…


    Just look at it, 99% of art is not creative, especially the stuff we label as ‘classical’ art. classical as opposed to modern art that is. I mean, for one period of time in history, all that was painted was mary jesus abait with wrong proportions.

    Art is about skill fame/impact/buzz a large dose of something imitated a tiny dose of something new. The very existence of art style/movement shows that art is largely an improvisation upon previous works, and rarely new creations.

    For art to be possible, you have to have some fertile ground that’s already knee deep in work done by predecessors, and it’s from there that new ‘creative’ art grow using the material of the old. Art does not come from nowhere anew.

    If you want to push it, ‘creative’ art is most of the time a revival of something so old most people forgot about it, or something so crazy the sane won’t have thought of it.

  26. 26 Edward 5 comments

    Who’s Edward2? o_0

    Anyway there’s a difference between whether the industry is creative or the product itself is.

    The industry is the reason why giant robots came out in the first place. The same industry, albeit many years later, is also responsible for what you see as repeats.

  27. 27 machan 9 comments

    Though I agree with this post, since most art is not creative anyway I can see why this blogger ranted about her art teacher. What the teacher should have said is that the technical level of difficulty is not high enough compared to the relative ease of conceptualizing the design. Some abstract art is great because it makes plain things artistic, and I suppose it’s harder to arrange squares prettily than to stick a person in an artwork, but anime is considerably easier to render than a lifelike drawing. Hm. Maybe that’s what the teacher meant by creative.

    Also I can’t think of a story quite like death note’s.

  28. 28 gonzomehum 5 comments

    Mmm… think you’re confusing “creativity” with “originality” here. Originality can be damned and be done with - original ideas have been rare since the days Babylon, and even Shakespeare was better known for creative satire than original works. Hell, original ideas, for the most part, are downright useless - old ideas have at least a history of trial and error to back them up, while new ideas are merely backed by their originator’s enthusiasm.

    I’d offer a counter-interpretation: creativity, unlike originality, has less to do with the idea than how the idea is presented. This is why Musashi Gundoh, though arguably original in its application of gun-fu in medieval Japan, can’t even be compared to Eve no Jikan, which was a brilliant and creative take on Asimov’s speculations on the effects advanced robotics would have on societal interaction - an old idea, but a persistently good one.

  29. 29 Miha 17 comments

    Pretty much every piece of art that isn’t a blatant ripoff of another is a “creative” piece of work. To bloggers who are out of touch with the medium and could for all I care go eat shit and die this isn’t as apparent, but actually creating an idea that can stand on its own is pretty fucking hard. That’s why entertainment industries have created production processes to ease the pain, but it doesn’t mean creating something out of nothing but desire to create gets any easier. With that in mind, I can’t imagine the whole industry churning out works only driven by self-preservation. In a state like that you really can’t produce anything noteworthy, but we’re still seeing noteworthy things even today. The pool for originality in all mediums is limited because we can stretch our intelligence and our sensoric abilities and the mediums we try to express ourselves with only so far. It’s truly the age we live in and events surrounding it that gives ancient ideas freshness that we find enjoyable.

  30. 30 raidragon 19 comments


    @tj_han:any response???

  31. 31 Victor 81 comments

    @ random passerby’s reply to Edward

    What’s so creative about AV, all of it is still about the same things… birds and bees period

  32. 32 IWICSYI 6 comments


    You said it yourself , those aren’t creative.

  33. 33 Lainforce 10 comments

    You like Last Exile, don’t you? lol

  34. 34 Shake 1 comment

    I watch quite a few animus and mangos myself. I agree.

    But..I’m having a hard time understanding…so, the drawings themselves aren’t creative, we now that much. The shading, style and such can be different, but the characters themselves can look like ones from other anime series (the sharp chin, the hair being somewhat spiked, the big eyes, noses, etc). I know that. With American cartoons, something like Chowder looks VAAAAAASSSSTLY different from something like Fosters.

    But when it comes to the story themselves, you can really say the same about anything. Halo, Gears of War, generic WWII shooter, it applies to video games and practically everything else as well. Comic Books have the same super power evil enemies formula as well.

    I mean, if thats the case, you can say it about anything. Of course, there will always be people that break the mold. If its only about the drawings themselves, I agree. There is more variety in American cartoons.

  35. 35 TheVampirate 1 comment

    well i am not surprised that you are getting hate mail for speaking the truth. there hasn’t really been many original or creative anime/manga in years but that’s not important. whats important is whether or not you get some enjoyment from it. i will admit that the only reason i read the Asu no Yoichi manga is the first chapter is like an exact copy of Love Hina.

    anyways, keep it up. you have a really good blog in a sea of really crappy one’s

  36. 36 Anonymous 1 comment

    “One Outs - Sports, baseball, featuring a godmoded pitcher who doesn’t lose, like almost all sports series. Possibly creative for some due to the use of microtactics that go beyond just pitching the ball with great passion.”
    10/10 would rage again.

  37. 37 Anon 1 comment

    “I take issue when people, whose literary diet consist of purely anime and manga”

    “I’ve read over 1500 manga volumes and seen probably even more anime episodes”


  38. 38 The Cat 1 comment

    I stoped liking anime a while back and I now only stick with the cream of the crop and in anime that isn’t just creative, it’s intelligent. Anime as an art style is very pleasing to look at with many diferent artist and many diferent styles of both art and story telling, it’s unfortianate that after a while all the stories of any one theme atart to run together. To say that any one style isn’t creative, though, seems so narrow minded, after all, to me most western comics look the same and seem uncreative in their story telling and art and so there for, again, I stick with the cream of the crop. Art style wise, western comics are rather dull, though, they’re not as pleasing to look at as eastern, they all look like the artists never studied anything outside of Andrew Loomis. Eastern art has influenced western now more than ever, thanks to the internet, and we see it in alot of cartoons. As for anime not been creative, well, anime and manga are subject to the same thing as all western media and that is commercialism, who is your target audience? Change this so that more people will like it, the more you sell, and so on. After reading Bokuman this seemed even more obvious. Ultimatly creativity won’t come from anyone country but rather from the individual or the team that is willing to be creative and smart enough to realize when they are just been another schmuck in the mix.

  39. 39 derp 1 comment

    I think Kaiji was plenty creative; it has a unique art style and atmosphere.

  40. 40 raidragon 19 comments

    the writer of this blog is a bit retarded…..

  41. 41 raidragon 19 comments

    i mean the creator is blog is NOT CREATIVE

  42. 42 someone 1 comment

    Yakitate Japan is creative!!! An anime about bread!?!?!?!?! What!?!?!

  43. 43 Joe Cool 1 comment

    Wow. Calling someone you don’t agree with retarded. That’s so… creative.

  44. 44 bkdude 2 comments

    I agree wholeheartedly with this article. Pretty much all anime follows the same artistic layout with a few different alterations in specific detail/style.

    However, I haven’t ever heard of any of the anime you listed other than death note. (which I never plan on watching) Currently as a rather new member to the anime fanbase, I’ve watched the following so far:

    (Next to anime, ratings on a 0-10 personal scale)

    Armitage (first series and second series. I never bothered with the movie)(6)
    Boogiepop Phantom(8)
    Fate-Stay Night(2)
    Gatekeepers Gatekeepers 21(8)
    Geneshaft(9-plot, 4-story)
    Grave of the Fireflies(8)
    Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure(9)
    Last Exile(8)
    Lucky Star(5)
    Rozen Maiden (only the first one so far…)(3)
    Serial Experiments: Lain(9)
    Spirited Away(7)
    Crest of the Stars/Banner of the Stars (all of them)(8-plot 6-story)

    So far, I would have to say much of this anime is unique when compared to the other ones, but like all anime, artistic style is very similar in all of them (with exceptions like Last Exile, Spirited Away, Armitage)

    I would have to say I prefer older anime from the 80s much greater than the more recent stuff.

    Here’s a list of what I’ve downloaded and plan on watching:

    Great Teacher Onizuka
    Goad Geass
    Everything from the old show on techtv “Anime Unleashed” not shown on previous list
    Cowboy Bebop
    Fist of the North Star
    Samurai Champloo
    Zero no Tsukaima
    Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
    Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann

    So… yeah… feel free to respond to what i had to say.

  45. 45 bkdude 2 comments


    In the previous comment, by “Plot” in my personal ratings, I meant “Setting” :p

  46. 46 raidragon 19 comments

    @bkdude:Goad geass???XD…i suggest you watch mononoke hime and yes…you miss quite a lot of good anime…..and 2 for Fate/stay night???i bet you don’t understand the story at all……….

    but seriously…about anime not creative……I CANNOT AGREE WITH THAT

  47. 47 Anon o.0 1 comment

    Apparently i’ve “macho”ed a little for not haeting this article. But most of it is because the anime now is super very duper shit (sorry for those who just started anime and think that Skip Beat is really good, and Akikan is super Awesome. Sorry again cause it’s just….sucks?).
    Watching anime for the first time will make any anime seems creative (yes, even Doraemon), and that view will change 4 years later when u’ve watched every bit of anime title u can get/dl/buy and become more/super picky. I think (and this is what i think!! so i dont care what u think!!) this is ur case now.

    But still… inserting Rideback in the list along with Kurokami , Major 5 , Asu no Yoichi is pushing it…
    Rideback has its bla bla bla, well, it has its own charm and a bit creative, no need to prolong the sentence.
    And i do think Maria Holic’s comedy is superb enough to ignore the plain theme they got in the anime. That’s all i need in my anime now. Superb Animation & Comedy.

    Oh, and btw, the H manga i dl-ed has finished. So i shall go and read it now. And yes, i got this blog’s link from desudesu or saha or ooak, i forgot.

    Just to kill time waiting the dl to finish.

  48. 48 smartz 1 comment

    I agree with you in the sense on how cliche a lot of the anime/manga plots seem to be, along with character design and behavior. However, one of the few examples that does not fit these molds is One Piece. The character designs are original, the plots are dramatic, and it even manages to keep a humorous air during scenes of tension. I know the author, Eiichiro Oda, has mentioned he admires Akira Toriyama (of Dragonball fame) and takes after him in consideration of his art, but I believe Oda is in a league of his own. Even though this is his first manga series, it has become something so epic and popular that it has almost the same level of fame of Dragonball, which was at the time very unique in its own light. I know, Dragonball was also based on the tale “Journey to the East,” but it snowballed into something more, as we all know.

    Anyways, I just wanted to know your opinion on something like One Piece.

  49. 49 tj_han 1440 comments

    Smartz: I look up to One Piece, it’s really good. The art style and details are amazing, and the sheer epic length of it pleases me too. The fighting is kiddy but it’s more the adventure that counts. One of the few good shounen.

  50. 50 G-Man 52 comments

    Anime isn’t creative….. But one anime that I find pretty neat is Natsume Yujincho… I’ve never come across an anime quite like it..

    I am G-man!

  51. 51 KYON 1 comment


  52. 52 That_one_girl 1 comment

    On a reply to this because maybe this will help people out. Right now I am trying for a degree in animation and I noticed a few people reporting that most people cannot stand anime fans and that most schools will not accept a person with anime in their portfolio because ‘anime sucks.’

    Actually there is a logical reason behind this that also supports the above post as well as the teacher that had spoke to the girl.

    When most people attend an honors art class they plan to do something will it. Most school want to see that you know how to draw…not just anime. They see that as weak and think that you can only do one thing. So why would a company want to hire you if you can only draw one style. To know how to distort a human figure you have to know realism first.

    Anime isn’t a bad thing to like. At my school there are tons of people that like anime and they draw other things because it EXPANDS knowledge. A person that only knows how to draw anime will only work in asia most likely and most of them get paid nothing.

    Research it a little.

    The teacher has a good point. When you enter an honors art class that does not mean that you can draw whatever you like. It means that you should know basic lighting skills as well as form and anatomy (this is for high school level). Honors means that you can put all those together and and place them into one piece that fills a page. Anime is something that most people do on the side.

    So yes, anime is a form of stuff…BUT!!!! for those who actually want to take drawing it farther and be an animator or whatnot then learn some other things. Draw everything and focus because if you are to lazy yo know anything else then you have no business being in an art class to begin with especially honors.

  53. 53 anon 1 comment

    Is Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex creative? Its the only anime i like.

  54. 54 Silencers 60 comments

    GITS:SAC isn’t creative as far as art style is concerned. Similar style characters, mecha, weapons etc. have been done before and there really isn’t much room for creativity when the aim behind the show is to portray realistic political drama in a futuristic setting.

    Story, isn’t really ‘creative’ too - if creativity means originality. SAC’s charm comes from its depth and attention to plot details. It’s a trait that you’d only normally find in court drama novels and criminal thrillers. Plot creativity is different from art creativity [as far as this topic is concerned].

    Kaiba, on the other hand, had really creative and surreal visuals. I have yet to see anything quite like it. Still, its story isn’t one that’s never been told before, the hero who lost his memory and journeys to find the truth - its been done in countless novels and several American productions. Perhaps the greatest work in this vein would be Memento [directed by Christopher Nolan].

  55. 55 TheWolrus 1 comment

    I agree with That_one_girl, Silencers We must take into consideration the difference betwen Art, Plot, Direction and Production, this post seems to blur them.

    To SilencersAny more anime series with good visuals?

  56. 56 zomgkiwi 1 comment

    your not looking at the bigger picture…there are many ways define creativevity in differnt peoples eyes. I say that anime is wonderful and very uniqe… when it comes to Death Note or dragon ball….and lets not forget Miuzaki the famus anime movie director….

  57. 57 icecaps 1 comment

    i agree with kabitzin…a simple twist will do for creativity.maybe your talking about originality? if we follow your idea of creativity then that means only those who invented stuff in ancient times would be creative…
    anyway all of these are OPINIONS…one may say anime is not creative…thats his/her opinion. i say anime is creative (and im a teacher-i teach photoshop by the way) but for me modern dance is not (especially the whore slutty type of dancing). see all opinions.

  58. 58 some CREATIVE ANIME FAN 1 comment


  59. 59 math4origami 2 comments

    1 to That_one_girl

    The key is that it was an *art* teacher doing the criticizing. Of what? The *art*, not the story, not the plot, not the characters, not the pacing, not whatever else about anime/manga you could compare. In this case, the art style for anime is pretty recycled and identifiable, at least for most shows. When “drawing manga,” most amateurs only consider superficial stylistic traits and do not work on aspects needed for a firm foundation in *art*, such as proportions, which is why most art teachers frown upon the anime/manga style. I think there’s a post somewhere about anime as a handicap or something.

  60. 60 yubisakimilktea(shiki) 1 comment

    original: something thats never been done

    creative: something thats never been done that way(more or less)

    a lot(most everyone) is mistaking creative for original, which (creativity, authors definition) hasn’t been done in the last 100 years if your making it such a wide strike zone
    the author of this article is looking for total originality, which is impossible. with his assault on the titles listed, i can use his same views to say that since the first human there has been nothing original, everyone since him/her lived and created and died just like they did b4 them, even if its different from him/her

    creative can be used to reference the person who came up with the under arm trow… trowing existed but through creativity they created underarm trow, not original but creative, trowing itself is the original less you want to nit-pick it as ripping off holding and releasing

    i have to agree with gonzomehum, which was more then i expected after reading most of these post, it seems he thought about it

    as a small scale references ill put up, “no anime other then the first is creative(authors definition) since its also anime”, but then i can say anime isn’t creative(authors definition) since its animated drawings, ill go on to say even if they came up with a new form of media it wont be anymore “creative”(authors definition), since it will still use the same story basics, plots, cliche
    unless its a direct copy it involves some bit of creativity to put it together, how much creativity it takes to make it creative vary’s though

    the author from anime is creative sounds like shes only using anime as a medium to vent her frustration(bugs me a lil), which she should separate. i’m not going to agree with her since it mostly sounds like her creativity “also” includes just looking at the “pretty” pictures… since art does more then look pretty(its more then drawing)….

  61. 61 Amutofan123 1 comment

    Are these uncreative:
    Shugo Chara
    Princess Tutu
    Skip Beat
    Lovely Complex
    Cardcaptor Sakura

  62. 62 scar66 1 comment

    i find you to be an egotistical brat. you seem to be implying that if we are huge anime fans that we never read WORDS and we have no cretivity. FOR YOUR INFORMATION, i have probably read TWICE as many novels as you, and i spend HOURS making original characters and plots with CREATIVE backstories. and you also obviously don’t have your facts straight. i’ll point out one of your many errrors. korea didn’t want hetalia to air because the was it portrayed their character was consedered ‘ofensive’ and a ‘worthy of a criminal offence’ even tough korea wasn’t even prtrayed in the anime. to close my argument, i would like to state that you are being just as much of a little girl by posting this blog.

  63. 63 Breanna 1 comment

    I am otaku, hear me roar! *rawr*

    No, but seriously, the reason I watch anime is because it IS creative. Anime is so different from anything found in the states. But, I suppose it’s a matter of opinion. I think anime is great. The art is beautiful—and not just the characters, the background art, too—and the plots, story-lines, and character personalities are usually top-notch.

  64. 64 Anime is NOT Creative 1 comment

    I officially love you.

  65. 65 Anonamous 2 comments

    Sounds like scar66 was butthurt…

    I like what Fhal said about creativity not being quite the same with originality.

  66. 66 Zwagon 1 comment

    Anime i’ve watched recently:


    well, looks like i can’t say anything in the defence that Anime is Creative.

  67. 67 Decapoe 2 comments

    Anime is creative because every artists does something distinct. Zaraki from Bleach differs from Vegita(some know him as Vegeta:P) though they both have Spikey hair and bloodlust. It is natural even in art that is a bit unoriginal to show creativity. How many superheroes can save a damned planet afterall, yet comic fanpeople will always argue that Spiderman or Green Lantern or Superman or …you get it, are the best at Superheroing. Aren’t they all the same, meaning that they aren’t creative? Only a fool would argue that because art is naturally creative, even that bowl of fruit I’ve seen a million times. Now, to say that anime is uncreative is has now been shown as an illogical generalization. Look at Roujin Z. How many shows featuring an old man wreaking havoc on a city with his nurse and a robotic care taker had you seen in the early 90s, much less now!? Anime is as creative as any other bowl of fruit, superheroe, dance choreography, action move, or really any other theme/genre that you can think of. Its called a genre for a reason you know.

    P.S. Art teachers are notoriously untalented and resentful of any art they don’t practice so if you are an art student who likes anime and you make it known expect to be a target of these lowlife dream-killers.

  68. 68 Decapoe 2 comments

    Anime is creative because every artists does something distinct. Zaraki from Bleach differs from Vegita(some know him as Vegeta:P) though they both have Spiky hair and bloodlust. It is natural even in art that is a bit unoriginal to show creativity. How many superheroes can save a damned planet after all, yet comic fan people will always argue that Spiderman or Green Lantern or Superman or …you get it, are the best at Superheroing. Aren’t they all the same, meaning that they aren’t creative? Only a fool would argue that because art is naturally creative, even that bowl of fruit I’ve seen a million times. Now, to say that anime is uncreative has been shown to be an illogical generalization. Look at Roujin Z. How many shows featuring an old man wreaking havoc on a city with his nurse and a robotic care taker had you seen in the early 90s, much less now!? Anime is as creative as any other bowl of fruit, superhero, dance choreography, action movie, or really any other theme/genre that you can think of. Its called a genre for a reason you know.
    P.S. Art teachers are notoriously untalented and resentful of any art they don’t practice so if you are an art student who likes anime and you make it known expect to be a target of these lowlife dream-killers.

  69. 69 gffggfgf 1 comment

    more creative than western animation

  70. 70 Kanna-Chan 1 comment

    You are obviously pretty stupid to say anime is uncreative. Each anime manga/anime artist has a very distinct style, you can usually automatically look at a character to know who drew it. Anime does not all look the same, not even close. The eyes of characters from Dragonball Z don’t look even remotely similar to the eyes of characters from Sailor Moon. But if you read DC and Marvel Comics, you’ll notice that almost all the characters look the same, they have NO originality, plus it’s hard to tell what they are feeling, all you have is the eyebrows and mouth to indicate happy, sad, angry, etc, while with anime characters, one look at their eyes and there is absolutely no doubt what they are feeling. And creative is more than just design, it’s storylines and such too. Yes, SOME anime reuse certain plots, but MOST American animation and comics reuse plots. They are blatantly cliche. The only American superhero that can be considered even remotely creative is Batman, and ONLY because he doesn’t have super powers. I think you don’t like anime because you are a white supremist who thinks entertainment from other races is not worthy of you. Anime is 100 times more creative than anything Americans can do.

  71. 71 That One Guy 1 comment

    Well, if you think about it, all art is creative, but you can also say style such of as abstract, Japanese art, scenery, or any art can be taken as not creative. Abstract can be taken as a mess or a bunch of blobs (I find them interesting to guess at) or saying Anime is a bunch of girls with puppy eyes and miniskirts (I get that all the time, sheesh!). It is like saying, “I’ve seen one flower, I have seen ‘em all”. The depth in art is unfathomable as all humans have different minds. I’m only defending the fact that art IS creative regardless if it is Abstract, Realism, Scenery, or Japanese Art.

  72. 72 Briguy 1 comment

    Oh wow what a steaming pile we’ve got here. First of all no, anime is not better than any other artform but yes, it is a creative medium just like any other form of art. You have no right whatsoever to say that anime is not creative, it takes effort and time to create just like any other form of art. If your going to say anime is not creative neither are cartoons or realism. Take it easy bro and don’t get your knickers in a total knot.

  73. 73 iiiShadeiii 2 comments

    It’s really sad how blind the world is. The bottom line is that it’s art, creative, imaginative. There has been legendary painters such as Leonardo and Michaelangelo that have done similar styles that’s used for anime today. It’s a style that’s evolved. Some anime styles may look repetitive but I can’t see the problem. So you’re actually gonna sit here and say that Death Note isn’t art? Pokemon is an art that is in a league of its own and has the fanbase and success to prove it. Street Fighter? The muscle style is the best I’ve seen in a while. Gundam Wing is also in a league of its own. C’mon, how isn’t it art? It’s creation. People who do this is doing nothing more than discrimminating creation and basically spitting on the creations of past-known artists with different styles and diversities. Check out my site. I have many people that agree with me. Artbreak is a totally different site than DA as you will see once you entered it. My anime style has got attention from many.

    My DA page has the same user name if you care to check it out also.

  74. 74 iiiShadeiii 2 comments

    For all and any anti-anime believers, go to Google, Yahoo or whatever engine you search from, and look up the Pablo Picasso Painting. It has anime written all over it in some ways. And you’re gonna sit here and tell me that picture isn’t great? The lines, are anime-like. The eyes are most definately discrimminated against. Oh and what else..hmm…the so-called, “Lack of Detail” can be argued in here also right? The only thing different is that it was painted. If it was drawn it would’ve still been just as hard to knock out those dumb, “handicapped” accusations also.

  75. 75 Stitchigo 1 comment

    In my opinion.Tj_han is just some poor fella who lost all creative spirit and ambition when daddy touched him the wrong way. That girl is right on every level. Anime inspires creativity and if fun. Without Anime..this world would be an extremely boring place mostly because we’d all be showing the same sketched drawing of Objects, Foods, People. But anime brings out creativity because its fun and you can’t be creative without having fun! Sure, its now become an everyday mainstream art style which is getting annoying but it way more creative than other style out their. Also, just to annoy Tj, Anime is so TOTALLY the most creative thing ever invented!!! I can name a handful of animes that are creative, fresh, new etc etc yadda yadda(other bs proof Tj wants.)

  76. 76 Chris 1 comment

    Alot of anime is extremely generic, but there are some unbelievable mind-blowing examples of Japanese manga/anime out there if you search.

    Ichi the Killer was amazing. A Beauty Labyrinth of Razors mind-bending, as was This is The ART!

    Ranma 1/2 is incredibly creative.

    Akira. Nausicaa…

    Stay away from mecha and you’re safe!

  1. 1 GONZO + CR + FUNI = BFF @ Period Blog

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