WTF, Asu no Yoichi Turns Out to be a Great Show.

Contrary to what the whole solar system thought, Asu no Yoichi actually is a great show. Everyone thought it’ll be generic harem with lots of fanservice. But strangely, it’s generic harem with lots of fanservice, yet there’s something about the show that makes it really enjoyable. That something has blonde hair, a flat chest, a tsundere attitude and sounds like a teenage version of Nagi from Kannagi.

Yup, it’s the middle-child-syndrome kid, Ayame! I haven’t used a screen cap in like a year, and she fully deserves it.

Here, she’s in the middle of getting stripped in public by evil doers.

Basically, the show is about this anachronistic samurai, the eponymous Yoichi, who comes down from the mountains to learn about the real world. He lives with 4 sisters who are from the same sword school. Our delicious Ayame is the 2nd eldest, and is the only one with a flat chest while the others, even the primary school loli, voiced by yet another awesome seiyuu, Hanazawa Kana, have full boobs.

The fanservice is really good, which is part of the show’s attraction. See, good fanservice requires 3 main elements to prevent us viewers from getting bored. The first is to have good art and animation, who wants to see ugly boobs and girls right? The 2nd is to have lovable girls, and not generic or insane shit that nobody wants to see naked. I mean, would you go into a mental hospital and look at the ill people bathing? If you would, you must be from 2ch or 4chan. Or That Anime Blog. The eldest sister has the biggest and most delicious boobs, but she isn’t that interesting a character. The funny thing about 2D girls is that giant boobs are so common that nobody really gives a shit. Now I’m really really a boob person and I like the large natural ones as much as I love anime, but in anime, these are just too common and cause what I term, boob fatigue. Anime boobies are best small-sized, strangely enough, which is why Ayame’s constant whining about her flat tits are awesome. The 3rd and final element is that the fanservice must come from situations that won’t make you roll your eyes and scream "WTF, Lovehina had that scene 32151 times!" or something. Originality perhaps, but I’m sure otaku love a good molestation scene.

See that screencap above? Poor Ayame is captured by baddies who want to defeat one of the side characters. They proceed to strip her clothes off in public and beat the guy up. That’s great fanservice! The stripping is mild enough to not make the show crass like a hentai series, but still titillating.

There’s also a lot of the awesome anime MSG, which is blushing. Blushing makes a show romantic surely.

The main character is lame though, but who cares, he’s sort of like a Azuma Kazuma style hero who never loses. Except he gets beaten up by the girls for no reason unlike the manly baker Azuma, who slyly slips on a wedding ring on Tsukino’s finger. Go, Azuma.

Do catch this show if you’re into hot girls who look 1000x better than Nagi and sound like tsundere versions of her! The seiyuu, Tomatsu Haruka is only 18 years old.

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  • everytime I watch this show and some boobs come up all I hear is “YEA TITS DAYMN!” :lol:

  • How can it be a good show if it is not deep or creative?!

  • But Kazibin, it’s truly creative to have hot girls in half-naked situations!!!!

  • “Everyone thought it’ll be generic harem with lots of fanservice. But strangely, it’s generic harem with lots of fanservice,”

    exactly thats why i hate this show; i really expetcted some proper romance but what I get is episodic harem crap … how can this show be great ? I’ve had too much of them !! At least build a relationship between samurai and ibuki-dono, then the comedy will also maybe comparable to good shows such as Zero no Tsukaima

  • Wtf, Zero no Tsukaima is a good show? Now that’s news to me. The biggest problem with it was the lousy fanservice and the shitty deus ex machina that always appears near the end of each season. Oh and Louise is a fucktard.

    At least Asu no Yoichi has hot girls.

  • I do have to agree that Ayame is the sole redeeming content for this anime.

  • Visually it’s great, and the seiyuu cast is also good. Too bad is just another harem/fanservice anime, with no story whatsoever. And if they gonna keep with the manga, I doubt it’ll have a half-redeming ending.

    Anyway, I just watch it to kill time, and if it is with something that don’t hurt my ears and eyes, then great. It’s just a matter of turn off the brain and get past by. No real reason to get too deep in this.

  • I think you’re actually onto something here. The thing that makes this show a little bit more than a generic harem fanservice show is the sort of “unsung hero” secondary leads who get all the real character development: Ayame, who you mentioned, and Wa-san. You could probably make a fairly convincing argument that they’re the show’s real lead characters, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first. As much as you have Yoichi x Ibuki stuff going on, along with the rest of the characters, that stuff is mostly static. This show is actually about the “number two” characters, and that’s kind of unusual. So, anyway, it may not be much to people who feel they’ve seen a million shows like this, but at least there is something interesting going on here.

  • Unless this post is sarcasm, I think tj’s tastes are changing. He used to be “another generic harem shit” and “where’s my manly GAR show”

  • Not really, I’ve always enjoyed the occasional harem fanservice for laughs and fun. My anime tastes are pretty broad.

    Relentless: I haven’t read the manga, but perhaps it’s still early in the series, that’s why. There’s still the supposed main plot of the masked man, so I suspect Yoichi’s going to get his turn in the spotlight. Wassan is cool though. Ibuki and Yoichi are just cardboard cutouts…

  • Haha what a hypocrite.


  • Flat-chested tsunderes mark the peak of fanservice creativity! Everytime I start growing tired of this show, Ayame gets some screen time to bring me back. Otherwise I find the YoichiXIbuki match fatally boring.

  • I tastes for this show go like this.

    1. Ayame – How could she not be #1
    2. Chihaya – Megane boobs and manga drawing…and green hair vaguely resembling C.C.
    3. Wa-san – Kazuya Nakai…I am GAR for Washizu.


    Hanazawa Kana’s character might be more interesting if she were fleshed out but right now she just seems to be like a copy of Hanazawa’s character in Sekirei, Kusano. She does cute stuff in the background and makes noise.

    Tsubasa and her handler are crawling up the ranks and might make it to a #4 slot.

  • i watch this anime for KAGOME!!! Not much attention given to her for now, or at least till where I stopped.. need to continue watching during my block leave… Need More KAGOME!!!!!!!!

    hmm. I prefer small boob girls in real life, cos they always have the best waist.. Big boobs aren’t my type.. but it’s the other way round in anime.. =D

  • Tiny: Someday when you get real girls, you’ll learn that true boob size is actually measured by absolute boob size divided by waist size. In other words, a fat girl with large tits is still shit, a thin girl with medium tits is awesome.

  • And just because a girl is thin doesn’t mean she has a sexy waist or taut tummy. Most of them don’t.

  • I’d watch this if someone makes a version cutting out most of the scenes with Yoichi in it.
    I’ve had it with series featuring awkward young men pointedly NOT having sex with a selection of eager young women. And the number of times I just wanted to hand someone the BFG9000 to shoot Yoichi dead whilst I was reading the manga is just too much.
    With Generic Samurai Shonen Lead out of this the series would have mind crushing levels of lesbian/incest overtones and it would be awesome.

  • lord_jagganath

    I’d say… don’t put too much crass shit on Yoichi… he still has the draw of the pants…. ahhaha He still is the main character, afterall, to have character development, he must first fail at some point eh? besides, Ibuki isn’t as @d as made out to be and Ayame is still the best in the show… expect more episodes to flesh-out the two mains right up to episode 26…

  • I still do like this anime series. Yeah the fanservice for this is somewhat upsetting. I do hate the fact that they have Yoichi be perverted a lot. For the storyline, it is still a bit disappointing, for the fact that there really isn’t a realy point to it. I find it funny at times. At least this anime series fanservice isn’t as bad as a lot of other anime series that have anime girls lookin hot with big boobs, that show a lot of skin. Even though it shows perverted parts, it’s still not that bad. A lot of you guys are comparing this series to only a few other series, but if you take a look at the whole bunch, the fanservice for Asu no Yoichi is a lot less than theres.

    I would love to see a Season 2 of Asu no Yoichi. I would prefer Yoichi to like Ayame instead of Ibuki, but they’re both still good.

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  • Despite what most of you are saying i found this anime good,yes the main char coulda been better and ayame and wa should have been the main set and i loved Chihaya and her he he’s.over all id recommend it but its not some top natch anime but still good i’d say 6-7.5/10

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