To all morally-upright human beings out there:

It is time we stood up against the dirty plague of evil that’s tainting our children’s minds. Anime, or better known as Cartoons by Satan Worshippers, is the number 1 cause of juvenile violence, malnutrition, vice and other social ills. It has been reported that 67 percent of teenagers in our once-great Land of the Free, the AMERICA, have watched anime, and a startling revelation shows that these 67% all have been corrupted.

While all anime are evil, some are more evil than others. Watch out for these shows especially, if not your child will be doomed forever.

This show is all about instigating violence and child soldiers. "Naruto" is the story of how child soldiers are trained and used by warlords, brainwashed into blood-thirsty killers who have no hesitation in killing and mutilating other children. The children are praised upon successful killings and they are even taught to perform bloody rituals to summon demonic beasts, the spawn of Satan. The characters frequently draw evil diagrams with blood for this purpose.

Children as young as 12 are brutally trained in military skills and made to fight. The creators of this anime must have been behind the civil wars involving the same child soldiers in Sierra Leone and this is their way to influence our innocent children into destroying our peace and liberty!!!

Michael Vick was an evil immoral wicked person for his cruelty to animals. So how can we let the Pokemons be legal in this great country? Pokemon is nothing more than glorified animal fighting, and is barbaric to the greatest degree. It’s the equivalent of cock fighting, dog fighting, slave battles and is totally inhumane. Are we teaching our children that it is ok to catch wild animals from the wild, lock them up in tiny cages shaped like balls, where they do not get food or their faeces cleaned, and then released with a leash to fight other wild animals or those owned by fellow cruel humans? Is it moral to have a captured porcupine stab a house cat to death? Is it God’s will to have electric eel slaughter cute foxes?

Pokemon is sheer animal cruelty, the animal murder simulators!!!! Also, the Pokemon "evolve". Everyone knows evolution is fake and only God decides which animals to transform or appear. Think of the CHILDREN! They should not be learning about fake facts that the evil scientists are tricking them into, I bet it’s the scientists who invented this Pokemon.

One Piece
One Piece is about a boy who meets pirates, who corrupt him into believing that it is right to plunder innocent people’s properties and lives. He then goes on a journey to cause destruction and death worldwide. Pirates are bloodthirsty, greedy and vile murderers who prowl the sea for innocent victims. This, "One Piece", glorifies that and actively encourages our children to migrate to Somalia and board tanker and cargo ships and slaughter their crew for treasure!! This needs to be banned right now. One Piece also has scenes of animal cruelty, where the characters beat up animals and eat them. This is really cruel and should not be allowed to happen. Us Americans are animal lovers and only eat the meat bought from supermarkets, which do not involve any killing at all. Think of the children!! This One Piece must be all about trying to corrupt our young into leaving home, leaving our great nation, which is full of DEMOCRATIC CONSENSUS PROCESS, to go to other countries which are all 3rd world.

Negima is about a young satanic sorcerer who seduces slutty under-aged girls into having intercourse with him. Teacher-student relationships are the worst crime ever, and these amoral characters flaunt their under-aged naked bodies around to seduce our reader children. Paedophilia-inducing material like this ought to be burnt! There is also lots of witchcraft practised in this show, and everyone knows witchcraft is Satan worship. Unbelievable, how these yellow humans can defile us with their pornographic cartoons which show underaged girls naked and seducing their teacher. This would never happen in the America!! No teacher would ever touch his/her student. There is no sex in the America, all our nice children practise abstinence until marriage.

See? Anime is corrupt, evil and should be banned and burnt. How can our government allow these vile objects to sully our great nation’s future? It’s time we exercise our rights as citizens and bear arms!!


  • The thingie otaku

    this just made me wanna watch anime….huh…well then dipshit…This doesn’t even help you get people to stop. As a christian…I want to watch anime…then I shall beat some one with my wooden katana JUST FOR YOU. <3

  • Your article is disgusting. Not because you’ve got the plot’s wrong and are being biased. But because it reeks of hate and not to mention racism! and did i mention naivety?? You mean to say that meat not acquired from a supermarket are inhumane? how do you think you get meat?? they are killed! they are shot or plucked alive! Not every country has a supermarket.

    STOP using God’s name esp. when your article is shouting that it’s author is an ignorant, hypocritical, self proclaimed righteous anime noob who likes to run his/her mouth cuz he/she doesn’t know any better! The reason why a lot of people ridicule christians is because of people who makes wrong impressions about christianity!

    You’re making all these accusations about anime which i highly doubt you watch enough to know. what do you think about disney huh? wasn’t ariel just being a disobedient spoiled brat?

  • You are right man this is bad for kids,a mind of child should be with peace not with war cause thats where the revolution begins,anyways have you ever seen ignious drawning at youtube thats how they create anime and hypnotize kids (sorry for the bad english )


    • Anime is the cause of war?
      oh please
      Selfishness is.
      Now tell me, horror movies doesn’t pollute children’s minds? with all the killing and blood it contains? with those creepy masks they are wearing?

  • Girl of the dead

    Really? Im 14 and anime is all I watch. I do want to kill people but thas not because of the anime. I am just not right in the head. But im not the only one not right in the head you my friend are not. You think anime is evil. Have you ever thought that people choose to be the way they are? To be honest i like thinking about peoples guts all over the walls. I love thinking about killing but thays the way i choose to be. And not all anime is like that. The kind i wont watch is the love stories and things like that. And when you are listing what the anime is about please list it how it is supposed to be. Dont turn it in to some astronomical meaning

  • ok 1.those anime you mention are not for children and or under 13 year olds none have i read ! 2. dont use gods name in vain how do you know what he wants there are different types of anime and half of them all have lessons lots of children dont judge it by just three animes have you read shoujo or fantasy i draw anime and i dont draw nothin evil and god is a great father for you to speak so easily anyways if god knew they were evil wouldnt you think god would have done something !!! yesh he gave us a brain and parents to tell from right to wrong!!!!

  • Jeez learn to recognize satire guys. Just calm your tits, this article isn’t serious.

  • You know most anime’s are’nt ment for kids right?! If you think these are bad think again what about cod or saw etc. Oh and if you think thoses are bad do yourself a favour and don’t watch higurashi or elfen lied.


  • dude…anime’s evil? tell me why americans are known for their bad habits?and please don’t use God’s name in vain.
    don’t say it’s satanic…the way you see it reflects yourself, we see it as a child friendly show,it does keep away our mind from problems in reality.And please tell me how cartoons like simpsons show good moral.

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