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[LianYL] Cartoons From Before

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You know how some guys always claim that the past is always better than present? That’s bull. Proof is that every single generation says that. Nostalgia will make whatever stuff from your childhood memory appear to be awesomely good. If every single generation is worse than before, the stone age is nirvana. We can only state that products of each generation evolve and people become more forgiving to their past version of evolution.

This was something I was pondering and I thought I should post an article on what cartoons I actually enjoyed during my younger days. Being at the age of 23 (OH NO JIM CARREY), I think I can qualify to have fancy nostalgia once in a while. I won’t claim the list below is the best list of cartoons from before, but the listed works surely entertained me when I was really bored back then.

Not in any particular preference or order:

1.Swat Katz
Back when I was a kid, I thought car mechanics who’d turn into crime fighting cats at night is a very cool concept. We all know it’s retarded anyway. However, this was one of my favourites back then. I’d rush home just to watch this on the kids channel.

Other than having a kickass opening theme, this was like THE cartoon to watch back then. I’ve included the Russian version of the opening because it’s sounds really freakin’ funny.

3. Inspector Gadget
I was a Doraemon fan. Yeah.

4. Alvin and the Chipmunks
I loved this so much I sort of, forced my parents into buying me the video tape sets. Most memorable episode was the Berlin Wall story. I teared watching that episode. This was like Beck to me.

5. Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers
Anyone who doesn’t know this deserves to die. I played the Nintendo game so much the cart exploded. Oh and I loved the female chipmunk(or mouse/rat whatever) to bits. Back then.

6. Animaniacs
Paniponi Dash! fans will love this totally. I’m one. The Pink and The Brain side stories were so popular my schoolmates all sang the song everyday.

7. Wildcats
Badass intro theme aside, this provided me entertainment when I didn’t have my fix of X-Men. Oh yeah…

8. X-Men

9. GI Joe
This cartoon produced lots of US nationalists in Singapore back then.

10. Johnny Quest
Wow! CG! In the opening sequence! Watch! Was quite boring actually.

11. Conan the Adventurer
The opening theme repeated the background story so much that I don’t remember anything from the cartoon now other than Conan’s petrified parents.

12. Reboot
Megabyte is one of my favourite villains ever. He was so badassly bad, he was funny.

13. Beast Wars
Wasn’t really a transformers fan, but this happened to air right after every Reboot episode. So I watched.

14. Starship Troopers
My first space war cartoon. Would skip my lunch to watch this.

There are still lots of cartoons I watched way back then, but I can’t really remember now. But yeah, these were the main ones which kept me company throughout my childhood and teenage years. Before anime became my main staple animation food. So what were yours?

Popularity: 8% [?]

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33 Responses to “[LianYL] Cartoons From Before”  

  1. 1 primeparadigm 19 comments

    My list would be pretty similar. I think people of the same generation tend to watch the same things, after all these were the shows that we would discuss over recess or after school back in the day. I am more of a Transformers guy, so tended to follow Transformers and Beast Wars rather religiously. Good times, Good times.

    I recently had the opportunity to rewatch some Pinky and the Brain, and I was surprised to find that the show (along with alot of the other Steven Spielberg presents shows like Animaniacs and Freakazoid) was alot funnier than I remember. Alot of the jokes were pretty clever, though like most satire somewhat dated. As a kid, I probably just laughed at the slapstick. Batman:TAS has also held up pretty well.

  2. 2 SnooSnoo 172 comments

    “Tom & Jerry”

  3. 3 LianYL 778 comments

    Ah yes the Batman series. Not on my primetime list but watched enough to know the penguin’s retard.

    Holy, I totally missed out that one. Along with roadrunner, bugs bunny, whatever ACME thing they had. The list goes on.

  4. 4 Loba 86 comments

    I watched almost everything of what you watched as well.

    Superman Animated, Batman animated, Batman of the future and spiderman animated were my stables as well. For these, you have to agree that that oldie is good. Look at kiddish batman and spiderman now!!

  5. 5 Eryan 1 comment

    Centurians, Mask, TMNT, Transformers, Thundercat just to name a few just name a few.

  6. 6 Rakugakid 32 comments

    I only remember a couple, such as Popeye and Dexter’s Lab

  7. 7 Stifler 103 comments

    What, no Captain Planet?

    TMNT, Transformers, both Beast Wars, Reboot, X-Men, and yeah, pretty much what you said. Minus Johnny Quest. I never did like that.

  8. 8 Kesenaitsumi 20 comments

    only starship trooper, chip and dales rescue ranger, Inspector gadget, and x-men is the cartoon I watched at the old times….

  9. 9 LianYL 778 comments

    With all your reminders combined, I am Captain NoLife.

  10. 10 Helix 71 comments

    I remember saturday morning cartoons would run from 9 all the way until noon. And sundays at 9am had Spiderman followed by Fantastic Four. Some great cartoons that haven’t been mentioned yet: The Underdog Show, Tail Spin, Darkwing Duck.

  11. 11 tj_han 1439 comments

    NOOBS. Where are GHOST BUSTERS, TOXIC CRUSADERS, Johnny Bravo?? King ARTHUR and his knights of the round with super armour, Conan the adventurer, You’re Under Arrest, Last Exile, Gatekeepers.

  12. 12 pedotard666 9 comments

    Whoah, I can sign to 10 of these 14. While they naturally seemed cool at the time, none of these shows can compare to the overwhelming shock of pure AWESOMENESS caused by 2 episodes of Robotech I happened to see on Scifi-channel. That was way more than a feeble child’s mind could handle.

  13. 13 Anonymous 21 comments

    Hey, how come The Real Ghostbusters isn’t on that list?

    Also, Thundercats! HOOOOOOOO!!!

    Swat Kats turned some people I know into furries. I was more hung up on how they fit that many missiles into that goddamn jet.

  14. 14 MrMayat 50 comments

    To add to the mix from the top of my head,

    Visionaries, Star Command, Saber Rider, Lonestar

  15. 15 tj_han 1439 comments

    Anyone remember the Dinosaur cartoon where us advanced humans landed on dino planet and proceeded to ride them and put guns on them?

  16. 16 Exiled_Gundam 23 comments

    Dino rider?

  17. 17 Zeroblade 163 comments

    Holy shit, I watched like, 2/3rds of those shows way back when I was a kid too. Swat Kats and Jonny Quest pffffff

  18. 18 The Sojourner 112 comments

    Biker Mice From Mars….. Biker Mice From Mars….

  19. 19 one 135 comments

    Nostalgia for me:

    (1) Gatchaman - 旋風小飛俠 (dubbed in Mandarin)
    (2) SDF Macross - 太空堡壘 (dubbed in Mandarin)
    (3) Grandizer (dubbed in Mandarin - 無敵太空船
    (4) He-man and the Masters of the Universe (the sorceress is hawt. so is teela. prince adam is gay)
    (5) She-Ra and the Princess of Power (she fought the Hordaks - they were supposed to be He-man’s other enemy)
    (6) Care Bears
    (7) Smurfs (Smurfette must have been the kampong bicycle)
    (8) GI Joe
    (9) Transformers
    (10) Silverhawks
    (11) Thundercats
    (12) Ghostbusters (Filmation)
    (13) The Real Ghostbusters
    (14) The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
    (15) Thunderbirds 2086
    (16) Bionic Six
    (17) MASK
    (18) Centurions
    (19) Muppet Babies
    (20) Super Friends

    I think I had a happy childhood.

  20. 20 Silencers 60 comments

    Lian, you fail for not including Thundercats and He-Man in your list. I shall now brood in hate.

  21. 21 welsper84 32 comments

    Am I the only one who enjoyed GhostBusters?

  22. 22 raidragon 18 comments

    no Tom and Jerry,or Tiger Biker Mice, or Street Fighter????

  23. 23 Hinano 13 comments

    LOL this sounds like my watchlist back in the 90s :lol:

  24. 24 Helix 71 comments

    King ARTHUR and his knights of the round with super armour
    Is that the one where they were a football team on a bus or something then they suddenly got transported back in time.

  25. 25 SnooSnoo 172 comments

    “Dora the Explorer”

  26. 26 Tiny Red Man 149 comments

    Captain Planet, Power Rangers, Superman, Batman, and the lists that u listed above.. And Oh!! Me love Blue’s Clues. And sesame street!! and and… lots lots more.. lol

    @SnooSnoo: LOL

  27. 27 Stifler 103 comments

    Oh right, Ghostbusters. How could we have forgotten Ghostbusters? Also, Miker Mice from Mars.

  28. 28 anon 3 comments

    My favourites are Batman, Spiderman, Mr. Ajikko (thanks to that I can cook now) and Zettai Muteki Raijin-oh (classrooms that are control rooms for mecha are just perfect for education aren’t they?)

  29. 29 Hynavian 28 comments

    Ah the sweet old times, no Care Bears? Other than the above, I remember being a big fan of “Arthur”. It’s sweet with a distinctive OP. (:

  30. 30 Loba 86 comments

    Channel 12 used to be good…what happened?

  31. 31 tragic comedy 46 comments

    my fave back then is still swat kats. Furry FTW!

  32. 32 Tsubaki 518 comments

    Where’s Captain Planet?

  33. 33 Victor 81 comments

    tj refering to dinotopia?

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