Headphone Girls Part 2: Real Life Models

I just got back from a family gathering. I’m not too keen on these as they are boring. My only source of entertainment would be my 2 female kid cousins, who are very cute. The older sister, Lynn, is 11 and the younger one, Jane, is 9. What is interesting is that the younger one is a lot smarter than the older sister, and she loves manipulating unsuspecting adults with her Moe factor. Lynn is more of a crazy tomboyish ditz similar to that girl from Azumanga Daioh, Tomo. Jane is prettier and more lady-like, probably a lot like Mint from Galaxy Angels.

So I was thinking of how I could up their Kawaii factor.

I tried Chika’s single side ponytail but that didn’t look nice in real life.
I removed their spectacles. In real life, spectacles are bad. Look at Tokito Ami. Her trademark spectacles look horrible.
Jane has Rec Aka’s hairstyle now I think.

And finally I remembered my post on Headphone Girls.

I put my pair of Sennheiser HD 415s on them. And my hypothesis that headphone girls are better was proven to be correct.

For their own safety, I have slightly edited the pictures. Wouldn’t want T_T||| or kwok to go out hunting for them.



Since I can’t show the unedited ones, I will personally gurantee that ALL girls and even guys look better with headphones. Go try it out, make your girlfriends and sisters put on headphones!

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  1. 1 T_T|||

    No fun. I was expecting some cute lolis. Send me the raw pics kudasai.

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