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Otaku are Retarded Sissies who Love to Play with Dolls

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Reading the title above you might think I’m in no position to say otakus play with dolls are thus are sissies, since I myself own so many figures. But if you’ve been paying attention to the otaku toy market, you’ll probably notice that a few years ago, there were only fixed-pose figurines and mecha, with the occasional action figure of manly heroes. Yet recently, in what was hailed as a technological breakthrough, there are now multiple toy lines featuring moe anime girls as action figures. Now, what would otaku do with girly action figures? Play with them of course!

As if that isn’t bad enough, GSC, spotting the sissy otaku trend, are now releasing freakin’ doll houses for sissy otaku to enjoy playing house in!

As an ex-figure collector (I have stopped buying but I still own them, does that make me an ex?), I never did play with my figurines. I just set them up, took photos, stared a bit, and let them on shelves or back in their boxes. To think of it, it was a real waste of money since you don’t get to have much fun. But at least I didn’t play with dolls and doll houses.

What’s wrong with playing with dolls, you say? It’s fine if you’re 10 years old and female, but not 30 years old and male otaku. Just imagine some fat, rotten-tshirt-wearing, oily otaku grasping a bunch of Sabers and Reis in his hands and making them kiss each other, inside a nice GSC-produced doll house, and you’ll see why this is just wrong.

Thankfully, this is better than carrying body pillows out in public or going swimming with them.

Popularity: 10% [?]

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36 Responses to “Otaku are Retarded Sissies who Love to Play with Dolls”  

  1. 1 Leefe 119 comments

    Soon life-sized dolls with artificial vaginas will be the new trend.

    I can’t imagine playing with dollhouses. Hell no. Ugh.

  2. 2 SnooSnoo 172 comments

    Meh, at least you can make kinky poses with figma(s) and take pictures. Though I’m not a fan of ball joints so I don’t buy them. (I do own 1 through winning a contest)

    Also - “some fat, rotten-tshirt-wearing, oily otaku grasping a bunch of Sabers and Reis in his hands and making them kiss each other”

    What are you talking about? Figmas move on their own.

    Those eyes, whose eyes are they?

  3. 3 Dop 1 comment

    Leefe isn’t quite right. I have seen the future, and her name is HRP-4C.

    Give them a few years, and they’ll be on the shelves in Akihabara dressed as everyone’s favourite anime characters and fitted with ‘orifices’ ready to take Otaku out of the gene pool for once and for all.

    Don’t Date Robots!!

  4. 4 Exiled_Gundam 23 comments

    Well every boy have a little bit of girl side within :P

  5. 5 ChronosAI 23 comments

    Ugh, I knew some sort of “trend” would pop up sooner or later for these “non-stationary” pieces but luckily, I never saw anything in them.

    I always thought the figures as stationary decorations, just as much the basic wall scrolls and such. They are certainly costly piece of genre to decorate with, being an ex-collector myself (ran out of space and more or less, money to shell out for it by bagfuls). Tho I still keep & value them, in one glass cabinet with my other “prized” stuff like whiskey or at the desk (when the cabinet ran out of space). Luckily for me there has been very low rate of “must have” class figurines lately so I don’t really see myself going back into it anytime soon.

    Though I hardly blame anyone if he wants to take his fantasies into playing with joint-dolls & serving them to his fantasies, or take body pillows out in to the public to have time with them for that matter. For the mother of something, that’s like you as a pilot hit the “Eject” button in a fighter plane & the plane is society. At least that’s the way I see it. No offense for the stereotypical weirdo image if taking dents there.

    God bless for the old fashioned “power level” suppression, I knew I would have been laughed at at the Army if the officers knew what I was into in “civil”, more so by my subordinates.

    Tho tech will undeniably move into stuff like Dop’s mentioned HRP-4C, that might be something utterly astounding by the year knocking 2025 and not to mention later. And that “Aiko” robot that was on the “design table” as experimentation and on-going dev from that guy whose name eludes me, everyone might call him lunatic now for creating his “own personal wife” but hey, can you really -not- applaud him?

  6. 6 Aiko 1 comment

    fuck you. everyone have their own interest.

  7. 7 soloista 2 comments

    Different strokes for different folks, remember?

  8. 8 Orenji 22 comments

    It doesn’t really matter if you play with them, or just keep them in their boxes/on shelves.

    If you own figures, people will just assume you do, anyway.

  9. 9 CoffeeAddict 1 comment

    That’s why I stick to mecha. It’s not creepy and they look cool.

  10. 10 tragic comedy 46 comments

    I want that doll hous…err panel!

  11. 11 zzeroparticle 7 comments

    I eagerly await the flood of pictures that are surely set to come about as a result of this phenomenon. And by “eagerly await” I am specifically referring to the act of gouging my eyes out should I be crazy enough to click on links containing such material.

  12. 12 Anon amongst the Dolls 1 comment

    You’re slightly off… Dolls with points of articulation have been enjoying wide amounts of success for decades now, both in Japan and abroad. The fixed-posed figures that you collected have only become more abundant in recent years, increasing in numbers along side the expansion of moe and otaku-targeted games and shows. Today, it looks like there is increasing interest in articulable dolls once again, though many of them now take the stylistic facial and clothing elements seen in their fixed-pose counterparts.

    If I had to make a prediction, I’d say that the articulable dolls will enjoy success for five or six more years, then a new variety of fixed-posed dolls will become popular. They might utilize materials different from what we conventionally see in dolls, which will add to their uniqueness and desirability. Or, they might be able to be integrated into a backdrop accessory in some unique way. It’s exciting to see where the creativity of the doll industry will take us.

    ~Anon amongst the Dolls

  13. 13 Anonymous 21 comments

    Well fuck you, I love Mai Kingu!

  14. 14 Soshi 32 comments

    LOL Don’t get me started on dollfies. Sigh.

    Man, am I glad that I have every biological right to be a sissy. *plays with dolls*

  15. 15 The Sojourner 112 comments

    People are responding to this post in the wrong way (but that is tj’s intention I think lol).

  16. 16 Stifler 103 comments

    “…fat, rotten-tshirt-wearing, oily otaku grasping a bunch of Sabers and Reis in his hands and making them kiss each other, inside a nice GSC-produced doll house…” Gah, now that image is stuck in my head. Gross.

    Flame bait is flame bait, and nothing’s more fun than drama. Judging from the response so far, TJ’s having a measure of success. lol

  17. 17 Kesenaitsumi 20 comments

    some fat, rotten-tshirt-wearing, oily otaku grasping a bunch of Sabers and Reis in his hands and making them kiss each other, inside a nice GSC-produced doll house, and you’ll see why this is just wrong.

    LOL…why must all Otaku be like this? Can’t there be any manly otaku?

  18. 18 Sniperk 9 comments

    I don’t think so. At least not in TJ’s mind. XD

  19. 19 tragic comedy 46 comments

    I am Manly otaku who cant get his hands off dolls~

  20. 20 raidragon 18 comments

    lol.. i don’t like figurines and don’t understand why people bother to buy them( waste of money)……….use it to buy a new comp or HD

  21. 21 Exiled_Gundam 23 comments

    Naah I rarely play PC games, and usually will buy new PC once every 3-5 years. Plus, PC upgrades are far more expensive than figures

  22. 22 SnooSnoo 172 comments

    @Exiled_Gundam, however, figures are usually bought more often(for the usual otaku, i don’t know how often you spend though) than PCs.

  23. 23 machan 9 comments

    I don’t know, those dollhouses look more like they’re meant to make the presentation of the dolls on shelves cooler than anything like playing house with your figurines. Regarding other methods of otakuness this seems tasteful in comparison.

  24. 24 Icy-nee-san 1 comment

    The title made me cry T_T

  25. 25 konadora 17 comments

    I bought a lot of figures, but not to the extend of carrying them around, making them kiss. I just change their pose every once in a while for Figmas, and the rest, I just change the angle or place them somewhere different once in a while. I too think that dollhouses are somewhat a bit over the top…

  26. 26 Omisyth 8 comments

    I consider you a retarded sissie for ever buying figurines in the first place.

  27. 27 teohhanhui 10 comments

    Takumi with his Seira-tan. Hahaha…

  28. 28 AK 31 comments

    You sir, are a manly man of men by arguing that. My salutations.

  29. 29 Toonleap 7 comments

    I think I would use all this figures and props for other creative purposes, like doing an stop motion animation or do funny scenes and show them in a blog. I wouldnt say exactly “playing” with them in the way you mention in the post.

  30. 30 Princess Psycho 1 comment

    Yes the disturbing thing about Otaku is that one was the Vice-president of a company and he still couldn’t get a date, even if he paid for it, he looked sort of sweet. Still what is disturbing is that their dollies are rather anatomically enhanced after seeing some of them - they are quite disappointed with the Japanese ladies. That and some of their dollies end up being rare and expensive so they can actually be an investment, they may be sad and lonely but they do end up with rather a lot of money.

  31. 31 Gundai 3 comments

    fuck you who ever post this your the sissy maybe you got control by women you fuckin sore loser boo

  32. 32 Gundai 3 comments

    well actually i meant the one who you found the source from

  33. 33 Gundai 3 comments

    let me reprehend fuck you riuva asshole bastard

  34. 34 Mimi 6 comments

    Ugh, way to set off your fellow otakus’ raging hormones. You clearly took an issue that was insignificant and blew it up, most likely in hopes of gaining unnecessary attention.

    For once, I feel myself leaning towards the unintelligent spewing of Gundai, who trolls my blog as well. :/

  35. 35 anon 1 comment

    “Just imagine some fat, rotten-tshirt-wearing, oily otaku grasping a bunch of Sabers and Reis in his hands and making them kiss each other, inside a nice GSC-produced doll house, and you’ll see why this is just wrong.”

    This can be done with fixed ones aswell, fyi

  1. 1 Benehmen sich Otakus wie kleine Mädchen aka out of moe 2.0? « meidocafe

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