O Shit, the Fatima Figure is Hot. But is Expensive.

So far, I’ve been attaining otaku nirvana, not feeling the need to purchase anymore figurines. After all, all the figurines I need are in my heart, not on the table. But I must say, the new Fatina figurine being released by Alter, is quite attractive. It comes in a set with the ugh Kaya, but each are sold separately for more than 8000 yen.

WHAT??? I hear you scream. 8000 yen? For twice that you could get a super detailed transformable Macross Valkryie, or even better survive for 1 month on reasonable food. In the good old days, like 3-5 years ago (wow how time flies when one is no longer a child), I got my figurines at 3000-4000 yen apiece. Since then, prices have rocketed to the current 8000 yen average for fixed pose figurines. The cheapo otakus are not left out, with a myriad of figmas and other poseable figurines which sell for 3000 or less each.

While it is true that figurine quality has improved dratically as well, with today’s products far more perfect and dynamic in terms of pose and paint, the pricing has gone so far beyond what I deem worth-paying-for. Add to the mix a global financial crisis, and we can see this won’t go too well for the habit. I saw the Playarts Zack, Cloud and Aeris Crisis Core figures and was tempted to get them, but for a combined cost of 150 dollars, I had serious 2nd thoughts.Nevertheless, it would be far more worth the money to get these 3 than one Fatima.

That said, I’m going to sell some of my figurines to raise money for survival/my Japan exchange programme.

You can check out my figure review page to see which figurines you want and the price you’re wiling to pay, and I’ll consider it. When i have the time, I’ll set up another bazaar.

On a final note, the ending episodes for what I am watching recently really suck. Horrible, cliche, soulless shit.

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