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[LianYL] K-On Ep 1 Made Me Do My Term Paper

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It would seem that Ascaloth is keen on reviewing this series and his long essays should satisfy more of the readership here. Great excuse to stop reviewing this series.

I’ll make my anime reviews short and sweet by commenting as I watch.

[00:00] Ah, green frog uniforms from middle school? That’s like TKGS.
[00:30] Here comes the boring alarm clock routine… I really thought they were going to start the pilot episode with a bang leading to a recap. Like maybe an uber rock piece or something.
[00:53] Oh protagonist falls down on her ass. Chumps should be laughing at this crap now.
[01:20] Wow an entire sequence dedicated to her running to school. *Yawn*
[01:50] Oh so she’s a happy highschooler now
[01:52] Oooooh OP. Drums, I love drums.
[02:09] Kinda sounds like YUKI from HnC OP.
[02:23] Wow typical character intros. I need to parody this someday.
[02:55] Nice drums.
[03:15] Okay this is going to be Lucky Star with music.
[03:32] Mediocre music.
[04:20] Two weeks and still no club activities. Lucky Star expressions.
[05:00] Haruhi enters.
[05:50] Oh noes, keion club is in trouble.
[06:15] Retarded protagonist. I can already imagine the fans.
[07:15] Haruhi will wait for her new members, she says.
[07:32] Miyuki enters.
[07:55] Kagami and Konata.
[09:12] Miyuki enters the club.
[09:40] Almost ten minutes intot he first episode. Still beating around the bush about selecting club activities.
[10:30] Talk talk talk talk talk blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
[11:17] No members but they’ve already got a drumset in place.
[12:20] Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah talk talk talk talk talk talk
[13:00] We’re halfway through the first episode and they are still dragging on. Give me my music please.
[13:55] And so they spend one mroe minute dragging on the entrace.
[13:58] Krausser-san appears. Please laugh. KyoAni wants you to laugh here.
[15:00] She’s finally entered the club. Can we hear some music now?
[15:20] This is retarded, I shall skip this scene. I can’t stand it anymore.
[16:40] Okay she’s quitting now. That’s fast.
[17:00] Oh crap, Yui doesn’t know how to play the guitar. This means we’ll have many more episodes of noob music and crappy angst over stuff like “I can’t play this, I give up!” -> “Don’t give up!” -> “Okay I’ll try my best!”
[18:55] Holy, they’re finally going to paly something.
[20:05] ……..Someone’s very impressed. Not me.
[20:20] The protagnist commented that they are all noobs. I agree. So expect to have more crappy music for many more episodes.
[22:00] I see she has no guitar. Damn, the next episode will be a boring shopping trip.
[22:20] Wow ED is done in MTV style. NO CLOTHES!
[22:35] Goth loli?
[22:45] Music sounds unimpressive.
[23:11] Sounds like Hirano Buaya. Let’s see… Okay thank god it’s not her. Interesting that the first seiyuu name has kanji that literally means Abundant Slopes Likes To Give Birth.
[23:20] Nice eyes Mio.
[23:27] That’s some really awful singing. Maybe it’s just the music. Or the pronunciation.
[23:50] There you have it, this show is about Mio.
[24:07] …… Shopping trip. I guessed it correctly. Even the title of episode 2 is named Musical Instrument. God flame this pile of crap.

That ends my sentiments for the first episode of this new KyoAni work. I really was expecting Beck, instead we get another Lucky Star. tjhan says I should watch it in a light-hearted manner. Maybe it’ll get better, or I’ll just have to dumb down to appreciate it.

Popularity: 7% [?]

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5 Responses to “[LianYL] K-On Ep 1 Made Me Do My Term Paper”  

  1. 1 tj_han 1440 comments

    The music they played was quite realistic for a newbie band. It was quite a good intro episode.

  2. 2 Captain Arepa 4 comments


    lolololololol!!!! When I read this I laughed so hard I almost pissed on my pants XD

  3. 3 maserko 9 comments

    You are in need of Nico Nico douga…
    I laughed where Kyo-Ani wanted me to laugh.

    Hey, anything that doesn’t kill the ears or is not from an anime should sound like airport music, irrelevent sounds in the background.

    I think I just contradicted myself.

  4. 4 mog 4 comments

    lol this made my day

  5. 5 Leefe 119 comments

    I thought the DMC reference thingy was pretty lame. Otherwise it’s pretty good for a light-hearted anime.

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