[Ascaloth] Trial Run: K-ON!, Episode 3

What I’ll give to be able to feel Mio’s fingers, too.

With the requisite membership attained, and a full set of instruments in place, it’s time to begin band practice….except, as is all too often the case, real life tends to get in the way of the things you really want to do. And in this case, the slow start-up of the light music club has made it such that it’s time for mid-terms even before the girls can get any actual practice in….which is kind of sad, if you think about it. In any case, the mid-terms have to be gotten out of the way first before club activities can really begin in earnest….except, Yui being Yui, it’s going to be easier said than done. On another note, the girls seem to have forgotten something else altogether as well; for the non-manga readers, have you figured out what it is yet? Well, not like it has anything to do with this week’s episode, so there’s plenty of time to think about it. ;)

In any case, K-ON!, Episode 3.

I wonder if this is a form of "occupational disease" as well. On another note, how come Nodoka’s not wearing the summer vest?

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai-ON?

Unfortunately, I can definitely relate to Yui’s tendency towards epic procrastination; whenever I have a deadline to meet or an exam to study for these days, I tend to start off with those in mind, but end up doing loads of other stuff like checking my email, browsing anime blogs, writing K-ON! articles on RIUVA, and…..oh wait. XD

If my memory is accurate, I’m pretty sure there was one time when Itoshiki-sensei was despairing over how people have a tendency to drop bombshells in a normal tone. ZETSUBOUSHITA~!

Why does it feel like a not insignificant number of people want to do to Yui what Ritsu is doing here….?

Huh, Yui can sure be motivated if she’s doing something she likes….I sure can’t say as much even for myself. Blah, if I’m ever going to get anywhere with a guitar, I suppose I’m going to have to get TJ Han to drill me in the techniques during the upcoming break if he’s cool with that….

You know Mugi-chan is definitely worried when the selection of confectionaries drop dramatically. And Ritsu isn’t wearing the vest either….what’s the standard here?

When mugging for an exam, it’s advisable to keep out of sight anything which has a high chance of distracting one from the task at hand….hold on. I’m not one to speak here. XD

I’ll love to have Mio give me a last-minute cram session too, if you know what I mean.

A very reliable imouto, certainly much more so than her airhead oneechan. In that respect, not unlike a certain Sunohara Mei, isn’t it? Hmmm, if I have to choose between her and Hirasawa Ui….tough call. -_-

Mio’s really turning up the tsuntsun this episode….

It sure is easy to motivate Yui. The question is, why hasn’t anyone else caught on yet…?

So let’s see. The girls had some traditional Japanese crackers washed down with tea in the beginning, they took a break for some of Mugi-chan’s rich confectionaries, and immediately afterwards they’re ready for some sandwiches. Damn, these girls eat A LOT; I’m a fairly big-sized guy, and I don’t think I have that kind of appetite. I’ll bet there’s going to be a "Nuuuuuu~ I gained weight T.T" scene coming up pretty soon.

…..oooookay, I’m completely lost here. What is this a reference to?

Mugi-chan seems pretty interested in the console here. Being an oujo-sama, I wonder if she has anything like that in her home….?

Somehow, I get the feeling that Mio’s really turning up the tsuntsun dial this episode to make up for the copious amounts of deredere she displayed the previous week.

I’ve been wondering, from this particular screenshot, why did the teacher mark correct answers with a circle and wrong ones with a diagonal line similar to a tick? Is this the standard practice in Japanese schools? Because here in Singapore, it’s the opposite.

In the end, Yui managed to overcome this hurdle a lot better than she expected, and the light music club can finally get on with band practice for real….except that once again, Yui being Yui, she has apparently overwritten music chord data with high school mathematics data. Seems like a sign that the girl needs a hardware upgrade to me; I wonder if Mugi-chan can strike up another bargain?

In any case, the Trial Run is over; I think I’ll continue the coverage on K-ON!, though. After all, it’s just fun to watch, not particularly hard to write about, and most importantly, it’s only going to get better from here. Watch this space for next week’s update on the next episode of K-ON!

Ascaloth, out.

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  • Yeah in Japan, circle is correct and X is wrong. Like on playstation controllers. Nothing surprising. In fact, I’m surprised you saw it only now cos all anime with school life feature this. It looks disconcerting to us of course, since we’re used to the teachers circling out the mistakes. IIRC only Japan does the circle for correct thing.

    As for guitar, no problem at all. In my heyday back in JC, I taught more than 40 people how to play, including one hottie who went on to win a multi-varsity beauty pageant.

  • “tj_han 1288 comments”

    Oh, shi…oh, wait, i’m just seeing things.

  • tj_han comments
    “Yeah in Japan, circle is correct and X is wrong. Like on playstation controllers.”

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlayStation#Titles in case your US Playstation acto in the way opposite what is described.


  • Yeah Nainodel, that’s a good link, basically explains the whole issue clearly.

  • Full marks from a single cramming session….. wish I can do that

    @tj_han: Lucky guy :D

  • I’ll choose Sunohara Mei. I’ve not heard Ui say “Onii-chan” yet.

    Besides, Mei-chan can starlight breaker me anytime.

  • Circle = maru = also mean “perfection”
    X = batsu = punishment

  • Quoting on “I’ll bet there’s going to be a “Nuuuuuu~ I gained weight T.T” scene coming up pretty soon.”

    Yes, someone will. In a similar way. ^^”

  • Yeah. My friends and I decided beat every Rockman(Megaman) games before the entrance examination. I don’t have to say what was I should be doing at the time instead, right? Good memories.

  • Too bad I don’t like Yui, else I could bribe her with snacks and make her mai waifu.

  • :P I loled at the horrible “this is X chord yes?” bit :D

    And the food bit? With them eating? Yeah, I do that…. regularly… i mean, just cookies and cake? not enough, my friend… not in the slightest. Sandwiches make a nice combo finisher :D

    “What I’ll give to be able to feel Mio’s fingers, too,” You say?

    In Soviet Russia, Mio’s Fingers Feel YOU!! (sorry, I had to. too good of an opportunity.

  • The PlayStation basically stole its controller layout from the SNES. I’ve never owned a PlayStation, but I grew up with a SNES, so whenever I play a PlayStation at someone else’s house, I have to have them explain the buttons to me in terms of “A”, “B”, “X” and “Y”. Otherwise it just confuses the shit out of me, and I play like a retard. This way, I still play like a retard, but at least it doesn’t confuse the shit out of me.

  • Exactly my point. Having studied in Singapore and Japan…

    Right up to Sec 3, I was used to seeing ticks for correct and X for wrong (and the occasional ∝ sign where teacher is lazy). Cricles meant “you got this qn right UNTIL here”. Accompanied by the -1 sign.

    When I returned to Japan, for High School 1, I was like “what’s with all the circles? I thot I got everything right!” Talk about culture shock.

  • Great info. I’ve now seen the sunshine. The truth is, I will surely have to wear my sunglasses now.

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