[Ascaloth] K-ON!, Episode 6

The day of the School Festival has arrived, and with it, the first stage performance ever of the revived Light Music Club. Despite starting off as rank amateurs, despite all the cake and the fun in the way, somehow they’ve managed to make it at least this far, with a song at hand to perform for us all. Though this Light Music Club is completely different from the Club of Sawa-chan’s era, though they started off totally fresh, their enthusiasm is none the lesser as they call upon us all to LISTEN TO THEIR SONG. Come, my friends, it is time to hear for ourselves just what these girls are truly capable of.

It’s Fuwa Fuwa Time. K-ON!, Episode 6.

What in the world was Yui wearing?!

I wonder how Ritsu makes that mushroom stick out like that without falling off.

Mio-chan is afraid of practically anything that could be construed as potentially scary. Is there a specific phobia to describe her?

Not bad, Mugi-chan, but I’d have borrowed Sawa-chan’s Takeda Shingen outfit instead.

Where did Nodoka get that hat? In any case, it certainly fits her well. ^_^

I, for one, welcome our sumo zombie overlords.

Tap, tap, step. It didn’t really catch my attention until now, but Ritsu sure makes a habit of tapping a rhythm with anything at hand like she would her drums. Is this a common idiosyncrasy of drummers? I wouldn’t know, although I wouldn’t be surprised.

The school building of Sakura High appears to be fairly old, if the cracks on the walls are anything to go by. Come to think of it, the entire building does look somewhat dated.

Sawa-chan is awesome. She’s practically the closest thing we have to a Haruhi to tide us over the indefinite wait for the long-delayed sequel; in fact, her behaviour this episode was pretty damned close to what I imagine we would have gotten had Haruhi-sama decided she would have a go at being GTS, Great Teacher Suzumiya!!!

I wonder what kind of training Mugi-chan has to go through to attain her oujo-sama status? Certainly it seems here that weight training has something to do with it.

Loli Mio is loli. Omochikaeri~!

Mio going "Ritsuuuuu~aaaauuuuu~aaaauuuu" was hilariously cute. For the way they make a manzai routine with Mio predominantly tsukkomi, she and Ritsu make quite the pair where they can switch roles almost at will.

Yui certainly has her heart in the right place. Too bad she doesn’t have the brains to go with it.

You’re no Fairy-9, Yui.

What ‘Bout My Star?

It’s not shown often, but it’s clear that Ritsu and Mio truly do know each other very well, especially the former of the latter even if she doesn’t show it most of the time. It’s nice how she knows she had to act to rid Mio of some of her nerves, even if she had to resort to the same antics to make Mio laugh to do it. They truly have a history together.

I agree with the peer assessment, you do look just fine, sugar.

Again, agreed. Sawa-chan, good job!

This is for the best. I have no regrets.

I’ll just burn ablaze.

The only things I have now are music….and myself.

That’s why….


And in the end….the concert scene was not something that would match the legendary SHnY12 after all. In fact, KyoAni did not even try to match their 2006 triumph this time around, not so soon at any rate; instead, they gave us something entirely unexpected, a complete MTV for Fuwa Fuwa Time taking us all the way back to the swinging ’60s. Though it was no God Knows, what it was is that it was fun. And you know what, I’m happy to take that any day. Now time for the umpteenth rewatch of the Fuwa Fuwa Time MTV…..

Ouch….did she just break that Fender? I sure hope not….

Fanservice doesn’t just come in one flavour anymore. Nowadays, they come in different styles suited to different tastes, some of which tend to be studio-specific; you get Gonzoservice (Tits & Ass), you got Sunriseservice (Awesome & FABULOUS), and then you get KyoAniservice (All or Nothing).

In the end, the song was greeted with great acclaim, the concert was a success, and Mio has been ruined for marriage; just the way we like it. And this caps off the first successful concert of the Light Music Club, itself but the first step to the Budokan! What next lies ahead of the K-ON girls? Or rather….can poor Mio-chan ever recover in time for their next gig? We’ll see in due time, but until then, this is Ascaloth of RIUVA.

Love & Peace, out!

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  • LOLed at the fanservice.

  • It was nice the filler they used i liked but… I wanna see my Azu-nyaa stupid Christmas filler it must worth it 4 takin’ away the episode that belonged to Azusa!!!!! xD well we’ll see

  • I have a mixed feeling about the performence. On the one hand, I was disappointed that they don’t put an efford to show the whole thing. On the other hand, I think what we get is appropriate given how long the girls have been practicing together. I somehow think that this episode is a good representation of the whole series: a lot of moe, a little bit of music and jokes, some friendship, and overall slice-of-life theme.

  • LOL I almost spit out my drink when I saw Kyon’s sister over there!!

  • can’t be really disappointed with the concert coz there was none!! maybe they’ll show one in the last episode. was the manga like this??

  • Does anyone know the title of the song?

  • “Fuwafuwa Time”

  • omg Yui sounded so terrible it was actually funny. Was more expecting the audience to laugh their asses off than to cheer like that…

  • I guess most drummers have the habit of tapping surfaces with thin phallic objects, myself included. KyoAni made a good call to highlight that in those 3 seconds. Ah, the lifelikeness of anime these days…

    PV for the concert wasn’t that bad, especially if you know your way around Japanese music, which is the interest group this anime is targeting. Hints at L’Arc~En~Ciel and 20th Century Boys are far as I can tell.

    And yeah, I did remark somewhere that Yui looks awfully similar to Ui and even Kyon’s Sister with that hairstyle.

  • i guess… most otaku are willing to take her as wife so she dont have to worry~~

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