Get to Know Valkyria Chronicles’ Squad 7′s Side Members Here!

Most of us who have played the game can easily recognise the side characters who pop up in the Valkyria anime, but what about the poor sods who have yet to enjoy the game? They’ll probably just glance over the minor characters as though they were wallpaper, but truth is, each of them actually have their own some-what fleshed out personality, abilities and history!

This post will aim to identify and point out the attributes of the side characters that have appeared in Squad 7 in the anime so far. I’m at episode 9 btw. Some of the playable characters got deployed to Squad 1 (Faldio’s) in the anime instead, such as Herbert (Mr too-Moody-to-take-action), Gangster lone wolf Nils, cassanova tank rapist Salinas and most notably, crazy bomber hikikomori Wendy. I’ll try to focus on the ones who were picked by Welkin for the anime squad 7.

Squad 1 guys: The accursed Ramal (anime original), Nils the Lancer, Herbert the Engineer and Musaad (?? haven’t completed the game)

From left: Homer, Aisha, Edy, Susie

The full anime squad, it appears. From left: Aisha, Marina, Susie, Edy, Karl, Isara, Jann, Alicia, Welkin, Homer, Emile, Oscar, Rosie and Largo

Scouts (Alicia, Susie)
There are only two scouts! And one of them is shit (Susie) and the other is imba. Alicia is the strongest scout in the game beyond a doubt, due to spoilers. She also has the best natural accuracy and evasion it seems.

Susie Evans
19 year-old Susie’s actually one of the few who got more exposition in the anime than in the game. Yup, she’s a rich girl who knows nothing about the world and annoyingly, is a pacificist like Kira Yamato yet without the uberskills. She has the really terrible humanitarian potential which makes her not able to do anything after attacking. In the game she doesn’t have anything to do with Alicia though.

Shock Troopers (Aisha, Edy and Rosie)

Aisha Neumann
She’s the loli shock trooper who at age 12, has graduated from basic military training and is known as a girl genius. She’s not particularly good in the game, with the personality traits of desert allergy, panicky and loneliness. She’s supposed to be super athletic, and so has the Starting Dash potential. Her trainable potentials make up for the shortcomings, since she has ultimate damage and neutralise.

Edy Nelson
She’s 17 and was an upcoming actress before enlisting. She hates people to steal the limelight away from her and thus has a rivalry with Rosie. The latter doesn’t give a shit about her though. Edy is actually the most popular character in Japan, no thanks to her twin tails and tsundere personality. Hence, the extra downloadable mission packs from the online PS3 store feature her as the main character. Interestingly, her final potential is Phoenix, which allows her to come back from the dead.

Lancers (Largo, Jann)

Jann Walker
27 year-old homosexual who loves Largo and huge muscles on other people. He’s the strongest lancer in the game. He loves to bake and cook and do the girly things. Jann was a babysitter prior to enlistment.

Engineers (Karl, Homer)
Karl Landzaat
23 year-old Karl was an ironworks engineer prior to the war. He’s pretty crappy as a soldier since he’s timid and meek but his girlfriend/wife, Lynn, is one of the strongest shocktroopers in the game. Weird eh? His only use in the game is to die (temporarily) such that Lynn joins you as a secret character. He’s a Darscen, and thus you can see him hanging out with Isara quite a bit. His final potential is "invincibility", which is quite wtf. Lynn looks EXACTLY like Miyuki from You’re Under Arrest, that’s why everyone hates Karl, he’s such a lucky bastard.

Homer Peron
Small boy who is a mere 15 years of age. He has a frail body and looks straight out of a shoujo manga. He doesn’t have much of a story, other than his angelic looks. He has ultimate defence though, so has a high survivability rate. Plus, losing half his hp gets him a defence boost, due to the Masochist personality trait. He must like Jane, the sadist shocktrooper who doesn’t get to appear in the show.

Snipers (Marina, Emile and Oscar)
Snipers are always the beloved class. They have terrible movement, HP and cannot counterattack, and get only one shot per turn and 3 ammo! But everyone loves snipers. BOOM HEADSHOT.

Marina Wulfstan
Marina’s actually the most popular character in the West, and she’s sort of the silent Nagato Yuki type. Her personality potentials show that, with "My Way" and "Lone Wolf" both indicating that she likes being alone and hates having to talk. She’s arguably the best sniper in the game, due to her Ultimate Accuracy potential. Marina is 24 and was trained by her hunter father in marksmanship.

Emile Bielert
15 year-old sickly younger brother of Oscar. Both of them are snipers, which means squad 7 in the anime has 3 of them, which is way too many snipers. He’s the 2nd or arguably to some, best sniper in the game, with equal natural accuracy as Marina but with more useful potentials which let him refill his ammo. Snipers normally need engineers to function as they only have 3 bullets (don’t ask why). Emile feels guilty about being a burden to Oscar and wishes he can be healthier. He has great artistic talent and becomes a famous painter.

Oscar Bielert
The worst, or equal worst with Cezary, sniper, he has the worst natural accuracy and rubbish final potential. He’s meek and cowardly but pretends to be strong for the sake of his brother. He wants to become a doctor but is scared of cutting people. His scar is from a childhood accident where he protected Emile.

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  • Sooo… What is this show about?

  • Homer and Edy ‘host’ the official VC blog, by the way. He’s sort of like her personal slave, but, you know, masochist.

  • Karl isn’t Darcsen. He has a last name. His name is Karl Landzaat (which is suspiciously Faldio’s last name?). I think Karl is just a guy who sympathizes with the Darcsen. He did work in Fouzen – an area which held a lot of Darcsen. I think he probably met Lynn there and he was able to look past the fact she’s a Darcsen.

    And personally, I like Faldio’s squad one more than Welkin’s squad seven. Faldio chose more of the guys who I chose when I played the game. Nils, Salinas, Musaad (a scout, btw), Herbert, Mica, and Wendy are all on my squad in the game. :)

  • Heyhey I’ve completed the game since writing this post!

    Yeah I realised about Karl, good observation! Btw, I hated all the members of your team except Wendy, who’s cool but still sucks. I much preferred Lynn, Dallas/Nadine, Marina, Elysse, Aika.

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