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Weekly Rounds: Range Murata Figure, Black Cat Gashapon and other News….

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FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK WHY ARE LIVERPOOL SO GODDAMN LUCKY??? Scoring an equaliser in the final minute and then winning through penalties. And having West Ham’s final shot hit the bar and Marlon Harewood being too injured to kick properly in the final minute of extra time. The gods of football surely favour Scousers.

Anyway, I went for a bit of shopping before the Mothers’ Day dinner because I had received a call from the guys at Latendo saying that my stuff had arrived. Black Cat Gashapon set, for 22 dollars. Cheap stuff. But when I reached there, I ended up buying 3 manga and 1 more 1/8 figurine and preordering the Last Exile trading set. Also picked up a new Eureka seveN pencil board featuring Anemone and Eureka with their mechas.

What is of note is the impulse 1/8 buy. It’s basically a Range Murata (Last Exile, Robot) designed original figurine. 100% impulse buy so I’ll do up the review tomorrow.

I also saw a limited edition 1/1 scale of Keroro!!!!!! WTF WTF. Huge shit. Amazing.

A small harvest

Finally, I preordered the real expensive 1/8 armoured Saber, Eva-00 Revoltech and Rei in Policeuniform. I will also pre order the 1/8 Van, and 1/7 Yuma.

Popularity: 6% [?]

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8 Responses to “Weekly Rounds: Range Murata Figure, Black Cat Gashapon and other News….”  

  1. 1 moetics 20 comments

    Because Liverpool is built for the “post season,” the most random of sorts. Best team in Europe? Check. Best team in the playoffs? check… at least last season. Still 9 points off the Premiership title though cause relying on luck is finicky, and probably lose at a bigger clip next season when Chelsea buys Svechenko, Ferdinand, and Tevez? Check!

  2. 2 Problematic 2 comments

    There’s Black Cat Gashapons? Why have I not heard of this? Actually that might’ve been for my own good considering I spent a lot of money on mangas in the past two months. However, that won’t stop me from purchasing them unless the quality is unsatisfactory.

    Just out of curiosity, who’s in it? =P

  3. 3 Hopeless 18 comments

    Oh, one of my friends has a 1/1 Keroro statue! I really want one myself, but then I’d also want Kururu, Dororo, Tamama and Giroro. I’m looking forward to seeing this original Range Murata figure.

    Personally I’m not interested in football at all (I can’t say I’ve watched or played it in my life, but then again sports is like an alien planet to me), but my dad is a furious supporter of Liverpool despite living many miles away, and he went to the final today in one of the boxes with my brother. He’s just phoned now, and apperently it was a really intense game.

    That’s about all I know about football. :P

  4. 4 tj_han 1282 comments

    Detestably lucky, that’s what they are. Hopeless you are from England?

    And if you do get that entire 1/1 set, assuming it even exists, you will probably have no room left at all. It’s massive.

    Intense is an understatement. I do not support either team but it was more surreal than a movie. I’m sure Eyeshield 21’s matches are more realistic.

    Problematic: These were very low key figgys of HORENDOUS quality. But the price is about 12 US$ for 5 figurines, so it’s alright. Ok it wasn’t that bad. But my Sephiria is using the same sword as Van from GunxSword. The curly one. And her scabbard is curly too.

    The list of charas are Eve ( secret see through dress version which I didn’t buy), Train in donut suit, Saya in Yukata (this one is the best), Sephy, and Rose Psycho. RP has his level 2 Kotetsu out and it’s the most detailed out of the five.

    I will do the review for PSE girl (the range one) tomorrow, so stay tuned.

  5. 5 bateszi 3 comments

    Oh the irony of your “Steven Gerrard is overrated” comment a few entries back! :) He is a world class player, and always steps up when his club needs him most. Now we just need to see Gerrard do it for us in the World Cup too! Rooney, who’s that?! I watched the game in a pub; one half was West Ham, the other half Liverpool. The atmosphere was.. heavy, just buying a beer nearly got us into a fight. It was a brilliant game though, and the best FA Cup final for years.

  6. 6 kokanaden™ 331 comments

    Liverpool won because they had more big match experience; and because they had steven gerard. Its like playing that 3 Kingdoms game; Lu Bu owns all….

    Anyway I really think West Ham deserved to win, Liverpool definitely lacked penetration; and had to rely on 2 screamers from Gerard (Not that it wasn’t expected) to equalise. Sigh.

    As for the 1/8 Saber, how much does it cost? Any features to list?

  7. 7 Hopeless 18 comments

    Yep, I’m from England, just on the border of Cheshire in England and North Wales.

    A shame about the quality of the BlacK Cat gashapon, but then again I have to actually watch beyond episode three of the anime.

  8. 8 tj_han 1282 comments

    Hey after I took pictures of them and paid closer attention, they aren’t so bad after all.

    And kokanade, no, no features at all, EXCEPT ABSOLUTE BEAUTY. It costs about 30% more than the fig I sold you but is only 1/8 in scale.

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