[Ascaloth] Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (2009), Episode 13: Endless Eight

The Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody of three weeks ago was but a teaser to whet appetites, but this week the God Empress Herself makes an emphatic return. And how! It has been three years since the first season burst out from obscurity to capture the imagination of an entire generation of otaku, and things have changed a lot since then. The franchise is no longer the surprise cult hit it started out as; it has become the most anticipated thing in the industry. The iconic dancing ED is a thing of the past. The assorted fan-created media is not as widespread as they used to be, even though they had a good long run. It may no longer be a one-of-a-kind series; it may instead be the original that spawned an entire genre of anime in the 21st century. But though these three years have brought about a host of changes from the heady days of 2006, there are some things that remain the same. And for one, it’s still the same Haruhi we came to love 3 years ago. The SOS Brigade is back for good.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (2009), Episode 12 13: Endless Eight.

Coming off the events of Lone Island Syndrome, to Haruhi it is of course clear that summer vacation is the time to do all the fun stuff that is usually associated with it, and who better to enjoy summer vacation to the fullest with than with her friends? And this is but just one of the reasons she is so loved; she truly lives life to the fullest.

And first on the itinenary is a trip to the local swimming pool; which means another chance to showcase the girls in their flattering swimsuits, of course.

Though I’m wondering how Haruhi can keep her ribbon intact in the water; is it easier than it looks or something?

Wait, why does this feel familiar….oh never mind, it must be my imagination. With all of the trolling that Kadokawa has foisted on us since they first made an announcement about Disappearance, I’m probably just worrying too much.

Yuki’s been looking a little weird lately. I mean, she’s a humanoid interface, so she’s supposed to be acting differently from normal humans, but still….there’s something different even from her usual self. Eh, probably just me again.

Come to think of it, Haruhi is the type to drag lazy bums off their couches, out of their houses to really live life in the outside world; certainly a very different type of character from the kind that get love from today’s anime fans nowadays. Yet, she remains the most popular of them all even to this day despite that, and one must wonder why. Is it because it’s precisely because of her proactive attitude towards life? Are we all Kyons who secretly wish for a Haruhi to drag us out of our comfort zone to really live life?

Kyon always getting stuck with the tab is a running gag that never gets old, but sometimes I wonder why the rest of the SOS Brigade don’t pity him once in a while. I mean, Yuki can create money out of thin air if she wants, and certainly both Mikuru and Itsuki must have an "operational budget"; why is it always the poor "normal guy" with a student’s limited budget?

Yuki’s been giving that look a lot lately. It doesn’t seem all that much different from how she usually is at first glance, but it’s there. In fact, I keep getting the feeling I’ve seen this before….eh. Whatever.

Next is an O-Bon festival, which means yukatas, of course! And they look mighty fine in yukata, all right.

You know, I keep getting this weird feeling all episode that I’ve seen this festival scene before. As if I’ve already blogged about it before; the last time I can clearly recall, it was one in Misae’s arc in CLANNAD ~AS~, but it feels as if it was more recent than that. Why is that….bah. Maybe it’s just that festival scenes are a dime a dozen in anime these days.

It’s always the small things with Haruhi. From all appearances, she might not seem to know the meaning of the word "subtle", but sometimes some of the small things she does are just that.

Next on the itinenary, cicada catching. Haruhi sure is plowing through all the signature summer activities here.

Next is a one-day part-time job. Must be a bitch to be stuck inside these walking furnaces in the height of summer.

So….that’s the same frog costume that appeared in Someday In the Rain, right?

As if all the summer activities Haruhi keeps dragging them around to wasn’t enough, the SOS Brigade sans Haruhi herself suddenly decides to have meeting in the dead of night, just to have a meeting regarding…..wait, what? WUUUUUUUUUUUUT.

So….the deal here is, the SOS Brigade has become stuck in an endless recursion of time, starting from the 17th of August to the 31st. And when they reach the end of this timeframe, everything reset to the "save point" of the 17th, and all the activities they’ve done so far and will do until the 31st will be repeated once again. Which means….I’ve written about all this before. Urgh, I’ll probably have to go back and change the episode count….including this time, that’s how many times have they repeated time now?

…..15,498 times. So, adding on to those episodes which I do recall in my memory, this would make it the 15,511th episode? Whoa, KyoAni sure weren’t joking when they said they’ll make good on a future season of SHnY eventually….wait. Does Episode 12 count as an iteration? Because if it does, then that means this is the 15,510th episode instead…..fuck, my head hurts already. I’m just going to re-mark this Episode 13 and be done with it.

And it’s all because, despite all of the activities that Haruhi has been dragging the rest of the SOS Brigade around, there still ends up something which she always never got around to doing, despite only subconsciously having any clue as to what that could be. And if she herself doesn’t consciously know, what less the rest of the Brigade….you know, Kyon has always been pretty quick to get pissed at Haruhi, but I think that if there’s actually a good reason to be so, this would be it.

You know, I’d comment on how good the two looked sleeping together like that. I’d compare the two lookers, comment on which one I’ll choose if I had to pick between the both of them, and comment on how different people might have different tastes in girls. I’ll probably even mention that I’ll be cool just to see them bond with each other, if you know what I mean. But, I get the feeling I’ve already said all of that plenty of times before, so I’ll just leave it here.

Erm, yeah. I probably made plenty of gay, FABULOUS, and bromance comments here, too. Let’s just leave it at that.

But really, if anyone has the right to complain, it would have to be Yuki. Because she, unlike everyone else around her, actually has to live through AND remember the same two weeks over, and over, and over again. When we were young, there’s probably quite a few of us who wished that summer would never end; all I can say now here is, be careful what you wish for.

And at the end of this time loop, just as had happened in the previous time loops before this one, the Brigade is beset with a sense of failure as their Chief walks out the restaurant, vaguely unsatisfied, and poised to plunge the whole world back another two weeks once again. And yet there’s only really one person in the whole world who would really feel it….talk about the dire half-dragon version of ‘life sure sucks, doesn’t it?’

So….this is usually where I’ll end the article on a proper note, like I’ve been doing all this time. Except, if we’re going to plunge back into another iteration of this Endless Eight once again, really, what’s the point? Well, i suppose I do owe it to myself and to everyone else to finish things off properly….on the other hand, if no one is going to remember any effort I put into a proper ending anyway….

….oh well, fuck this. See you for the next loop, bitches.

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  • “Though I’m wondering how Haruhi can keep her ribbon intact in the water”

    Just ask the same question to Indiana Jones and his hat!… :P

  • It’s not a ribbon, it’s an alice band.


    It just slips onto her head, that’s why it stays on.

  • What??? Why the episode I watched didn’t show that the 2 weeks of time being repeated?? Maybe I watched the wrong version??!!

  • i loved this episode, i really did. the lighting was lovely, and the details were stunning. on kyon’s paying, i don’t think mikuru, nagato or itsuki would dare disobey Haruhi and possibly upset the universe, again!! and btw, the undercurrent of torrid desire between itsuki and kyon is getting ridiculous. honestly…

  • meh, she prolly just wants to be banged on the last free day of their summer holidays. when that doesnt happen, she gets so upset that the world resets!

  • i’ve read some lines of your review somewhere before? or maybe it was just my imagination?

  • I feel really let down and cheated by this endless bull. Im guessing that this is the whole “concept” behind the series but who gives a damn. I mean everything from the past series was amazingly chaotic with twists and fun and all sorts of entertaining moments. I was expecting no less from the great team that brought us the first series but so far 3 episodes are the exact same. The subtle differences are not worth the watch. I feel that this series so far is just a huge waste of a great opportunity.

  • …..ok. All venting aside. I’m still going to give this series a chance. I feel duped by a massive sales ploy to make people read and watch the same thing over and over again while they get paid for it. They better deliver. Some of you know whats coming. I obviously dont….hence my raaaage. However the tiniest of all tiny hopes still exist in me that they will deliver awesomeness. I just pray that it doesnt take another five eps to emphasize something that could so very easily be emphasized in one or two. The tie ins better be massive, coherent and just damn amazing or else I will feel that this was ultimately a huge waste.

    (as it stands the only things I can think of that would justify wasting three eps and counting on this repetitious company profit ploy is A) Yuki snaps out of sheer boredom and goes all staby on everyone or
    B) a six way yuri orgy with the K-On girls on the back of godzilla as he fights a giant sized santa claus to the death using only french baguettes as weapons.)

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