[Ascaloth] Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (2009), Episode 14: Endless Eight

The Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody of three weeks ago was but a teaser to whet appetites, but this week the God Empress Herself makes an emphatic return. And how! It has been three years since the first season burst out from obscurity to capture the imagination of an entire generation of otaku, and things have changed a lot since then. The franchise is no longer the surprise cult hit it started out as; it has become the most anticipated thing in the industry. The iconic dancing ED is a thing of the past. The assorted fan-created media is not as widespread as they used to be, even though they had a good long run. It may no longer be a one-of-a-kind series; it may instead be the original that spawned an entire genre of anime in the 21st century. But though these three years have brought about a host of changes from the heady days of 2006, there are some things that remain the same. And for one, it’s still the same Haruhi we came to love 3 years ago. The SOS Brigade is back for good.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (2009), Episode 12 13 14: Endless Eight.

Coming off the events of Lone Island Syndrome, to Haruhi it is of course clear that summer vacation is the time to do all the fun stuff that is usually associated with it, and who better to enjoy summer vacation to the fullest with than with her friends? And this is but just one of the reasons she is so loved; she truly lives life to the fullest.

And first on the itinenary is a trip to the local swimming pool; which means another chance to showcase the girls in their flattering swimsuits, of course.

Though I’m wondering how Haruhi can keep her ribbon intact in the water; is it easier than it looks or something?

You know, somehow it feels like I’ve been here before….oh never mind, it must be my imagination. With all of the trolling that Kadokawa has foisted on us since they first made an announcement about Disappearance, I’m probably just worrying too much.

Yuki’s been looking a little weird lately. I mean, she’s a humanoid interface, so she’s supposed to be acting differently from normal humans, but still….there’s something different even from her usual self. I mean, look at her. When was the last time we ever saw her not reading a book? If she would read a book with one hand while water-skiing with the other, you’d think she’ll be reading again here.

Come to think of it, Haruhi is the type to drag lazy bums off their couches, out of their houses to really live life in the outside world; certainly a very different type of character from the kind that get love from today’s anime fans nowadays. Yet, she remains the most popular of them all even to this day despite that, and one must wonder why. Is it because it’s precisely because of her proactive attitude towards life? Are we all Kyons who secretly wish for a Haruhi to drag us out of our comfort zone to really live life?

Okay, seriously, something feels a little….off. There’s this inexplicable feeling that I just can’t put in words, but it’s there. I mean….how do I put it? It’s like, well, this is the second coming of Haruhi. On top of that, this episode covers the Endless Eight storyline, definitely one of the better short stories in the Haruhi canon. You’d think I’d be more excited about this, but for some reason I’m….not. Meh, I dunno. Maybe it’s just a succession of late nights recently. I should probably sleep early tonight for once.

Kyon always getting stuck with the tab is a running gag that never gets old, but sometimes I wonder why the rest of the SOS Brigade don’t pity him once in a while. I mean, Yuki can create money out of thin air if she wants, and certainly both Mikuru and Itsuki must have an "operational budget"; why is it always the poor "normal guy" with a student’s limited budget?

Next is an O-Bon festival, which means yukatas, of course! And they look mighty fine in yukata, all right.

You know, I keep getting this weird feeling all episode that I’ve seen this festival scene before. As if I’ve already blogged about it before; the last time I can clearly recall, it was one in Misae’s arc in CLANNAD ~AS~, but it feels as if it was more recent than that. Why is that….bah. Maybe it’s just that festival scenes are a dime a dozen in anime these days.

Is it just me, or is there something different about the way Yuki is looking at the masks? It’s a wonder as it is that she could be interested in such a thing in the first place; it must signify something to her, the question is what. A reminder of "home", perhaps?

I can sympathize with Kyon, and I’ll bet most others can too. There’s always this one guy or girl who’s so good with homework, they always manage to finish off the vacation assignments very early somehow, while the rest of us have to slog through it for the entire period, with probably quite a bit of procrastination to the last day thrown in for good measure. Vacation homework is the bane of student life alright; how do these people deal with it so easily?

Next on the itinenary, cicada catching. Haruhi sure is plowing through all the signature summer activities here.

Next is a one-day part-time job. Must be a bitch to be stuck inside these walking furnaces in the height of summer.

So….that’s the same frog costume that appeared in Someday In the Rain, right? At least now we know where it came from….

As if all the summer activities Haruhi keeps dragging them around to wasn’t enough, the SOS Brigade sans Haruhi herself suddenly decides to have meeting in the dead of night, just to have a meeting regarding…..wait, what? WUUUUUUUUUUUUT.

So….the deal here is, the SOS Brigade has become stuck in an endless recursion of time, starting from the 17th of August to the 31st. And when they reach the end of this timeframe, everything resets to the "save point" of the 17th, and all the activities they’ve done so far and will do until the 31st will be repeated once again. Which means….I’ve done all this before. Urgh, I’ll probably have to go back and change the episode count….including this time, that’s how many times have they repeated time now?

…..15,499 times. What. The. Fuck. That means I’ve been writing about Endless Eight for this many times? Over and over again? Rinse and repeat? Wow, I think my head is hurting like fuck just thinking about something like this. On the other hand….at least I know now why I wasn’t as enthused over this episode as I thought I would be; seeing the same thing over and over for 15,499 times will do that to anyone, even if all that comes of it is deja vu. You have to pity poor Yuki though, since she’s the only one who would remember anything….I probably said something like that as well, too. In any case, let’s see….screw this, I’ll call this Episode 13. Actually, just to be safe, make that Episode 14.

And it’s all because, despite all of the activities that Haruhi has been dragging the rest of the SOS Brigade around, there still ends up something which she always never got around to doing, despite only subconsciously having any clue as to what that could be. And if she herself doesn’t consciously know, what less the rest of the Brigade….you know, Kyon has always been pretty quick to get pissed at Haruhi, but I think that if there’s actually a good reason to be so, this would be it. Heck, I’ll bet even Yuki’s patience would be tested at something like this.

You know, I’d comment on how good the two looked sleeping together like that. I’d compare the two lookers, comment on which one I’ll choose if I had to pick between the both of them, and comment on how different people might have different tastes in girls. I’ll probably even mention that I’ll be cool just to see them bond with each other, if you know what I mean. But, I get the feeling I’ve already said all of that most out of 15,499 times before, so I’ll just leave it here.

And despite looping itself over and over at the behest of the God Empress’s will, time still flies all too fast, and already it’s near the end of the current loop. Alright, if there ever is a time to stop all this, it’s now, guys….

….no good, huh? Bah. Excuse me for a moment while I go make myself taller.

Well, I guess that’s how it is, then? We’re going to end up in the 15,500th loop at this rate, so…..oh, whatever. I don’t care anymore. If all this is going to happen again, there’s no meaning in finishing this article up properly. Whether a new episode ever comes or not, well, I guess I’ll leave it to the "me" then.

Lights out, later bitches.

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  • I guess it has no meaning since I have keep comment on this post for the past 15499 times…..

  • Trust KyoAni to make us rewatch essentially the same episode THREE times and yet no one is complaining.

  • @nutcase23: Well, I think I saw many people complaining, so your claim is not true here.

    Seeing that I can watch the same episode from the show I like a couple times, my tolerence for this is pretty high and I still honestly enjoy this episode. It is quite closed to the boundary though. I don’t wanna think too much, but this “bored” feeling maybe exactly what the producer were looking for?

  • Meh it’s rather lame if you ask me. In itself it’s a nice ‘arty concept’ but it’s the type of thing that makes you go: “heh, that’s something new…gutsy… yeh… *sigh* time for something new”.
    Just a waste of potential content really…they got the point across during the previous episode. It’s just lazyness disguised as avant-garde directing.

  • 1st time watching Ok
    2nd time OK
    3rd time hmm yawn but OK
    4th time? same? dang

  • risingstar3110

    The ep itself is interesting. But i have a feeling i praise you quite a lots of time before, so i keeps it short this time……

    Good job, i really like your blog and your ways of choosing pictures and paragraphs :D

  • Well, this is the only blog that I could find that blogged seriously about ep14. Thanks dude. Every other blog is either pissed or bitching about why they bothered to care about this ep. Great job dude. Hey even I think I have posted this comment 15498 times… Hm…. Dejavu…

  • If KyoAni is trying to give us the same annoyed as hell feeling as the characters are feeling for going through the same thing endlessly, they’re doing and overwhelmingly good job. Nonetheless, nicely done with the blog and way to stick with the theme. Lets hope the 15,500th time will finally reap the emotions these past few eps have been sowing

  • I fell asleep during the 3rd time through. I mean hell at least the 2nd time was somewhat different with the discussion and everything but there was hardly anything different about 13 and 14. They changed clothes up, added some new cuts of animation intermittently, and had slightly different dialogue but that’s it. Personally it just looks like laziness on the part of the studio, which really isn’t acceptable, but then again…I’m still watching it aren’t I? Fuck.

  • for me well this is kinda good, they keep on surprising us even if its the same scene.. but the title says Endless Eight, my guess is.. we are going to watch eight episode with the same story.. thats my guess and if you watch carefully i think theres a hidden message that kyon will get in the end to solve the mystery.. also.. the story of Endless Eight is obviously looping and looping.. even if u read the novel, its different and the ending of endless eight there is fast, unlikely the episode.. its quite interesting and make us more intriguing.. so means.. i enjoy this Endless Eight Episode.. i’m a Haruhism.. so thats why very very like this anime.. and of vourst.. like your BLOG.. hehehe n_n..

  • 3 Almost Identical episodes and people start complaining, its natural, but I find it almost insignificant against 15,000 times of the same thing, I watched all the Endless Eights 3 times each just to find an answer but as it is, the beauty is in the “not knowing” so that’s 9 times, my head hurt but I’m strangely satisfied with it even without a closure to the mystery. Sure some people would call it a lazy attempt of the producers to make moolah off a recycle of the same thing but The Melancholy of Harui Suzumiya in the first place was never intended to be “normal” despite the typical High school life genre. It makes me smile thinking there are some hopeless romantics out there who wish that “May this last forever” well after watching this better think again or better yet just re phrase it to “May this last forever…Just don’t let us remember. . . ” lol; It’s sick, and that is why I love Harui. . .

  • lol @ Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei reference
    Maybe that new season might’ve came out yet? ….where are we on this time loop!?!?!?

  • I… Wonder…. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS SHOW? Trying to impress the viewers? Or is it merely trying to waste our precious time? I have all the time in the world to do other things but in the end i chose to watch haruhi season 2 and all i get is this looping shit they give me? TOTALLY IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!!! Okay if KyoAni is trying to show that they are unique and special in terms of anime production, let me tell you, YOU GUYS ARE NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BLEACH’S BOUNTO SERIES ( yes the filler episodes of bleach that has a really unbearable and disgusting plot that even my 3 years old brother’s dick feels sorry for the show). Think about it, if Kyon really wants to stop the looping of time, he could just stop and ask Haruhi “Is there something else you wanna do? Cause i think you still aren’t satisfied with this level of enjoyment” instead of trying to guess what Haruhi wants. Furthermore, on 30th of august he has ONE WHOLE FUCKING DAY to ask Haruhi out and enjoy life with her, why bother staying at home and rot and do nothing? Is KyoAnime trying to promote anti-proactive behavior? Trust me, an idiot will do that if he knows that he is undergoing time looping 15XXX times. Lastly i would like to thank KyoAni for wasting my fucking time to watch this kind of fucking lame show. Erm….im sorry… maybe my use of language is too replusive…. but at the meantime can i just the producers of KyoAni to do me one last favour? Can you guys GO FUCK YOURSELVES? Thank you, i would appreciate that. I hope you all burn in hell and get tortured by Haruhi because she will probably regret that she allowed you guys to produce her. What a shame to such an cute and adorable character. What a waste to such good quality anime. What a disgrace of the entire human race. What a motherfucking company to waste people’s time to watch their titty little shit anime. You guys actually have the balls to produce this kind of shit. I think you guys should direct the next “DRAGON BALL EVOLUTION 2″ because i think the movie’s rating was around… let’s see 1/2 star out of 5 stars. OPPS, i forgot maybe the movie was even better than this anime by around 1000 times. NONONO, MAYBE 15499 TIMES. Dear producers, if you guys are really out of ideas or have nothing better to do, go masturbate, it really relieves your stress. Just a little suggestion, maybe you could watch some haruhi hentai to make yourself erected. OH man, im sorry im being very rude here to all the bloggers out there. oh it’s 3 am. looks like i gottcha sleep. IF THE LOOPING TIME EVER HAPPENS TO ME, I WILL BE PLEASED TO ALLOW IT to HAPPEN BECAUSE I will enjoy the opportunity FLAME and curse THIS FUCKING ANIME FOR ETERNITY. See you guys around, yea really…. and HARUHI PRODUCERS =D dont forget what i told you guys ^^ “go fuck yourselves” (literally) or maybe you can let some dogs to help you erect. HAiz, i think im just too pissed off with this anime. Trust me, if anyone ever appears to me and say HARUHI is a nice anime for their looping, i will literally KILL HIM or maybe not her. K THANKS BYE. ehhh, dont forget, go fuck yourselves ^^ love you guys. Cya all in hell. OH maybe i will go heaven for making this kind of comments. hehe. I bet the God feels irritated watching this kind of rubbish. FUCKING C.M.I show. BTW, im an indian. You can come india and look for me if you think my comments are unacceptable. THANKS. Fuckers

  • Anonymous3730

    Flamers make me laugh…

    Just saw the fourth one, and this blog is the reason I noticed: Haruhi didn’t wear her ribbon in the water :) .
    I’d be willing to go up to… well, eight of these before I’d get pissed, so long as they keep changing up the yukata and swimsuits, and give Kyon new things to observe. I also would love it if Yuki went apeshit on everyone for one loop, though it would be a tad out of character…

  • this anime is crap wtf dont watch it

  • “Do not use any for your own sake. It will end the comment there and then. Also, there is an automatic IQ filter which weeds out comments made by those who accidentally got transported from the stone age.”

    I see the IQ filter didn’t work on RayZaruki. :|

    Though, I’m guessing the next episode will be fine now. After all, it’s called “Endless Eight”; the same thing happened about five times, three times in one of the episodes (which came out today) – eight times. AND Kyon was drawing an “8″ on the paper. Good sign things will be fine from here on. :P

  • Incredible. I have now seen the sunshine. In fact, I’ll probably need to put on my sunglasses now.

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