Canaan and Princess Lover: First Non-Shit Shows of Summer 09

This is probably the worst season of anime ever. I had to force myself to sit through some first episodes, even at fast forward speed. I fast-forwarded or even just scrolled through some of the new series’ pilot episodes, since they were just so bad it would sully my eyes to watch them in full. I tried to watch Jyuden-chan but gave up and fast-forwarded through the later half, it was just horrible. With that bad taste in my mouth, I am not capable of patiently going through all the shows like I did in my previous seasons and as such, for the first time, will drop stuff before I have even seen it.

Despite that, I’ve come across two shows worth following. Canaan of course, has amazing animation and the type-Moon designs, an all-star cast plus a great opening sequence, which is really half the work done to hook viewers in. The story has barely started, so I’m expecting more exposition soon. It’s good to see Sawashiro Miyuki in a lead role after so long.

The other show, which I’m going to talk more about, is Princess Lover. On first glance it’s the typically retarded harem show featuring high society girls, aka ojou-sama type harem. However, there are two main things which make it good to watch. The first is the nice character designs which are somewhat tempered by the deliciously unrealistic (boo) boobies. There’s a Saber-clone girl who is hastily politically engaged to our main character Teppei. She’s not the main character though, some Princess from a foreign country is. Anyway, the main interest point of the show is that the main character isn’t a butler. From the ambiguous opening scenes and sequence, where it was shown that Teppei was a regular joe who loves swordfighting, it was all leading up to the the show being a butler anime, but throw in a plot twist and hey presto, Teppei is actually the heir to a huge financial corporation when his soba-making parents are murdered. His mom turns out to be the heiress of the Arima group and was killed as part of some plot, which Teppei wants to expose and exact vengeance on the culprits for.

Yeah so it gets a bit shoujo-ish, since this kind of situation normally happens in shoujo series. Pauper-turned-princesses right? Princess Lover will  likely feature more Princess-humping than revenge but that’s ok, it’s interesting so far. Main character isn’t a loser, the girls are hot as well. Only problem is censorship, which is really jarring to the visuals. Blackened areas etc to cover the fanservice are very annoying.

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  • Wait, how about Umi Monogatari?! I seriously love it now since it so reminds me of Aria. Anyway, Canaan definitely looks good and Princess Lover was quite enjoyable. The thing that bothers me about Princess Lover though is the freaking huge assets. Other than that, it’s fun.

  • Needless, despite the controversial ED sequence actually has a Kamina-like dude with highly exaggerated moves and attack naming. The kid is useless and should die though.

  • The best of this season I think it will be Taishou Yakyuu Musume.

    Girls from 1925 playing baseball agaisnt guys. It is a really nice idea.

    J.C. Staff is working on this anime. I’ve notice this immediately. It has the same nice colors, direction and feeling of Kimikiss and Hatsukoi Limited.

  • @ SnooSnoo

    Needless is watchable only because bsides Canaan and Princess Lover, there’s nothing else.

    Though the exaggerated boobies are a turn off, I suppose I can ignore them and just concentrate on the beautiful faces and other stuff.

  • Bakemonogatari???

  • I’ve seen watched a few other shows. Sea story is decent I guess, not as bad as I imagined, but about slightly worse than Shugo Chara. Bakemono is quite good, and probably the only proper Shinbo show so far where he didn’t fuck around too much. Needless is a cheap TTGL, I’m watching it too.

  • Yes, Princess Lover was surprisingly good. But Aoi Hana was excellent, in my opinion — but then, I don’t use “shoujo” as a swear word. I disagree completely — after one episode, granted — with the notion that this is a particularly bad season. Aoi Hana, Canaan, Princess Lover, Bakemonogatari, Kanamemo, Sora no Manimani: all quite good through one ep, for me.

  • Needless got me with the ED animation.

    I guess I’ll give Princess Lover a try. Ojou-sama moe has a place in my heart too.

    No one else is watching Umineko?

  • Yeah Hashi I was thinking, wow you’ll surely have a field day with all these shows that fit your type. Unfortunately, not mine but since writing this post I’ve found a few to follow which are good, like GA.

  • As much as I like tits, Princess Lovers kinda overdid it. I like the Saber clone, though.

  • im useing my psp to write this message. where can i find chapter 2 of princess lover manga. its fucken killen me i looked every where

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