Riuva Bazaar Follow-up! Now in Spreadsheet Form as Requested. Bidding Begins Now!

As some of you requested a more lightweight catalogue, I have produced an excel file which summarises all the items on sale, their updated status (who’s buying, who’s interested in what etc) and their prices.

Response is decent, but strangely Gordonator is the only Singaporean interested. Must be the bundles of cash he makes from his stormtrooper career. Check out the excel file and doublecheck if your orders are correct! I have also emailed each and everyone of you. You can also reconsider what you want, if it’s too popular. Otherwise, post your stated price in this this thread. I thought of starting on the 23rd but there aren’t any more mails incoming, so let’s not waste time.

By the way, let’s not waste each other’s time by having little increments. Minimum increase of bid price is 5 dollars. This is to prevent people who outbid by 10 cents or something from doing so. Instead of a fixed ending deadline, I’ve decided to go with an auction-house styled approach. Basically, once someone puts in a bid, I’ll wait 2 (48 hours) full days from the date and time stated on the comment, which should contain your item and price (on this post). If after 2 days, nobody has outbid you, then you get the item straight away.

Again, payment is via paypal to my email address. You can calculate the shipping yourself here, but it’s generally an approximate amount since the main outer box is not factored in. Most average boxes weigh about 1-2 kg with the stuff inside. Email me if you have any questions or clarifications!

Shipping Calculator
Full Picture Catalogue
Spreadsheet Summary of Bids

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