Introducing a New Blogger on Riuva…

Since most of the other guys, with the notable exception of Ascaloth, haven’t really been active, I’ve been looking for some fresh talent to come onboard the site. If you’re looking to blog on anime, manga or any other topic with the slightest bit of relevancy, do email me or use the contact form above.

Tenshi MK II here is our newest writer, and he’s quite unlike all the others we’ve had, in that he’s not a student at our university, but rather just a fellow countryman. It appears that most anime lovers at my university are more interested in enjoying it solo (no, not masturbating to anime), rather than spend the time and effort to write about it and share one’s thoughts and analysis of anime with the world.

Here’s his brief self-introduction:

Hi guys, I’m Tenshi_MKII(an acronym for Technology Enhanced Nano-Powered Superior Heaven’s Integrator MKII). I’m very fascinated about anime blogging so I thought would join RIUVA which tj_han kindly offered me a place to write on.

Now for my introduction, I’m currently a year 2 student in Singapore Polytechnic and under the department of EEE (Electrical and Electronics Engineering). I’m a diehard Gundam, Macross and TYPE-MOON fan and do a bit of Gunpla.

I started to watch anime around 3 years ago (that was when I had internet access at home) and that was when my pilgrimage for anime began…

The first few anime I started to hunt are obviously of the mecha genre. For example, Full Metal Panic, Brain Powerd and Five Stars Stories. The reason for having such fascination for robots is most likely due to childhood influence. My cousin was the messiah who introduced my first anime, Gundam Wing and the hobby relating to it, Gunpla(Damn you Bandai).

After a recommendation from my friend who was into yuri, I started to watch Noir and Madlax. The music is great but for the fighting scenes, they are really too exaggerated (Come on, how hard it is to kill 2 people when you have like dozens of people and you are fighting in open space). But nonetheless, it was pretty entertaining.

After like years of leeching, I thought of giving back to the fansub community so I went on and join a group and began fansubbing. It was an interesting experience but the drama made it irritating and frustrating. As of now, I’m still in Ayako Fansubs.

Other than watching animes, I read mangas like Fullmetal Alchemist, Nagasarete Airantou and xxxholic. As for games, I play final fantasy (I totally love FF VI), kingdom hearts and super robot series. I also own a few figures which really aren’t worth mentioning.

Guess that is all I have to say, hope to post something soon. It’s great to be on the RIUVA team and writing for them.

He’ll be mostly writing on mecha stuff I think.

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