Figure Review: Black Cat Gashapon Set

Nobody expects quality from a capsule figure set. This Black Cat set recently released in May is surprisingly value for money. Consisting of five different figurines plus 1 secret, this set costs just S$26. I paid $22 since I did not want the secret, which is just a recoloured version of Eve that looks worse than the original. That is 1600 yen.  Assuming each one costs about 200 yen in Japan and you get random ones, not too bad a deal I would say.

Produced by Piccolo, this set is considered one of the more decent Gashapon ones I’ve seen. Gashapons are still crap in general but their super low cost justifies it.

Let’s start with a group photo. This is the set minus the secret. The interesting thing is the absence of Sven. In a set of five we have one of the heros missing. Looks like middle-aged men are truly less popular, as Kanako of Genshiken says.

Click for bigger picture. This applies to all the following pictures too.

They come with a nice black base which is on the small side but serves its purpose well. The base is cleverly designed to be slightly inclined for greater balance. Their small size also allows them to fit easily into small display cases. Only Creed does not have a base since he is a rose psycho. For him, Kotetsu acts as a crutch.

Train is in his donut suit. The jacket is a two piece thing that is attached to his arms. So if you remove his jacket, he will be armless. Hades has some nice detail for a gashapon really. Train is in his anime design, so looks a bit more childish compared to the manga. The XIII tatoo is very clearly printed. This Train gets the thumbs up from me. 10.5 cm tall. Construction was easy.

Train cleverly packs food onto his jacket.

I prefer his Chronos suit like everyone else.

Eve is in her typical black goth loli dress and has two nanomachine angel wings sprouting from her upper forearm. The shoulder piece is detachable. This petite figurine is heavy on one side from the wings but the base balances it well. Her dress is pretty ugly because of its flare but there is nice detail in the form of pleats. Many pleats. She’s wearing white pantsu. Eve’s eyes are pink like in the anime. From some angles, Eve looks good. Try to avoid looking at her head-on. 10.5 cm tall thanks to her feathers. Once I figured out where the black band went, the rest were easy to assemble.

She’s one angry loli. Eve is leaning back slightly so she looks fat and stumpy from the front.

Slightly blurred but I like this angle.

Saya’s figurine is nice and simple. She’s dressed in her trademark yukata with circular pie chart designs all over. If you look closely, the circles are actually spiked finely and the printing is very clean. I think Saya looks the best here. You can even see her blue pendant clearly. Her yukata is high slit like a chinese cheongsam, revealing sexy legs. Pity her gun is messed up and deformed. 9.7 cm tall. The easiest to assemble.

Sexy legs.

The spiked circles are not visible here. I don’t have a good macro lens.

Sephilia was the figurine I was looking forward to, since I like her a lot in the manga. Her character design is terrible in the anime though. Gaudy purple uniform is bad. Unlike trading figure sets, most gashapons do not pack material to keep accessories straight. So any long and thin thing is subject to the stress of being packed tightly in a capsule and will be warped. The result? Sephiria wields the same weapon as Van from GunxSword. Even her scabbard is a S shape. Question: How do you fit a C shaped blade into a S shaped scabbard? Her face is also slightly deformed. At least her pose is pretty cool. And the sword is removeable. I discovered that you can put her sword onto her left hand as well so if you get 2 Sephies, she can wield a dual sword stance. Just a bit of pointless info – Scabbard in Japanese is "Saya".  11 cm tall. I can’t believe she’s taller than Train. Difficult to assemble. Her two legs are separate. The left one was straightforward enough but the right leg has to be inserted and then pushed to the right which keeps dislodging the left leg. The blade has to be inserted through a tiny hole in her right fist and then a hole in the hilt. The hilt is a separate piece too.

It’s like those old Chinese Kungfu movies where the swords are all whip-like.

Ready to Strike!

Finally, we have Creed. I don’t like Creed. He’s psycho, he’s weird and he bullied my Sephy in the manga. And now he gets the most parts too. The massive Kotetsu level two is well made and has all the necessary details. Creed is holding it in his right hand and a tiny scabbard in his left. Why does he need a scabbard? What can he put in it?? Coins? Roses? Anyway, he has tonnes of buckles all over him and his gay frilly outfit has been replicated as well. Creed’s face is deformed (more than usual). The key point is the sword of course. An interesting variation is, if you remove the blade part of the Kotetsu, you can recreate Kotetsu level one since it’s an invisible blade. This is a cool feature. But I’m not sure if its intentional. 9.7 cm tall. Construction was straightforward in spite of the large number of parts.

His face is a bit broader than it should be.

He doesn’t have a base but a lot of buckles. A bit like Kira (loser)’s outfit from Seed Destiny.

Big badass blade.

For the measely price I paid, these are good value for money. Pity I do not have much space to display them and they’ll probably go straight into a corner of my room. For beginner collectors or non-hardcore ones, this is a very good set to purchase. Black Cat lovers should get this. There’s also an Eve 1/8 PVC coming up soon.  That one looks slightly similar to the Eve one here but about 2 trillion times better.

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  • Gah. The BC gashies looks better than the fugliness of the voice fig collection. And Creed is included too. (I am inanely smitten with the psycho dude.) Hmmm. I’m tempted to bite.

    I already pre-ordered the 1/8 version of Eve. Hopefully, there will be a 1/8 version for the core characters, especially Saya.

  • Voice fig = trash. They are so rubbish and not worth the money. I don’t think there will be 1/8 versions for the males. Sephilia, Rinslet maybe. If they do Sephy, they better follow the manga design.

  • These look cool! I was too grossed out to order the voice figures, but I’ll probably wind up getting this set. They’re not amazing, but they’re nice enough. I doubt I should get my hopes up that they’d make a second set with a Leon. ^_^;

  • Hi there, is it possible for you to link me to the 1/8 Eve PVC figure you mentioned?
    I’m a big fan of Eve, and for someone that camps on Hobby Stock all the time,
    i must have been blind to miss her figure.

    Thanks in advance


  • You could always just check and search for eve.
    Normal version
    Red Wine Version

    The difference is only in the colour I believe. But interestingly they seem to be made by different companies. I’m getting the black one.

  • Thanks for the link! She’s beautiful.
    You’re a Singaporean right? Do you get your figures from La Tendo
    or do you ship them directly from Japan?

  • I should go claim some commission from Latendo guys. Yeah I get all my trading figures there. 1/8 and above are from Japan. Why? Because you can’t ship trading sets from Japan without buying the entire box.

    I do not have many Singaporean readers it seems. I hope to connect with my countrymen a bit more.

  • Oh yeah someone on another forum was saying that he saw Eve in a couple of colours like white, purple etc. I’m not sure if this is correct, since I have only seen wine red and normal (black) versions.

  • I’m from Singapore as well, another fellow figurine collect and not the usual naruto-bleach viewer we have in singapore. I get my stuff entirely from la tendo though. But unlike you, i don’t have such a deep pocket. Hahaha.

    I’m actually quite happy to find like minded people like you here. The scene in singapore for this is rather small. When i talk to friends about the latest titles from Japan, they all just go… huh? simi lai de? >.>

    Currently i run my own animeblog on livejournal, so it’s not really impressive but i’m definitely adding you as a favorite read. ^^

  • TRAN IS HOT…yes i am a geek girl -_-;;; I’m gonna make an animeblog…with figure reviews..with mostly mecha…arg……and im only 13….is that weird?

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