Introducing a New Blogger on Riuva…again. This time it comes with no Y Chromosome!

Hey, like some of you might have already known, Riuva the giant slime monster has captured and assimilated yet another new writer, and this time, she’s a seasoned pro! Some of you might have read her old blog, I know I did. I’ll leave the detailed introductions to herself, and you all just have to know that we now officially have 2 female writers here and everyone loves female writers who write like men, and that is the awesome part because both our female writers think like men. To top it off, her English powers are far above the rest of us.

Welcome to Riuva, Soshi!

Here is her introduction:

Hullo kids, the name’s Soshi and you might know me from the never popular Tachikomatic Days-turned-In Your Basement blog! I’ve kind of semi-retired from the anime-blogging scene, like the rest of the old farts out there, and I’m being nerdy in real life more than reel life now.

TJ Han has kindly given me a place to write whatever I want on his w00t awesometastic blog and I have latched myself on like a lamprey on a shark.

So yeah, I’m the newest recruit to RIUVA and I don’t really know how that happened. It was over in a minute or two and now I’m here writing my self-introduction.

I’m a fellow university-mate of TJ’s, and probably the rest of the team and I’m an English Lit and Japanese Studies double major. Yeah that’s right you weeaboos, I get official scholastic recognition for my fanboying! I’ve never met any of Team RIUVA in real life other than TJ and that was a pretty sad incident!

I’m one of those people who enjoy anime solo but for some reason, have this unbearable urge to air my otaku laundry to the public. I’m also going to spend a year in Japan starting this September and will probably be staying in the same dorm that TJ’s currently messing around in.

I like shounen anime/manga for what it’s worth, but I do like the occasional smooch-smooch-grab-grab romance because I like bubbles and sparkles and manly bishounen.

I am also, despite all rumors, a boy.

Okay. I don’t really know how to write self-introductions without sounding like a whore so ask me what you want to know and I may answer.

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