[Ascaloth] Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (2009), Episode 18: Endless Eight

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The Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody of three weeks ago was but a teaser to whet appetites, but this week the God Empress Herself makes an emphatic return. And how! It has been three years since the first season burst out from obscurity to capture the imagination of an entire generation of otaku, and things have changed a lot since then. The franchise is no longer the surprise cult hit it started out as; it has become the most anticipated thing in the industry. The iconic dancing ED is a thing of the past. The assorted fan-created media is not as widespread as they used to be, even though they had a good long run. It may no longer be a one-of-a-kind series; it may instead be the original that spawned an entire genre of anime in the 21st century. But though these three years have brought about a host of changes from the heady days of 2006, there are some things that remain the same. And for one, it’s still the same Haruhi we came to love 3 years ago. The SOS Brigade is back for good.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (2009), Episode 12 13 14 16 18: Endless Eight.

Coming off the events of Lone Island Syndrome, to Haruhi it is of course clear that summer vacation is the time to do all the fun stuff that is usually associated with it, and who better to enjoy summer vacation to the fullest with than with her friends? And this is but just one of the reasons she is so loved; she truly lives life to the fullest.

And first on the itinenary is a trip to the local swimming pool; which means another chance to showcase the girls in their flattering swimsuits, of course. Haruhi-sama sure has an ass I’d definitely hit any day.

You know, somehow it feels like I’ve seen all this somewhere before….oh never mind, it must be my imagination. With all of the trolling that Kadokawa has foisted on us since they first made an announcement about Disappearance, I’m probably just worrying too much.

Yuki’s been looking a little weird lately. I mean, she’s a humanoid interface, so she’s supposed to be acting differently from normal humans, but still….there’s something different even from her usual self. And, I can’t quite put my finger on why, but it almost feels like I’ve seen this before….bah, I must be too tired if I keep getting deja vu. Gotta turn in early tonight.

Come to think of it, Haruhi is the type to drag lazy bums off their couches, out of their houses to really live life in the outside world; certainly a very different type of character from the kind that get love from today’s anime fans nowadays. Yet, she remains the most popular of them all even to this day despite that, and one must wonder why. Is it because it’s precisely because of her proactive attitude towards life? Are we all Kyons who secretly wish for a Haruhi to drag us out of our comfort zone to really live life?

Kyon always getting stuck with the tab is a running gag that never gets old, but sometimes I wonder why the rest of the SOS Brigade don’t pity him once in a while. I mean, Yuki can create money out of thin air if she wants, and certainly both Mikuru and Itsuki must have an "operational budget"; why is it always the poor "normal guy" with a student’s limited budget?

It seems I’m not the only one who thinks Yuki isn’t quite in character all this while, if Kyon’s approach is anything to go by. It’s a funny thing how one of the boundaries separating the strange from the everyday is, well….time. Pure and simple. Even Yuki being Yuki becomes normal enough given enough time, which brings us to a potentially terrifying question; what happens when Yuki, well, isn’t quite being Yuki?

Of course, another staple Japanese summertime activity is participation in the O-bon Festival, and if they don’t already have yukatas of their own, this is the time when the ladies go yukata-shopping to add to the festivity of the occasion. And, if anything, the girls look splendid enough in their yukatas alright….

….you know, this whole O-bon thing feels strangely….familiar. I mean, it’s pretty much a given that an O-bon in any particular given year probably doesn’t differ much from another such festival in some other given year, but even so, it’s almost as if I knew I was going to see a scene like this. Huh. Oh well, I guess this is the kind of thing that happens when one, like me, goes and read the Endless Eight chapter on Baka-Tsuki just before watching the animated version of it. Shouldn’t have done that, huh?

Is it just me, or is there something different about the way Yuki is looking at the masks? It’s a wonder as it is that she could be interested in such a thing in the first place; it must signify something to her, the question is what. A reminder of "home", perhaps? I certainly won’t blame her if, even an Humanoid Interface as she is, isn’t getting just a little homesick.

I can sympathize with Kyon, and I’ll bet most others can too. There’s always this one guy or girl who’s so good with homework, they always manage to finish off the vacation assignments very early somehow, while the rest of us have to slog through it for the entire period, with probably quite a bit of procrastination to the last day thrown in for good measure. Vacation homework is the bane of student life alright; how do these people deal with it so easily?

I guess this is what is meant by ‘time flies when you are having fun"? Catching cicadas one day, working a part-time job the next, vacation sure flies by more quickly than any of us are able to keep track. Although, being stuck in those suits on a blistering hot summer day doesn’t seem like much fun to me….wait a minute. Isn’t Mikuru’s frog costume the very same one that appeared in Someday In The Rain?

As if all the summer activities Haruhi keeps dragging them around to wasn’t enough, the SOS Brigade sans Haruhi herself suddenly decides to have meeting in the dead of night, just to have a meeting regarding…..wait, what? WUUUUUUUUUUUUT.

So….the deal here is, the SOS Brigade has become stuck in an endless recursion of time, starting from the 17th of August to the 31st. And when they reach the end of this timeframe, everything resets to the "save point" of the 17th, and all the activities they’ve done so far and will do until the 31st will be repeated once again. Which means….the deja vu I’ve been having all night, it’s not all for nothing; it’s just the remnants of memories from my previous incarnations. Just how long has this been going on….?

….this is the 15,527th time? Oh, my, God. What the f***. This is not a joke, is it? Or is Yuki just trying to scare me? She’s not really the type to do that though, so….okay. I have to take her word for it. But that many times is just….ridiculous. But if Yuki is the only one who remembered every single loop of all that….I wonder, how must she have felt? Anyway, what episode does this make this anyway?

….whatever, let’s just go with a random number. 18 sounds good.

In any case, it’s all because, despite all of the activities that Haruhi has been dragging the rest of the SOS Brigade around, there still ends up something which she always never got around to doing, despite only subconsciously having any clue as to what that could be. And if she herself doesn’t consciously know, what less the rest of the Brigade….you know, Kyon has always been pretty quick to get pissed at Haruhi, but I think that if there’s actually a good reason to be so, this would be it. Heck, I’ll bet even Yuki’s patience would be tested at something like this.

You know, I’d comment on how good the two looked sleeping together like that. I’d compare the two lookers, comment on which one I’ll choose if I had to pick between the both of them, and comment on how different people might have different tastes in girls. I’ll probably even mention that I’ll be cool just to see them bond with each other, if you know what I mean. But, I get the feeling I’ve already said that plenty of times before, so I’ll just leave it here.

And despite looping itself over and over at the behest of the God Empress’s will, time still flies all too fast, and already it’s near the end of the current loop. And even then, who knows what unfulfiled wish in Haruhi’s heart is causing the looping? No time to think now, she has to be stopped. Stop her, Kyon! Say something, anything, before she leaves and starts this all over again….!

….no good, huh?

Oh, whatever. I don’t care anymore. If we’re just going to loop, there’s no point to ending this whole fiasco properly anyway, since it’s just going to start all over again. Whether a new episode comes or not….Well, I’ll leave that up to "myself" then.

I’m going to crash. See you bitches tomorrow. Or two weeks ago. Or….oh, whatever. I don’t care anymore.

Popularity: 4% [?]

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10 Responses to “[Ascaloth] Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (2009), Episode 18: Endless Eight”  

  1. 1 SnooSnoo 175 comments

    I wonder if Ascaloth is hating on this show like the majority of viewers or neutral.

  2. 2 nutcase23 35 comments

    @SnooSnoo: I think he’s enjoying himself actually

  3. 3 Niker 17 comments

    Total Fiasco.

    I wonder if they did this to just eat up 8 episodes from the 12 new episodes that they planned…

    Or if they are going to make new episodes, so that this one actually spanned only 1 episode…

    I don’t get it…

    They REANIMATED the whole episodes, but it just pissed people off, they are going to lose sales, and whatnot.

    And I had KyoAni in my top rank of animators..

    I might as well go with toei animation now that its making the halo anime…

    Clannad, Afterstory, Lucky Star, K-On!, Haruhi Suzumiya… Whatever.


  4. 4 Hypernova 22 comments

    I’m still enjoying myself watching these, strangely enough.

    I think it’s entirely possible that Endless Eight will keep going until it filled up any slot left for the 24 - (14 1) episodes (original Bamboo Left Rhapsody). After all, “Season 2″ or “… Yuusu 2″, I think, are what people come up to name this “rerun” (so “2009″ is the most appropriate addition to the title, IMO). As long as it’s “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuusu”, I don’t think we’ll touch anything on Disappearance. They will change the title if they’ll actually animate them. That’s what I think anyway.

  5. 5 dark-kyon 1 comment

    well i have expect what the endless 8 not finish the next week.why i love read the reaction of the people.

  6. 6 Stifler 105 comments

    It would be a better joke if Ascaloth just copies whatever he wrote in this post and pastes them in the next loop, only editing the numbers.

  7. 7 loop_hater 1 comment

    fiasco, fiasco, fiasco. Just making people to not watch this anymore. Thank god I read future events already, and don’t to wait this fiasco to end to know what happens next.

  8. 8 Elizabeth 1 comment

    Wow, when will the loop ever stop?
    And when will Kyon stop Haruhi to not make
    the summer vacation to start all over again?
    I hope Kyon finds a way to stop Haruhi.
    They become stuck in an endless recursion of time
    for about 595 years worth. I wonder if other people
    watching The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzimiya 2009 will
    get tired of watching this all over again. Anyway, even
    though I do get tired of watching this I still watch the
    episode (if I have nothing to do). Well, I will still support
    The Melancholy of Haruhi! Well then~ :)

  9. 9 Stupid Loop 1 comment

    omg, i wasted my time watching all of those episodes, i really don’t know what they were thinking when they freaking made this. I still love haruhi though :D

  10. 10 how to win over a pisces 1 comment

    Keep it up, bookmarked and referred some mates.

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