[Tenshi_MKII] Kara no Kyoukai: Oblivion Recording

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I raged. Although I agree that ufotable has done a great job so far but they have disappointed me for this chapter. There are a great number of differences between the novel and the anime and they didn’t bother to explain Satsuki’s childhood ,disorder and the reason why he became a Magus.

Refer to this summary to get what I mean(You have to read it to understand my rage).

Although it was not mentioned in that summary but Fujino is also a victim of Hideo’s scheme(The link to chapter 3).

Here are some screencaps I found to be interesting.

She looks like Tohsaka Rin in every sense. A loli is fine too

Don’t ever cross her when she has her gloves on.

I won’t mind owning that plushie.


Fujino spotted! BEND BEND BEND!

Touko looks great in uniform.

The dog is enjoying the yuri secks  fight.

I wonder why Mizuki Nana accepted this bitchy role. New experiences?

OMG SHE GOT A BONER!!! Typcial evil laughter.



Magic Circuits?



Shiki: Director’s order.
Satsuki: FML…

Popularity: 9% [?]

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7 Responses to “[Tenshi_MKII] Kara no Kyoukai: Oblivion Recording”  

  1. 1 Kherubim 32 comments

    Quite a wesk plot compared to the previous excellent Paradox Spiral (aka “People who don’t die even if they are killed”), this seems to be a movie for the siscons.

    I just wonder how Azaka would fit into Melty Blood or Battle Moon Wars, given her hot blooded screaming and kicking moves. I also wonder about how many Magic Circuits she has, especially if she needs a glove to use her fire skills.

  2. 2 Kherubim 32 comments

    Oops, I meant WEAK, a and s keys too close for comfort…

  3. 3 OnyxSyaoran 20 comments

    I just Watched the 1st one, and I didn’t get much of it lol but I’ll download the remaining ones and read the summary before watching this one xD

  4. 4 Yukarin 23 comments

    Don’t need Azaka with Asagami Akiha coming out in MBAA, they’re only putting Shiki in for marketing purposes or whatever.

  5. 5 Anonymous 21 comments

    Yeah, it was pretty weak plot wise.

    But goddamn I finally got to see Azaka doing her stuff!

    The fire effects were so good you could burn your eyebrows off if you stayed too close to the screen.

  6. 6 DrmChsr0 191 comments

    How the HECK did you not notice the totally obvious FALCON PUNCH, BURNING GOD FINGER and other stuff that reveals Azaka’s TRUE HERITAGE.

    She is totally Domon Kasshu’s daughter, yo.

  7. 7 Violentv 1 comment

    Apparently Azaka has no magic circuits >.>
    as quoted from Type Moon wiki
    “Azaka has natural talent in fire Magecraft, though as she doesn’t have any Magic Circuits, it’s closer to ESP, and she cannot perform any other sort of spells. She uses a salamander glove from Touko to strengthen and better control her ability.

    Note that she doesn’t ’shoot’ fire towards the target, but directly causes the target to ignite, ie. Spontaneous Combustion (発火能力, Spontaneous Combustion?). “

Do not use any < and > for your own sake. It will end the comment there and then. Also, there is an automatic IQ filter which weeds out comments made by those who accidentally got transported from the stone age.

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