[Ascaloth] Sometimes when I get real tired, and wonder why I’m still pushing on….

….an unlooked-for gem like this reminds me exactly why; it’s a great feeling to be able to touch people’s heart through my words, even if the stresses of life have caused me to forget about it. Thanks for the silent support Edward and shungit, even if I found it almost half a year late.

Ascaloth, out.

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  • I think that’s a universal truth for all bloggers. After being inspired by others, nothing feels better than inspiring someone else with your words.

  • How did you find it anyway?

  • hi, just to clarify, the one who posted that post was shungit, an author on my blog, which kind of used to be an anime blog. long story.

    so anyway if you want to, relink the post to his own blog http://www.thereisnothingusefulhere.blogspot.com for more accuracy.

    thank you, he deserves this (:


    That it is. It does make one feel like this sort of thing is worth writing for.

    @TJ Han,

    You know when you get bored of studying, and decide to just trawl the Net at random, and for the heck of it, just type in your net handle into Google to see what comes up? :p


    Thanks for the heads-up. Appreciate it :D

  • Hey, I’ve been following EVERY chapter of Clannad and AS that you posted, And I got to say that your comments, and your insights on every chapter made me shed tears and laughters.

    Kudos to You.


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