[LianYL] Selling My Otakudom Soon

Greetings, readers of RIUVA! It has come to my realisation recently that I seem to have squandered all my passion for this hobby. I used to experience the theorised (by me) periodic lost of interest in animanga fans once in a while, only to rebound back with more crazy hobby investments.

However, I’m pretty sure I probably won’t be back anymore this time round. All I have in my mind nowadays are schematics, assembly codes and PCBs. And girls, for that matter. Therefore, I’ll be slapping a price tag on my 4-year-long hobby very soon. Rich people who are determined to press on with this hobby can easily level up their otakudom to level 99 with a single purchase. I realise someone has done this before, but doesn’t hurt to push my luck eh?

Included within the package would be:
1. My entire prized Busou Shinki Collection (From volume 1 to right before that fugly scorpion thingy, including the CharaHobby Limited Editions for vol. 1 and 2)
2. My entire figurine collection (From Nanoha Alter to the entire Haruhi Max Factory cast, the much sought after Fate Testarossa and my USD$150 garage kit)
3. My entire shitajiki collection
4. My entire Doujin collection (this alone will kill with its shipping fees. this includes that Noizi X Nanao collab thingy)
5. 3/4 of my Manga collection (which amounts to about 700 volumes btw. Chinese language though.)
6. Kara no Kyoukai Limited Edition DVDs (currently up to volume 6 , awaiting last volume purchase)
7. ODEX DVDs for Shana and Burst Angel
8. My A2 posters boards
9. Little Busters! First Print
10. All my artbooks and merchandise
11. EVA movie 1.0 DVD (because GAINAX screwed me over with a 1:01 Blu-ray, I’m stopping this collection)
12. Some others that I’ll be throwing in, when I dig them out.

Everything must go. In its place, will be books of schematics, IC chips and decent clothes. I’ll be revealing the price after I do up a catalogue of everything within the near future. Sorry for the bad English typed out at 3am.

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  • Sort of want those Kara no Kyoukai DVDs. Do they come with English subtitles?

  • Limited Edition First Press Japanese DVDs.

    You could download the subtitles separately if you like. Anyway they’d be going in the package and will only be sold as individual products only if no one wants the entire package by next January. Which will most probably be the case, since the price tag will be rather hefty.

  • You never know. As long as you’re willing to talk prices…

  • …the whole thing? No ala carte? Wow. You really think that there’s someone out there who shares all your interests while having the money required for this? Interesting.

  • can you maybe make a list of prices so we candecide whether to buy it or not?

  • I’m rather interested in the Busou Shinkis. How much are they going for, what condition are they in and do they still have the code for the online tie-in?

  • I once sold my entire collection of doujins, dvds and figures on ebay too. All I had to type was “my entire collection”, because I just knew someone out there would grab whatever I had without knowing exactly what I had, and pay whatever price for it. Some sent me emails about what items I had and how much I was willing to sell for it. What fools, they’re so behind the times, do they seriously think I have to make some stupid chart with all the descriptions and costs, just so that some losers can know exactly what they’re buying?

  • Hmmm… I like to get some drawing inspiration for my more artistic significant other. I’ll look forward to more of your sell-up posts once I get to know what artbooks/doujin you have. (Alternatively, you could just email me. :D )

  • @Owen S
    Let’s try some fallacy replies today! At least I’m not gay like you!

    I wouldn’t say mint condition since I did open open the Vol.1 and 2 devil and angel boxes. But yeah all codes intact and I pretty much never touched them at all.

    I will, after I try my luck with this mega sale and unfortunately fail.

  • No, really, I’m trying to think about the type of otaku that would be willing to buy everything lock stock and barrel from you and I’m failing. It’s… well, okay, if he happens to be rich enough he wouldn’t care about the peripherals, but what if you have different fetishes, and that happens to comprise like half of your doujinshi collection?

    Also I can imagine the lulz if a Canadian or American wins the bid and later gets arrested for the loli doujin he receives in this massive package of obscene and corrupting Japanese stuff.

  • ETA till rebound?

  • Traitor! You’re going to the 3d side!

    There is no greater heresy!

  • You got a girlfriend?

  • who or what change your bloody mind?

  • Double, did you really think so?

  • for a horse? o.O

  • I don’t know. Things can happen.

  • All your stuff are made up of different niches. I will be amazed if someone had the EXACT SAME interests.

  • Oh no I’m broke enough already, sigh. KnK DVDs are kind of tempting >.>

  • Hi im interested in your $150 set of figurines the one with Nanoha and Fate. You can tact me via my email at hacklegend@hotmail.com

  • 1. My entire prized Busou Shinki Collection (From volume 1 to right before that fugly scorpion thingy, including the CharaHobby Limited Editions for vol. 1 and 2)
    10. All my artbooks and merchandise

    interested on these…

  • sometimes the temptation of 3d is too much to pass. oh well…

  • oooh, nanoha figurines and kara no kyoukai dvds =D

    Are we talking in US$? or others?

  • figurines? hmmmm. looking forward to the list.

  • *collects queue ticket and set up camp.* i also brought cookies and milk.

  • wait lian got a GF???? wow…… NEVER TELL US

  • @jinya and double
    Wrong. Guys waiting for the list might have to wait a while. Quite busy with projects recently.

  • Bah, don’t worry. Its just a phase. After a few knocks and rejects by 3d girls, he’ll be running back crying into the 2d realm again. :)

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