Maid Costumes Make Girls Look Ugly.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that one of my real life friends, who strangely enough, I met at the zoo, signed up as a maid for the AFA’09 silly maid cafe thing, and I got an even bigger shock when I heard people saying all the maids are ugly. I checked out the full list and photos of the maids, and wtf, we have one "Miyake" who’s a frequent FHM model and has won some FHM contest, plus one "Mika" which is a fake name my friend Chloe got (presumably Sentinel named her that lol). I bet they just had a random lottery to decide who gets what name.

So people are complaining about a few things.

1. The Japanese names are fake. Some people claim that fake names are retarded, while others insist that all maids must have Japanese names. I’m on the fence for this one actually, because I seriously doubt even real Japanese maids use their real names when they work! So the point of fake names is moot. I think as long as a name doesn’t sound too Chinese, like "Hock Huat" or "Poon Boon", then it’s fine. What’s wrong with having English names for the maids anyway? Having Japanese ones are fine too.

2. The girls can’t pronounce Japanese. Yeah, of course not because Singaporeans don’t speak Japanese. Duh, how many of the otakus can speak Japanese? I’m supposed to be able to comprehend, read and write Japanese but I still sound pretty bad when I speak it, despite my Japanese friends saying "It’s fine!" They sure are polite. LianYL has the best conversational Japanese out of all of us, including Darkmirage’s, but he still sounds like a Chinaman when he speaks the language. I seriously don’t expect these pretty faces to be linguistically inclined enough to learn Japanese phrases, and still master the pronounciations and intonations to convey a "moe" vibe. For me, as long as a girl has a pretty face and a decent body, she just serve me in silence for all I care.

3. The maids aren’t hot. Guys, you are otakus. Complaining someone isn’t hot is the equivalent of Bhutan invading the USA military-wise. From what I’ve seen, I can assure you that the maids look better than the average cosplayer, and would probably  beat out the vast majority of the cosplayers here in Singapore. Possibly because Singaporean girls aren’t hot but that’s another arguable issue.

I shall now explain why people are thinking this way.

1. Maid costumes come with huge baggage. People have heightened expectations of girls in maid costumes and these expectations are not realistic because they are based on anime girls!! Even Japanese maids are horrible looking compared to anime girls. It doesn’t help that many of the maid costumes are of pretty bad quality and are not tailored to fit, which results in them being unflattering to the girls’ figures. I would much prefer a bikini cafe.

2. Anime maids are voiced by seiyuu, professionals at the art of voice. Real life maids are a lot weaker in that area. If a girl had a great voice, good body, and a great face, she wouldn’t want to work in a maid cafe!! She would be an idol, star or a high class prostitute. Be realistic in your expectations. It’s funny that otakus always complain that others are not good enough for them, when they, in their 3-day old shirts and BO, stand there in an awesome picture of irony.

And to substantiate my case I present you some evidence and a possible reason for AFA09 (which I won’t be going again most likely, no thanks to it again falling during exam period.)

Source of photos: Our AFK writer Breadpit! He sent me these lol. The fucker just doesn’t want to write stuff.

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    I agree with you on most points but I still don’t understand WHY they have to have Japanese names. It’s just really wtf. It’s like calling a maid TJHAN. Or SOSHI. D:

    I should have taken a video of them speaking. It was just very… unpleasant. Don’t talk about moe. Save for Miyake(?), it was just VERY WEIRD. I STAND BY MY POINT.

  • You know, even at the Cosafe, in the past, a lot of the maids were extremely good looking as well but all bogged down by their costumes.

  • I think chio =/= chio in maid costume. I realized that Singaporean maids tend to like to try and hide their faces with a lot of make up in order to diffuse the effect the costumes have on them. It’s a pity, because we don’t have make-up ready faces like Japanese girls do. They seem to be able to put any amount of make up and look… look well.

    Damn, if I were a guy, I’d ask for your friend’s number.

  • More importantly, are these the pictures of your 16-year-old girl friend?

  • Hopefully they’ll get some language training; there was improvement between the video and the live intro…and there ARE two more months to go…

  • For god sake, this is just an event. This is not AKIHABARA nor Japan. Blessed that you are living in Singapore so that you have chance to see people are actually bother to bring this japan experience to your door step. Love it or leave it. No one is this world is perfect, leave alone yourself. I believe they are just talent who just interest to be part of this event. There is no point blog and talk rubbish to grab attention.

    Thank you for not attending this year’s AFA. I believe other Singaporean don’t welcome you as well. :) But you just missed and be enemy to one of the best event held in the world that you live in.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Yeah, I agree that they don’t need to know Japanese, maybe just saying welcome in Japanese is more than enough. We are in Singapore not JAPAN!!! As long as they can talk pleasantly enough, that’s ok IMO.

  • If they don’t use fake names, some stalking might just be going on. Just look at Mr Kowtow from last year, lol.

  • @Moe: There is something called QC. Quality control. If I’m paying for something that promises:

    “Our specially handpicked team of maids will be on hand to make your experience an unforgettable one, featuring sumptuous food served from a top class caterer. Take in the cozy ambience of a traditional bistro as we re-create the special atmosphere found in maid cafes all around the world and just for a special moment, let your troubles all go away”

    I want to have something that comes close — or in other words, I want to feel satisfied that the maid cafe was good. Not just satisfactory, but GOOD.

    I could say a lot more things that’d hit below the belt but I’ll refrain.

    @Tenshi_MKII: No one said that they need or should need to know Japanese. All we’ve been saying is that they don’t have the accent.

  • Double: Indeed, that’s probably one of the reasons. People are scary.

    Tenshi: Just speaking English would do fine.

    Moe: What the fuck, go back to malaysia and learn English. Can’t you see that I’m defending the poor maids from the unwarranted criticism? Have you been to Akiba? I just came back from there 3 weeks ago. Someday when you grow up and realise that nobody “be enemy to one of the best event held in the world”, you’ll kowtow down to me.

    Xak: Do you seriously think they’re going to waste two months of their life practising Japanese for people who can’t speak Japanese? I think more like 2 lessons.

    Owen S: I don’t have a 16 year old girlfriend wtf. Go back to your stalking of Faye.

    Soshi: The main difference is makeup skill and availability of products. Singaporean girls just aren’t very good at applying makeup, but then again, there’s bad Japanese makeup too. Guys are desperate, so if you see her facebook page, you’ll spot that she has 1200 friends, most of which she doesn’t know at all. Almost all male, and all hungry for WOMAN.

  • My eyes have healed. Back to topic.

    Point #1
    I agree that there isn’t a need for Japanese names. If anything they should have French names since they are wearing the French maid costume. -_-”
    Point #2
    Maid: あなたは何を注文したいですか?
    Singaporean Customer: Wut?
    Point #3
    Well as long as they look decent. e.g. Properly make-up, clean and neat, no sweaty skin.

    Typical otaku opinion would be something like:
    They don’t have the maid spirit!
    [Insert anime maid character] is better.
    3D pig disgusting.(Reserved for Sankaku)

  • Double post.
    Since double mentioned it, last year we had Mr. Kowtow. I wonder if this year we would have Mr. Proposal.

  • tj_han: Thanks for your time and effort to even bother to reply me. You are indeed pissing off people. But i respect you as a blogger that bother to dig other people’s shits. Yes, being an enemy to the industry is your dead end. I think you deserve a big fuck.

  • this moe person doesn’t even bother to read the blog. are you Moe Szyslak from the Simpsons? or some mindless “industry” drone. lol

  • @Moe
    tj feeds on the negative energy from comments like yours. It enlarges his already humongous tripe-penis. For more info, see here

  • I’m finding it hillarious people are complaining about the maids. While I’m not one to say they’re A-class beauties, they’re still chicks I would bone if they’d let me do them. And you guys are complaining they look UGLY. My god.

  • Wtf, learn to read LOL. I put a space between “girl” and “friend” for a reason, and no, I’m not stalking Faye, don’t project thanks!

  • Owen: Maybe malaysian spaces are too shitty to notice. Anyway, keep your countryman Moe in check, he’s insane.

    Kuro: Yeah, wtf right? Most of these girls are way above the level of girls who would talk to them.

    Moe: I don’t intend to work in this “industry”. We proper scientists do real jobs.

  • Maids are not and never were Japanese.

    That whole Japanese names and being expected to speak Nihongo is ridiculously weeaboo.

  • Pretty much sums up my opinion too.

    Although seeing all the “wtf” reactions from various sources was entertaining.

  • Isn’t naked better? Nekkid Tenshis that is.

  • If the job is what puts food on their table for the next few months, I’m sure they would. Then again, I’m sure the organisers would be happy for them to learn, heck, to teach them (if they can) even.

  • i should be studying then…. but i think i will be going… with my readings with me…. cause i have to bring someone around ahahahahahahahah

  • Xak, are you naive enough to think that this is their full time job? Most are probably students, and in fact, most probably do road shows, ushering and mingling jobs outside, on top of their freelance modelling work.

  • tjhan:
    why you lyk to tok big big. why you see no that maid is nice? you should and somewhere die nice。

  • LOL wtf is that Moe guy talking about? Since when the blogosphere became an “industry”?

  • I think the “industry” that Moe is referring to would be the Japanese anime industry/market in Singapore, or perhaps South-East Asia. No way that blogging is an industry.

  • He probably means “anime industry”. But his Neanderthal language is hard to comprehend.

  • …Just when I thought better of the Malaysians… /facepalm

    I sincerely hope that people just shut the ***k up and enjoy the event come November. Sheesh…

  • I prefer to keep anime stuff and real life stuff seperate…
    In the end, bringing anime fetishes into real life only fuels the haters into saying that *insert anime related thing here* motivates people into *enter crime here*.
    pretty 3D people are pretty, pretty 2D drawings are pretty. Pretty 3D people trying to look like 2D drawings are plainly underestimating their natural beauty.

    It’s not because you appreciate two things that you have to mix them.

  • There is actually a lot written out there about maids and maid cafe. Not sure how much of it has been translated. But TJ is right about a few things:
    1. if you just add pretty girl maid outfit, it’s going to be a crappy maid cafe. There is a lot more to that. Japan is awesome for its service industries and their cultural/ethics for this kind of thing is probably bar none. Anything less is just a cheap imitation. I mean if I can get better service at a Yoshinoya in Japan than a maid cafe in anywhere else in the world, something is wrong?
    2. But even so they go overboard with maid cafes in Japan, so instead of “real” maid cafes you have more just general cosplay cafes where you address the issue (3d girls fantasy fulfillment for 2d otaku) head on without all that stupid maid nonsense that most of us don’t really understand or care about.
    3. School swimsuits. Not bikini thx. It would be at least theme-appropriate and frankly, not a lot of girls look good in a revealing bikini where as school swimsuits levels the playing field much better. It goes to the whole just because you throw a maid outfit on a girl it doesn’t always look good thing.

  • Yes indeed, school mizugi with their names plastered on their chests are the best! No bikinis please.

  • All right, mika looks great.
    May i have her phone number? ^.^

  • Wong: Go get it if you want to.

    Mycstea: No FUCK NO. Sukimizus are gross.

    Omo: I’ve been to two maid cafes, both on opposite ends of the spectrum. One was a pretty laid back one with no moe-actions, just regular to pretty girls in maid costumes. The other one was far more expensive, full of ugly girls screaming moe shit. Both sucked. C’mon, even the Singaporean maid cafe was quite good compared to these. Anyway, service-wise, I didn’t think maid cafes were any good. The average restaurant beats out maid cafes service-wise and for good reason!

  • linger: I agree, but using the word nihongo when you could have used Japanese is pretty much weaboo on an equivalent scale. :)

  • I’m just there for the food. Honest.

  • The menu prices at Maid cafe are outrageously expensive, SGD 5 for a Coke? What does that comes with? Maid pussy rubbed over the drinking glass lid? Since when pussies taste like hamburger?

    The rules are downright hypocrisy at its best, if you are concerned about sexual harassment and infatuated geeky boys, why even bother to hold such shallow outlet when you don’t even have a MAID GUY bouncer around?

    In conclusion, the whole Maid cafe idea is solely for fanservice and make cash cows out of idiotic otakus who virtual world antics include hugging pillow waifools and candlelight dining with screen savers. Pathetic

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