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Back from my weekly patrol of the anime hub at Sunshine Plaza, I find myself returning home almost empty handed. Shocking. This week hasn’t been fruitful, with the only item of interest being the Miu and Anna set which I have already ordered through HLJ. As my Miu and Anna are still probably flying over the Pacific right now, I took a closeup look of the ones on display at Latendo. Crappy, to say the least. I may have made a mistake in purchasing them. Big heads, big mouths and disgusting strawberry bases. I’ll take a proper look at them when I receive the shipment, but the preliminary judgements aren’t good. Needless to say, I will probably still order the remaining 2 to make up the set. Life sucks when you have missing pieces from a set. I’m still haunted by my Suikoden trading set, missing the Suikoden 3 Aboriginal Hero and Nash. Over at What!Comics and KKnM, there were large piles of new arrivals. Seems like they are really getting into the PVC figurines business now. Most of the stock are older stuff, nothing too interesting. All AVG characters from To Heart and Comic Party, as well as restocks of the Advent Children Playarts set. Picked up 3 manga, from Chuangyi. These were Air Gear Book 12, Hayate the Combat Butler Vol 3 and Negima Vol 13. My manga backlog is building up thanks to all these mediocre series that I don’t feel like reading. Yet I’m way too compulsively obsessed with building a manga collection to bother, so I buy even more. Where have all the good manga gone?

Popularity: 9% [?]

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