[Soshi] Eating in Tokyo

Food’s aplenty in Tokyo, and even as a poor student, I can get my fill of good Japanese food nearly at every block. I’m pretty sure I could find some cheap (good!) Ramen joint, even in Ginza. Why? Because salary-men (サラリマン) don’t have that much money either! Back in 2000, my dad brought us to a back alley in Shinjuku which had the most amazing chaa-shuu ramen I have had up til now. It’s my mission to find that place again.

I remember reading a report years ago, that said that the average amount working Japanese men and women paid for lunch was a maximum of 1000yen. So really kids, it’s not that hard to find a good lunch out there. I utterly refuse to eat cheap and subpar food if there is cheap and delicious food around.


Onigiri is, other than your various mutations of instant noodles (cup ramen カップラーメンhere), one of the cheap stables you can get for around 100yen. Of course, if you’ve got a rice cooker and a kitchen, it’s far more cheaper to make your own, but for convenience sake (and also the fact that my shared kitchen is more smelly than not) I buy mine from the store across the street or from the convenience stores nearby. It’s pretty much my choice of breakfast. That or a soyjoy (120yen) and a glass of milk makes me ready to go.

IMG_0172Ramen (ラーメン)is, in my humble opinion, one of the quintessential Japanese foods. There are so many variations — the above here is Jangara Ramen, a local concoction from Kyuushuu — from each district or prefecture in Japan that you could make your whole life’s mission to just eat as many different ramen as possible! For me, I’m content with just trying to eat as many different kinds in Tokyo before I leave. Today, I’ll be trying to find Merci, a famous ramen-ya by the Waseda Campus, which has been patronized by students for years!

IMG_0176Of course there is is conbini (convenience store) food. I’ve traveled to many places in the world, but I’ve yet to find a country that sells convenience store meals as tasty and as varied as Japan! This was one of my dinners. 373yen for a hamburger set. I wouldn’t say that it’s delicious, but it was tasty enough for a hungry girl. Pretty awesome! I want to find the prawn gratin that my friend ate all the time in Keio.

IMG_3415The campus itself is chock-full of reasonable eats. While the Cafe at Okuma Garden serves slightly pricier meals as compared to the cafeterias, the grub’s pretty good too. The red curry here was flavourful — mix of beans and red curry, and huge chunks of pork. Cafeterias serve even cheaper meals and I remember getting a gyuudon (牛丼 beef bowl) meal for less than 400yen. It’s similar to the prices in Yoshinoya, but hey, it’s on campus. Prices are generally standard and don’t stray too far from each other.

IMG_0134Oh and there is MisDo, short for Mister Donut, my absolute most favourite donut joint. Coming here is like paying homage to the Donut Gods in the world. MisDo in Japan has had nifty additions to the menu. In Winter, they serve soup! I’m having melon soda (I’ve yet to find a place that sells bottles of melon soda!), a ham-egg sandwich, and a apple-custard crueller.

IMG_0121-1CoCoIchibanya serves decent curry (カレー) at decent prices. Mine cost 1000yen because it was a special keema curry, and I added two levels of spiciness . And lassi. So actually, the whole meal was under 1000yen. Man, Japan. I love you. I had my stomach crying out in pain the day after I scarfed down this flaming monster.

Of course there are things like okonomiyaki I haven’t blogged about yet, or tried in this trip to Japan — so I’m definitely looking forward to eating my fill.

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  • I’m thirsty for some melon soda.

  • good to see that u can find lots of great food! ^^
    my fav cheap and delicious food fix in Japan would be the 290yen tomato curry from Matsuya XD

  • cocoichiban is great. for the perfect okonomiyaki (a bit expensive but hey), go to ebisu st. on the yamanote line, head on over to yebisu garden place (http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3028.html). the okonomiyakiya in the main building is to die for! plus there’s an exquisite view. same building has a german restaurant at the basement, too. of course, 7 years later things might have changed. anyway.

  • good to see you’re enjoying the foods!

  • I totally blew all my money on food in Japan, eating expensive buffets and other 1000-2000 yen meals often. I didn’t do any research and just relied on my Nihonjin guides though.

  • Yes, Waseda area is one of the Mecca of cheap eats in Tokyo.

    For cheap (but good) Rahmen, I can recommend Sugakiya-Rahmen Takadano-baba branch(スガキヤラーメン 高田馬場店). It’s located eastern side of Takadano-baba-stn.
    Although Sugakiya-Rahmen is never gourme Rahmen. But it’s so cheap but tastes unique(^^;. It’s very popular rahmen in Aichi-ken(愛知県)region. As long as I know, Takadano-baba branch is only branch in Tokyo area.

    Enjoy Rahmen in Tokyo!

    If you search with the Japanese words(As I wote above), you’ll get the map/location easily.

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